Corsican Submitted Place Names

Corsican names are used on the French island of Corsica by speakers of Corsican (a language related to Italian).
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ateni (Settlement) Corsican, Georgian, Maltese, Sicilian
Corsican, Georgian, Maltese and Sicilian form of Athens.
Bergamu (Settlement) Corsican
Corsican form of Bergamo.
Bulogna (Settlement) Corsican, Sicilian
Corsican and Sicilian form of Bologna.
Egittu (Country) Corsican
Corsican form of Aegyptus (see Egypt).
Fiurenza (Settlement) Corsican
Corsican form of Florentia (see Florence).
Genuva (Settlement) Corsican
Corsican form of Genoa.
Ghjappone (Country) Corsican
Corsican form of Japan.
Madagascar (Country & Island) English, Catalan, Nahuatl, French, Italian, Manx, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Corsican
From Middle French Madagascar, from Madageiscar, as a corrupted transliteration of Mogadishu by Marco Polo's misreading of Arabic.... [more]
Maroccu (Country) Corsican, Sicilian
Corsican and Sicilian form of Morocco
Marseglia (Settlement) Corsican, Neapolitan
Corsican and Neapolitan form of Marseille.
Messicu (Country & Settlement) Corsican
Corsican form of Mexico.
Parighji (Settlement) Corsican
Corsican form of Paris.
Portugallu (Country) Corsican, Sardinian, Sicilian
Corsican, Sardinian and Sicilian form of Portugal.
Puglia (Political Subdivision) Italian, Corsican, Asturian
Italian form of Apulia.
Rumenia (Country) Corsican, Romansh
Corsican and Romansh form of Romania
San Marinu (Country) Corsican, Sicilian
Corsican and Sicilian form of San Marino
Tochiu (Settlement) Sicilian, Corsican
Sicilian and Corsican form of Tokyo.
Tokiu (Settlement) Asturian, Corsican
Asturian and Corsican form of Tokyo.
Turinu (Settlement) Arabic, Corsican, Sicilian
Arabic, Corsican and Sicilian form of Turin.