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Type Country
Pronounced Pron. slo-VAH-kee-ə(English)

Meaning & History

From Slovák, the Slovak form of medieval Slavic slovene, referring to the tribe of the Slavs. This is the name of a country in central Europe.
VariantsSlovenia(English) Slovenia(Norwegian) Slovenia(Finnish)
Other Languages & CulturesSlovenija(Croatian) Slovensko, Slovinsko(Czech) Slovakiet, Slovenien(Danish) Slovaquie, Slovénie(French) Slowakei, Slowenien(German) Szlovákia(Hungarian) Slovenia(Italian) Słowacja(Polish) Slovenia(Romanian) Sloveniya(Russian) Slovenija(Serbian) Slovensko, Slovinsko(Slovak) Slovaška, Slovenija(Slovene) Eslovaquia(Spanish) Slovakien, Slovenien(Swedish)
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