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Type Region, Country & Political Subdivision
Scripts Μακεδονία(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced Pron. mas-ə-DO-nee-ə(English)
ma-theh-DHO-nya(European Spanish)
ma-seh-DHO-nya(Latin American Spanish)

Meaning & History

Derived from Greek Μακεδονία (Makedonia), the name of an ancient kingdom and region that was named after the ancient Macedonian people. Their name was derived from Greek μακεδνός (makednos) meaning "tall, thin", which was descriptive of the people or perhaps of where they lived in the highlands.

This name features in three Greek provinces (Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia, and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace). It is also the name of a country to the north of Greece, North Macedonia, which was called simply Macedonia until 2019.