Minangkabau Submitted Place Names

Minangkabau names are used on the island of Sumatra, a part of Indonesia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Balando (Country) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Holland 1, referring to the entire country of the Netherlands.
Bukiktinggi بوكيق تيڠڬي‎ (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau variant of Bukittinggi.
Bukittinggi بوكيق تيڠڬي‎ (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
Means "tall hill" from Indonesian bukit meaning "hill" and tinggi meaning "high, tall". This is the name of a city in West Sumatra province, Indonesia.
Cino (Country) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of China.
Inggirih (Country) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of England.
Jakarta (Settlement) Indonesian, Acehnese, Banjar, Balinese, Javanese, Madurese, Minangkabau, Sundanese, Malay, English
From Sanskrit जयकर्त (jayakarta) meaning "that which causes victory", from जय (jaya) meaning "victory, conquest" and कृत (krta) meaning "done, made, accomplished"... [more]
Japang (Country) Banjar, Minangkabau
Banjarese and Minangkabau form of Japan.
Jawa (Political Subdivision & Island) Indonesian, Javanese, Acehnese, Balinese, Banjar, Buginese, Malay, Minangkabau, Sundanese
Form of Java used in various languages.
Maninjau مانينجاو (Body of Water) Minangkabau, Indonesian
Means "observation, overlook" in Minangkabau, from the word tinjau meaning "to observe, to watch". This is the name of a lake in Indonesia.
Nagari Sambilan (Political Subdivision) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Negeri Sembilan.
Padang ڤادڠ (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
Means "field, plain" in Indonesian. This is the name of the capital city of the Indonesian province of West Sumatra.
Parancih (Country) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of France.
Pariaman ڤريامن (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
From Arabic بر أمان (barr 'aman) meaning "safe land, secure land". This is the name of a town in West Sumatra province, Indonesia.
Payakumbuh (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
From the Minangkabau name Payokumbuah derived from payo meaning "swamp" and kumbuah referring to a type of grass. This is the name of a city in Indonesia.
Payokumbuah ڤايوكومبواه (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Payakumbuh.
Sarilangka (Country & Island) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Sri Lanka.
Sumatera (Political Subdivision & Island) Indonesian, Balinese, Banjar, Minangkabau, Malay
Form of Sumatra.
Sumatra (Political Subdivision & Island) Indonesian, Acehnese, Minangkabau, Malay, English
From Sanskrit समुद्र (samudra) meaning "sea, ocean". This is the name of an island in Indonesia as well as three Indonesian provinces.
Surobayo (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Surabaya.
Utara (Other) Indonesian, Minangkabau, Malay
The Malay, Indonesian and Minangkabau definition of the Sanskrit word Uttara, which means “Northward”.