French (Quebec) Submitted Place Names

These names are a subset of French names used more often in the province of Quebec in Canada. See also about French names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anticosti (Island) French (Quebec)
Anticosti is an island in the Minganie Regional County Municipality Canada. Originally inhabited by natives , The Innu called it Notiskuan which means "where bears are hunted", and the Mi'kmaq called it Natigôsteg meaning "forward land".... [more]
Gatineau (Settlement & River) French (Quebec)
City and river in Quebec, Canada. Named after city official Nicholas Gatineau dit Duplessis.
Outaouais (Region) French (Quebec)
Region in Quebec. From the French name for the indigenous Odawa people.
Sylvain (Region) French (Quebec)
Sylvain came from a older therapist who does not work with children anymore in the 1700s
Virunga (Region, Settlement, Mountain, Country & Political Subdivision) French, French (African), French (Belgian), French (Swiss), French (Quebec), French (Acadian)
Virunga is a French variant of Ibirunga which means “Volcano” in Kinyarwanda. Wirunga is amongst its other variants.