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Type Island
Pronounced Pron. ee-BEE-tha(European Spanish) ee-BEE-sa(Latin American Spanish) EE-BEE-SA(French) i-BEE-thə(British English) ie-BEE-thə(British English) ee-BEE-sə(American English) i-BEE-sə(American English) i-BEE-zə(American English) ee-BEE-za(Polish) ee-BEE-zu(Portuguese)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Spanish form of Catalan Eivissa, which is a derivative of Arabic يَابِسَة‎ (yābisa), itself from Latin Ebusus, from Phoenician 𐤀𐤉𐤁𐤔𐤌‎ (ʾybšm).
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