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Type Political Subdivision, Settlement & River
Pronounced Pron. /lɪ.ˈlɒŋ.wɪ/(English) /lɪ.ˈlɒŋ.weɪ/(English) /lə.ˈlɑŋ.wi/(English) /lɪ.ˈlɔŋ.weɪ/(English) /ɽiˈɽo.ᵑɡʷe/(Chewa) /ˈli.loŋɡ.vɛ/(Hungarian)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Chewa Lilongwe, of uncertain meaning. This is the name of a river and the capital city of Malawi, as well as the district around it.
Added 9/3/2021 by VerdeIperbolico