Place Names Categorized "former SSRs"

This is a list of place names in which the categories include former SSRs.
Belarus (Country) Belarusian, Russian, English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay
Means "white Russia", from the Slavic root белъ (belu) meaning "white" and Rus. This is the name of a country in eastern Europe. Many languages use a translation of "white Russia" to refer to the country, for example German Weißrussland and Swedish Vitryssland.
Estonia (Country) English, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Late Roman
From Estonian eesti meaning "Estonian", a word borrowed from Low German in the 17th century. It is of uncertain origin. It could be from a Germanic rendering of the Baltic tribe of the Aesti, mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus.
Russia (Country) English, Italian, Late Roman
Derived from the name of the medieval state of Rus. The modern country of Russia includes the eastern portions of Rus, and has also expanded far to the east across Asia.