Place Names Categorized "trees"

This is a list of place names in which the categories include trees.
Cyprus (Island & Country) English, Dutch
From Greek Κύπρος (Kypros), which may get its name from the cypress tree (Greek κυπάρισσος). This is the name of an island country in the eastern Mediterranean. Although considered one nation by most other countries, the northern part of the island is occupied by Turkish forces and claims independence.
Harley (Settlement) English
From Old English hara "hare" or hær "rock, heap of stones" and leah "woodland, clearing". This is the name of towns in England.
Nysa (Region) Greek Mythology
Possibly from an archaic Greek word meaning "tree". In Greek mythology Nysa was the mountainous region where young Dionysos was raised.
Pieńsk (Settlement) Polish
Derived from Polish pień meaning "stump, tree trunk". This is the name of a town in Silesia in Poland.