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Name Montenegro
Type Country
Scripts مۆنتینیگرۆ(Kurdish Sorani) Монтенегро(Mongolian Cyrillic)
Pronounced Pron. mawn-tə-NEH-gro(Dutch) mawn-tə-NAY-gro(Dutch) mawn-tə-NEH-khro(Dutch) mawn-tə-NAY-khro(Dutch) mawn-tə-NEH-ghro(Dutch) mahn-tə-NAY-gro(English) mahn-ti-NEE-gro(English) mawn-ti-NEH-gro(English) mawn-ti-NAY-gro(English) mawn-teh-NEH-gro(German) mon-teh-NEH-gro(Italian) mon-teh-NEH-groo(European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese) mon-tee-NEH-groo(European Portuguese) mon-chee-NEH-groo(Brazilian Portuguese) mon-teh-NEH-ghro(Spanish)
Theme black
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Meaning & History

Means "black mountain" in Venetian, originally a calque of the Montenegrin name Црна Гора (Crna Gora) referring to Mount Lovćen. This is the name of a country in southeastern Europe.
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