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GRETSIA (Country) Russian
Russian variant transcription of Gretsiya which is Russian form of Greece.
ITHAQUE (Island) French, Dutch
French and Dutch form of Ithaca.
MACEDONIA (Country) English
Derived from Greek Μακεδονία (Makedonía), which is the name of a kingdom (and region) named after the Ancient Macedonian people. In turn, their name is derived from ancient Greek μακεδνός (makednós) meaning "tall, taper"... [more]
MAKEDONIYA (Country) Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Russian, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian form of Macedonia.
THESSALONIKI (Settlement) English, Greek
The city's name derives from the Greek words Θεσσαλός (Thessalós) referring to the region of Thessaly and νῑ́κη (nī́kē) "victory, success"; literally translating to "Thessalian victory"... [more]
VAVYLON (Settlement) Greek, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Modern Greek transcription of Babylon, and Ukrainian and Belarusian form.
YONAN (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Ellada or Greece.