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Type Country & Settlement
Scripts جيبوتي(Arabic) জিবুতি(Bengali) 吉布提(Chinese) जिबूती(Hindi) 지부티(Korean Hangul) جیبوتی(Persian) ජිබුටි(Sinhala) جبوتی(Urdu)
Pronounced Pron. /t͡ɕi.pu.tʰi/(Chinese) /t͡ɕi.bu.tʰi/(Korean) /d͡ʒiː.buː.ˈtiː/(Persian) /d͡ʒɪ.buː.ˈt̪iː/(Urdu)  [key·simplify]
Other Forms FormsJibootee (Hindi), Jibutee (Hindi), Jibooti (Hindi)

Meaning & History

Form of Djibouti.
Added 6/24/2020 by HL
Edited 11/6/2020 by HL