Ancient Semitic Place Names

These names were used by ancient Semitic-speaking peoples, such as the Akkadians, Babylonians, Canaanites and Phoenicians.
Ashur π’€Έπ’‹© (Settlement & Region) English, Arabic, Persian, Akkadian
From Akkadian π’€Έπ’‹© (Assur), meaning unknown. This was the capital city of the Assyrian Empire, supposedly named for the god Ashur, though the god was in fact probably named for the city. The empire, Assyria, was also named for it. The city was destroyed in the 14th century by the forces of Tamerlane.... [more]
Ashurayu (Region) Akkadian
Akkadian form of Assyria.
Babili π’†π’€­π’Šπ’†  (Settlement) Akkadian
Akkadian form of Babylon.
Dammeseq Χ“Φ·ΦΌΧžΦΆΦΌΧ©ΦΆΧ‚Χ§ (Settlement) Ancient Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Aramaic and Hebrew form of Damascus.
Esharra π’‚π’ŠΉπ’Š (Other) Ancient Assyrian
From Sumerian 𒂍 (e) meaning "temple, house" and π’ŠΉ (shar) meaning "totality, world". This was the name of the main temple dedicated to the god Ashur in the city of Ashur.
Galil Χ’ΦΈΦΌΧœΦ΄Χ™Χœ (Region) Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew form of Galilee.
Misri π’ˆͺπ’„‘π’Š‘π’„Ώ (Country) Akkadian
Akkadian cognate of Misr, referring to ancient Egypt.
Natzrat Χ ΦΈΧ¦Φ°Χ¨Φ·Χͺ (Settlement) Ancient Hebrew, Hebrew
Hebrew form of Nazareth.
Ninua π’Œ·π’‰Œπ’‰‘π’€€ (Settlement) Akkadian
Akkadian form of Nineveh.
Purattu π’€€π’‡‰π’Œ“π’„’π’‰£ (River) Akkadian
Akkadian form of Euphrates.
Urartu π’†³π’Œ¨π’Œ’π’‚… (Region) Akkadian, Armenian, English
From Akkadian π’†³π’Œ¨π’Œ’π’‚… (Urartu), meaning unknown, possibly of Old Armenian origin. This was the name of an ancient kingdom that existed between the 9th and 6th centuries BC in eastern Anatolia (modern Armenia and Turkey).
Uruk π’Œ·π’€• (Settlement) Akkadian, English
From Sumerian π’Œ· (uru) meaning "city". This was the name of a city-state of ancient Sumer (later Akkad and Babylonia). It was inhabited until the time of the Islamic conquest of the area.
Yerushalayim Χ™Φ°Χ¨Χ•ΦΌΧ©ΦΈΧΧœΦ·Χ™Φ΄Χ (Settlement) Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew
Hebrew form of Jerusalem.