Medieval Place Names

These names were used in medieval times.
Austria (Country) English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Medieval Latin
Latin form of Old High German Ostarrihhi meaning "eastern kingdom", from ost "east" and rihhi "kingdom, realm".
Bretaigne (Island & Region) Medieval French
Old French form of Britannia (see Britain).
La Mare (Settlement) Medieval French
Means "the pool" in Old French. This was the name of a town in Normandy.
Lesselyn (Region) Medieval Scottish
Probably from Scottish Gaelic leas celyn meaning "garden of holly". This was the name of a location in Aberdeenshire.
Magerit (Settlement) Medieval Spanish
Old Spanish form of Madrid.
Mosky (River & Settlement) Medieval Slavic (Hypothetical)
Old East Slavic form of Moscow.
Rusi (Region) Medieval Slavic
Old East Slavic form of Rus.
Scherwode (Region) Medieval English
Middle English form of Sherwood.
Sweden (Country) English, Medieval Dutch
From Middle Dutch, ultimately from the Old Norse ethnic name Svíar "Swede", itself possibly from Proto-Norse Swihoniz meaning "one's own tribe". This is the name of a country in Northern Europe.
Switz (Settlement) Medieval German
Medieval German form of Schwyz.
Vlander (Region) Medieval Dutch
Middle Dutch form of Flanders.