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This is a list of submitted place names in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
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Bossier (Political Subdivision & Settlement) French
A city and parish in Louisiana, a place with Creole roots. This is also a French surname.
Butte (Settlement) English
This is a city in Montana, USA.
Carthage (Settlement) English
Carthage is a city in Missouri, and another city with the same name is in Texas.
Casper (Settlement) English
From the name of Fort Caspar named after United States army officer Caspar Collins (see Caspar). Casper is city in Wyoming, USA.
Changan (Settlement) Chinese
Changan was the capital of the Tang dynasty from A.D 618 to A.D 907. It was even the largest city in the world. But it was lost due to rebellion and invasion.
Cheyenne (Settlement) English
The capital of Wyoming, in the United States.
Cognac (Settlement) French
The city in Charente, France.
Delta (Political Subdivision) English
This is a state in Nigeria, a western African country. This is where the Isoko peoples live.
Denali (Mountain) Indigenous American
This is the indigenous Koyukon name for Mount McKinley.
Eatonton (Political Subdivision) English
A city in Georgia.
Ellicott (Settlement) English
A city in Maryland.
Erie (Body of Water) English
Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes of the United States, having fresh water.
Everest (Mountain) English
Glenside (Political Subdivision) English
A city in Pennsylvania.
Hudson (River) English
The Hudson River in the United States.
Huron (Body of Water) English
One of the Great Lakes of the United States of America, so named because it has fresh water, a rarity around the world.
Jamestown (Settlement) English
Jamestown, named after King James, was a settlement in Virginia, one of the original thirteen colonies.
Kingston (Settlement) English
A common name for cities in English speaking nations. It means "King's town." This is the capital of Jamaica.
Langston (Political Subdivision) English
This is a city in Oklahoma.
Loveland (Settlement) English
This is the name of multiple cities in different English speaking countries. One is the city in Colorado.
Mcalester (Settlement) Irish
A city in Oklahoma, USA.
Mckinley (Mountain) English
This is the largest mountain in North America.
Monroe (Settlement) English
This is a common city name in the United States. There is a Monroe located in Louisiana.
Naperville (Settlement) English
A city in Illinois.
Nasiriyah (Settlement) Arabic (?)
The city in southern Iran, named after Nasir.
Newport (Political Subdivision) English
There are multiple cities with this name.
Pierre (Settlement) English
This is a city in South Dakota, USA. It comes from the given name Pierre.
Pleasanton (Settlement) English
A city in California.
Red (River) English
The Red River goes through the southern states of the USA.
Roseville (Political Subdivision) French
A city in California.
Sakurazaka (Mountain) Japanese
This is the name of one of the biggest volcanoes in Japan. It means "Cherry Blossom Slope/ Hill."
San Lorenzo (Settlement) Spanish
This was one of the principal sites of the Olmec peoples when they were making a life for themselves near the Gulf of Mexico.
Santo Domingo (Settlement) Spanish (Caribbean)
This is the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Shikoku (Island) Japanese
Shreveport (Settlement) English
A city in northwestern Louisiana.
Stamps (Settlement) English
Stamps is a city in Arkansas, a state in the southern U.S.A. This is where the author and actress Maya Angelou spent most of her childhood.
Stroma (Island) Scottish
A Scottish island.