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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ICARIA(Island)Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
The island where Icarus, son of Dedalus, was buried. Dedalus gave the island the name in his honor.
English form of ÍSLAND.
IDAHO(Political Subdivision)English (American)
Name of a state in the United States, of uncertain origin, possibly from Shoshone term ee-da-how, meaning "gem of the mountains" or "the sun comes from the mountains".
Probably from the name of the river Ieperlee which, itself, may be derived from the Dutch word for elm, iep.
Tamil form of Sri Lanka.
ILLINOIS(Political Subdivision)English (American)
Name of a state in the United States, from the modern French spelling of the Algonquian people who called themselves Inoca or Ilinouek.
This is the name of a city, known for Imari porcelain (even though it's actually made in nearby Arita) and for Imari pears, which is located in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū in south-western Japan.... [more]
Means India in Albanian.
Croatian form of India.
Croatian form of Indonesia.
Azerbaijani form of England
INGUSHETIA(Political Subdivision)English
Derived from Angusht, which is the name of an ancient village. The Ingush people call themselves the Гӏалгӏай (Ghalghai), a combination of the Ingush words ghala meaning "fortress, town" and ghai meaning "inhabitants, citizens"... [more]
A coastal city in northern Scotland. From Scottish Gaelic Inbhir, meaning 'estuary, confluence'and nis, the Gaelic name of the River Ness.
Sincha Samba Iobel seems to be a place in Guinea-Bissau.
IOWA(Political Subdivision)English (American)
Name of a state in the United States, possibly from Dakota ayuxba "sleepy ones".
Croatian form of Iraq.
The name of the Country in the Middle East. Iraq, officially known as the Republic of Iraq is a country in Western Asia, bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest, and Syria to the west.
Spanish form of Ireland.
Croatian form of Ireland.
Means "ice fjord" or "fjord of ice" in Icelandic. Ísafjörður is a town in Iceland.
ISCA(River)Ancient Celtic (Latinized), History
Romanized form of a Celtic river name, from Common Celtic *iska- "water" (cognate with whiskey). This is the Latin name for both the River Exe and the River Usk, after which the towns of Exeter (Isca Dumnoniorum) and Caerleon (Isca Augusta) got their Roman names.
The name of a region as well as a river in France.
ISLAMABAD(Settlement)Urdu, English
Means "city of Islam", a combination of اسلام (Islām) referring to the monotheistic religion and the Persian آباد (ābād) "city, building, habitation". This is the name of the capital city of Pakistan.
ÍSLAND(Country)Icelandic, Faroese, Ancient Scandinavian
Derived from Old Norse íss "ice" and land "land, country".
Means Iceland in Lithuanian.
Turkish form of Istanbul.
Misinterpretation of a Greek phrase "εἰς τὴν Πόλιν" (eis tín pólin) meaning "to the city". It was formerly called Constantinople and Byzantium. Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey.
Croatian form of Italy.
Azerbaijani form of Italy
ITASCA(Body of Water)English
Lake Itasca in north central Minnesota.... [more]
ITHACA(Settlement)Greek Mythology
In Greek Mythology, Ithaca was the home of the hero Odysseus. The epic poem The Oddysey describes his long and perilous voyage home after the Trojan War. In literature, Ithaca has become synonymous with "home," "homeland," or "place dearest to you."
ITHAQUE(Island)French, Dutch
French and Dutch form of Ithaca.
Croatian form of Israel.
This is the name of a city in Japan's Shimane Prefecture. Izumo-taisha (出雲大社) (or Izumo Grand Shrine) is located in the city.... [more]