Berber Submitted Place Names

Berber names are used by the Berber (Amazigh) people of North Africa, including the Tuareg of the Sahara.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abxazya (Country) Kabyle, Kurdish
Kabyle and Kurdish form of Abkhazia.
Afɣanistan (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Afghanistan.
Agadir أڭادير, ⴰⴳⴰⴷⵉⵔ (Settlement) Arabic (Maghrebi), Berber, English, French
Means "fortified fortress, wall" in Central Atlas Tamazight, ultimately from Phoenician gdr meaning "wall, compound". This is the name of a city in Morocco.
Anfa ⴰⵏⴼⴰ (Settlement) Berber
Means "hill" or "top" in Tamazight. This is the Berber name for Casablanca, which was used as the city's official name before the 1755 Lisbon earthquake destroyed the area... [more]
Beḥrin (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Bahrain.
Byilurusya (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Belarus.
Ccinwa (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of China.
Cili (Country) Kabyle, Sicilian
Kabyle and Sicilian form of Chile.
Danmaṛk (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Denmark.
Libya ⵍⵉⴱⵢⴰ (Country) Northern African, Berber, English, Faroese, Finnish, Hausa, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Swahili, Tagalog, Turkish
From Arabic ليبيا‎ (Lībiyā) from Ancient Greek Λιβύη (Libúē), which is derived from Libu, the name of an ancient Berber tribe (attested as rbw in Egyptian)... [more]
Rbaṭ (Settlement) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Rabat.
Wehran (Settlement) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Oran.