Quechua Submitted Place Names

Quechua names are used by the Quechua people of South America.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Afgansuyu (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Afghanistan.
Amirika (Region & Country) Banjar, Maranao, Okinawan, Quechua
Form of America used in several languages.
Arminya (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Armenia.
Arminya (Country) Kabyle, Quechua
Kabyle and Quechua form of Armenia.
Asarsuyu (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Azerbaijan
Banladish (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Bangladesh
Bulgarya (Country) Quechua, Tagalog
Quechua and Tagalog form of Bulgaria
Cusco (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Quechua
Cuzco (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Inca (Hispanicized), Quechua (Hispanicized), Spanish (Archaic)
Traditional spelling of Cusco, a city in Peru which was the capital of the Inca Empire. Cusco is the Hispanicized form of Quechua Qusqu meaning "rock, boundary stone; heap of earth and stones; nucleus; navel; bed, dry bed of a lake".
Dilhi (Settlement) Arabic, Quechua
Arabic and Quechua form of Delhi.
Hurwatsuyu (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Croatia.
Ikwayur (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Ecuador.
Ilanda (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Ireland
Islandya (Country) Quechua, Tagalog
Quechua and Tagalog form of Iceland
Ispaña (Country) Quechua
Quechua form of Spain
Kitu (Settlement) Quechua, Arabic, Urdu
Quechua, Arabic and Urdu form of Quito.
Limaq (Settlement) Quechua
Quechua form of Lima.
Nihun (Country) Aymara, Quechua
Aymara and Quechua form of Nippon.
Suwisa (Country) Quechua, Tagalog
Quechua and Tagalog form of Schweiz via the Spanish form Suiza, used as the Quechua and Tagalog name for Switzerland.
Turkiya (Country) Arabic, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Quechua, Sinhalese, Tagalog, Tajik, Uzbek
Form of Turkey used in various languages. It can also be an alternate transcription of Arabic تركيا (see Turkiyya).
Wayakil (Settlement) Quechua
Quechua form of Guayaquil.
Wuliwya (Country) Aymara, Quechua
Aymara and Quechua form of Bolivia.