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Sofia 1
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Type Settlement
Scripts София(Bulgarian)

Meaning & History

Capital of Bulgaria named after the Saint Sofia Church located in the city. The name was first used by Bulgarian tsar Ivan Shishman in the 14th century.
Added 10/25/2014 by Beautiful Victory

Sofia 2
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Type Settlement
Scripts Սոֆիա(Armenian) Σόφια(Greek) ソフィア(Japanese Katakana) โซเฟีย(Thai)
Pronounced Pron. /ˈsoʊ.fi.ə/(English) /ˈsɒ.fi.ə/(English) /soʊ.ˈfiː.ə/(English) /sɔ.ˈfi.ɑ/(Armenian) /su.ˈfi.ə/(Catalan) /so.ˈfi.a/(Catalan) /ˈɑ/(Estonian, Finnish) /sɔ.fja/(French) /ˈzoː.fiː.aː/(German) /ˈso.fça/(Greek) /ˈsɔ.fja/(Italian, Polish) /so̞.ɸʲi.ä/(Japanese) /ˈ /ˈ̯a/(Slovak) /soː˧.ˈfia̯˧/(Thai)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Bulgarian София (Sofiya) named for the Saint Sophia Church, itself derived from Ancient Greek σοφία (sophia) meaning "wisdom" (see the given name Sophia). This is the name of the capital city of Bulgaria.
Added 6/5/2023 by anonymous

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