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This is a list of submitted place names in which the person who added the name is mythmanjay.
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Amerrisque (Mountain) Mayan
Amerrique is the Indian name of the mountains between Juigalpa and Libertad in Chontales Department in Nicaragua; these mountains separate Lake Nicaragua from the Mosquito Coast... [more]
Anadyr (Political Subdivision) Russian (Archaic)
Although the town itself has only been in existence for just over a century, the origins of the name Anadyr are much older. The name initially derives from the Yukaghir word "any-an" meaning "river"
Ayan (Political Subdivision) Russian
notable persons
Blagoveshchensk (Political Subdivision) Russian
literally 'the city of The Annunciation (of The Lord to The Blessed Virgin Mary)'
Bodaybo (Political Subdivision) Russian
possibly named after the Celtic queen "Boadicea" or "Boadacaea"
Bulunksy (Region) Russian
I don't know if it's the actual etymology or if it just 'looks similar,' but a search for 'etymology of bulunsky' turns up a lot of results about "Blue Sky"
Colossae (Settlement) Greek
either "Establishing a Temple or Shrine" or "to Punish" or "Dyed Wool," but no direct connection to "the Colossus of Rhodes"
Dudinka (Settlement) Russian
"Mulberry Tree" + "Feminine" noun
Ephesus (Settlement) Ancient Greek, Turkish, Hittite
"Overseer", tho it may just be folk-etymology
Galatia (Settlement) Greek
from Gaul
Gan (River) Chinese
"Circuit" of "Western" Jiangnan
Hatanga (Settlement) Russian
Wikipedia redirected me to Khatanga
Ilim (River) Russian, Arabic
I couldn't find the meaning of the river's name, but Wiktionary (without mentioning the river) says it's a Turkish word with an Arabic root that means "Knowledge, Science"
Irkutsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
Iska Isan (Region) Russian
"New Earth"
Jiangnan (Political Subdivision) Chinese
"South" of the River
Kamchatka (Region) Ainu
named for a native people, the Kamchadal, from Koryak (Chukotko-Kamchatkan) konchachal, which is said to mean "men of the far end"
Kansk (Settlement) Russian
"City" on the Gan River
Khabarovsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
The Russians founded the military outpost of Khabarovka (Хаба́ровка), named after Yerofey Khabarov. The post later became an important industrial center for the region... [more]
Khanty-mansiysk (Settlement) Russian
"Town" of the "Khanty- and Mansi-nations"
Khatanga (Settlement) Russian
"Large Water"
Kyzyl (Political Subdivision) Russian
"Red" or "Crimson"
Magadan (Political Subdivision) Biblical
"Harp" or "to Cut, Invade, Expose"... [more]
Naryan Mar (Settlement) Russian
"Red Town"... [more]
Neriungri (Political Subdivision) Russian
comes from the Evenk word for "grayling" (species of freshwater-fish in the family of salmon) ... the second largest town in the Sakha Republic, Russia and the administrative center of Neryungrinsky District
Noyabrsk (Settlement) Russian
Okhotsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
from an Even word окат (okat) meaning "river"
Olenyok (Political Subdivision) Russian
"Agents" (or agent-noun, i.e. "Workers" LoL) of "Oil"
Oymyakon (Political Subdivision) Russian
named after the Oymyakon River, whose name reportedly comes from the Even word kheium, meaning "unfrozen patch of water; place where fish spend the winter" ... or the Even word heyum (hэjум) (kheium being a possible misspelling) means "frozen lake"
Palana (Settlement & Body of Water) Russian
"having a Waterfall"
Petaluma (Political Subdivision) Miwok
Petaluma is a transliteration of the Coast Miwok phrase /péta lúuma/ which means hill backside.
Petropavlovsk-kamchatsky (Political Subdivision) Russian
the city of "Peter" and "Paul" in Kamchatka
Pevek (Political Subdivision) Russian
either "Swollen-" or "Smelly Mountain"
Philippi (Settlement) Biblical Greek
renamed after Philip II of Macedon, was originally named Crenides (Greek: Κρηνῖδες, Krenides "Fountains")
Punxsutawney (Settlement) Lenape
the name (for the base-city of the Groundhog Day woodchuck Punxsutawney Phil) comes from the indigenous word for "Town of the Sandflies"
Saariselkä (Settlement) Finnish
From Northern Sami suoločielgi meaning literally "islandback". Saariselkä is a village in Northern Finland.
Salekhard (Settlement) Russian
"House on a Peninsula”
San Fernando (Political Subdivision) American (Hispanic)
named for Spanish Saint King Fernando
Severnaya Zemlya (Region) Russian
"Northern Land"
Srednekolymsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
"mid-high river"
Suntar (Political Subdivision) Russian
"goodness, obedient"
Tom (River) Russian
"River" or "Dark"
Tomsk (Settlement) Russian
"Town" on the Tom River
Ust-ilimsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
"City" at the "Mouth" of the Ilim River
Verkhoyansk (Settlement) Russian
"town on the Upper Yana River"
Vladivostok (Political Subdivision) Russian
literally 'Ruler of the East', 'Rule the East', 'Lord of the East', or 'Expansion to the East.' The name was first applied to the bay but, following an expedition by Alexey Shefner in 1860, was later applied to the new settlement.
Yakutsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
"Place" of the Yakut (from the Evenk "Yako," a term Russia uses to refer to the "Sakha" people, whose name (of Turkic origin) comes from words that mean "Edge, Collar")
Yuzhno-zakhalinsk (Political Subdivision) Russian
literally "South Sakhalin City" - a city in Sakhalin island, and the administrative center of Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. It is located in the Far East part of Russia, situated north of Japan... [more]