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Lesoto 1
Type Country
Scripts ლესოთო(Georgian) Λεσότο(Greek) Лесото(Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian)
Pronounced Pron. /lɛ.sɔ.tʰɔ/(Georgian) /lʲɪ.ˈso.tə/(Russian)  [key·simplify]
Other Forms FormsGreek variant: Λεσόθο (Lesotho). Georgian variant transcription: Lesot'o. Portuguese variant: Lessoto

Meaning & History

Form of Lesotho.
Added 9/22/2017 by Sofia
Edited 4/15/2020 by HL and Lucille

Lesoto 2
not set
Type Country
Scripts Լեսոթո(Armenian) Лесото(Bulgarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Mongolian Cyrillic, Russian, Serbian, Tajik, Uzbek) ლესოთო(Georgian) Λεσότο(Greek) לסוטו(Hebrew) ເລໂຊໂຕ(Lao) لسوتو(Persian) ලෙසොතෝ, ලෙසෝතෝ(Sinhala)
Pronounced Pron. /le.ˈso.tʰo/(Armenian) /le.ˈsô.to/(Croatian, Serbian) /ʰo/(Georgian) /le.ˈ, Spanish) /leː˧˥.soː˧˥.ˈtoː˩/(Lao) /leː˧˥.soː˧˥.ˈtoː˩˧/(Lao) /leː˩˨.soː˩˨.ˈtoː˩˨/(Lao) /lɛ.ˈsɔ.tɔ/(Macedonian) /le.soː.ˈtoː/(Persian) /lɨ.ˈzo.tu/(European Portuguese) /le.ˈzo.tu/(Brazilian Portuguese) /lʲɪ.ˈso.tə/(Russian) /ɫe.ˈsɔ.tɔ/(Ukrainian)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Form of Lesotho used in numerous languages.
Added 12/12/2023 by anonymous

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