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Type Settlement
Scripts Ливорно(Bulgarian, Russian) Λιβόρνο(Greek) Ліворно(Ukrainian)
Pronounced Pron. /li.ˈ /lɪ.ˈvɔː.nəʊ/(English) /lə.ˈvɔɹ.noʊ/(English) /lɪ.vɔr.nɔ/(Czech) /lʲɪ.ˈvor.nə/(Russian)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From Old Italian Ligorno, itself from Latin Liburnus, derived from the tribe of the Liburnians (in Latin Liburni). This is the name of a port city in north-central Italy.
Added 1/10/2021 by VerdeIperbolico