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Type Country & River
Scripts Белизе(Serbian, Macedonian)
Pronounced Pron. /bə.ˈliːz/(English) /be.liz/(French) /beː.ˈliː.zə/(Dutch) /bɛ.ˈli.zɛ/(Polish) /ˈbɛ.li.zɛ/(Hungarian) /ˈbɛ.lɪ.zɛ/(Czech)
Note In Turkish this name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as BELİZE in uppercase and belize in lowercase.

Meaning & History

From Spanish Belice, earlier Balis, from the name of the Belize River, which may itself be from Mayan beliz meaning "muddy water". This is the name of a country on the Atlantic coast of Central America.