Bashkir Submitted Place Names

Bashkir names are used in Bashkortostan in Russia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AFGHANSTAN Афғанстан (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of AFGHANISTAN.
ARMANSTAN Әрмәнстан (Country) Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of ARMANESTAN, referring to Armenia.
AZERBAYZHAN Әзербайжан (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of AZERBAIJAN.
BASHQORTOSTAN Башҡортостан (Political Subdivision) Bashkir
Bashkir form of BASHKORTOSTAN.
BOSNIYA HAM GERTSEGOVINA Босния һәм Герцеговина (Country) Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA.
DAGHSTAN Дағстан (Political Subdivision) Bashkir
Bashkir form of DAGESTAN.
HINDOSTAN Һиндостан (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of HENDUSTAN, used as the Bashkir name for India.
KAZBEK Казбек (Mountain) Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Tajik, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek
From Russian Казбек (Kazbek) which is from Arabic قَاضِي (qāḍī) meaning "judge, arbiter" combined with the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master"... [more]
MADHINA Мәҙинә (Settlement) Bashkir
Bashkir form of MEDINA.
MAKKA Мәккә (Settlement) Arabic, Avar, Bashkir, Chechen, Hindi, Ingush, Lak, Marathi, Nepali, Swahili, Tajik, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Urdu, Uzbek
Arabic alternate transcription of MAKKAH as well as the form of MECCA used in various languages.
MALDIV Мальдив (Country) Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Persian
Azerbaijani, Bashkir, and Persian form of MALDIVES.
MASKAU Мәскәү (Settlement) Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of MOSCOW.
MYSYR Мысыр (Country) Bashkir, Circassian, Kazakh, Ossetian
Form of MISR used in several languages.
NEFTEKAMA Нефтекама (Settlement) Bashkir, Crimean Tatar, Tatar
Bashkir, Crimean Tatar, and Tatar form of NEFTEKAMSK.
NIDERLAND Нидерланд (Country) Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Tajik, Tatar
NUR-SOLTAN Нур-Солтан (Settlement) Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of NUR-SULTAN.
OFO Өфө (Settlement) Bashkir
Bashkir form of UFA, referring only to the city.
QARAGHALPAQSTAN Ҡарағалпаҡстан (Political Subdivision) Bashkir
Bashkir form of KARAKALPAKSTAN.
QARAGHANDY Ҡарағанды (Settlement) Kazakh, Bashkir, German, Swedish
Kazakh, Bashkir, German, and Swedish form of KARAGANDA.
QARIDHEL Ҡариҙел (River) Bashkir
Means "black Volga" from Bashkir ҡара (qara) meaning "black" combined with Иҙел (Idhel) referring to the Volga River. This is the Bashkir name for the Ufa River.
QAZAN Ҡазан (Settlement) Arabic, Avar, Bashkir, Karachay-Balkar, Kazakh, Lak, Ossetian, Urdu, Uyghur
Form of KAZAN.
QYRGHYDHSTAN Ҡырғыҙстан (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of KYRGYZSTAN.
QYRYM Ҡырым (Country, Political Subdivision & Region) Bashkir, Kazakh, Ossetian
Bashkir, Kazakh, and Ossetian form of CRIMEA.
QYTAI Ҡытай (Country) Kazakh, Bashkir
Kazakh form of CATHAY, used as the Kazakh name for China. It is also an alternate transcription of Bashkir QYTAY.
QYTAY Ҡытай (Country) Bashkir, Kazakh
Bashkir form of CATHAY, used as the Bashkir name for China. It is also an alternate transcription of Kazakh QYTAI.
RASAY Рәсәй (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of RUSSIA.
SHYMKENT Шымкент (Settlement) Kazakh, English, Russian, Bashkir, Belarusian, Chechen, Indonesian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
From Kazakh шым (shym) meaning "sod, turf, meadow" and кент (kent) meaning "town". This is the name of a city in Kazakhstan.
SURIA Сүриә (Country) Bashkir, Hawaiian
Bashkir and Hawaiian form of SYRIA.
TATARSTAN Татарстан (Political Subdivision) Tatar, Bashkir, Basque, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Swedish, Ukrainian
From the ethnic name татар (tatar) combined with the Persian suffix -ستان (-stan) meaning "land of". The ethnic name is of uncertain origin, though it is believed to be derived from tata, an endonym for the Mongols... [more]
TAZHIKSTAN Тажикстан (Country) Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Bashkir, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz form of TAJIKISTAN.
TORKIA Төркиә (Country) Bashkir, Malagasy
Bashkir and Malagasy form of Turcia (see TURKEY).
TORKMANSTAN Төркмәнстан (Country) Bashkir
Bashkir form of TURKMENISTAN.
TYVA Тыва (Political Subdivision) Tuvan, Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Ossetian, Russian, Tatar, Yakut
Form of TUVA.
ULAN-UDE Улан-Удэ (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Belarusian, Chechen, Chuvash, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Kyrgyz, Norwegian, Ossetian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Tagalog, Tatar, Ukrainian, Yakut
From Buryat Улаан-Үдэ (Ulaan-Ude) meaning "red Uda", derived from Buryat улаан (ulaan) meaning "red" and Үдэ (Ude) referring to the Uda River. The name was originally given to reflect the Soviet Union's communist ideology... [more]
UZBAKSTAN Үзбәкстан (Country) Bashkir, Tatar
Bashkir and Tatar form of UZBEKISTAN.
YAIYQ Яйыҡ (River) Bashkir
Bashkir cognate of ZHAIYQ.
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