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Type Settlement
Scripts মোগাদিশু(Bengali) Могадишу(Bulgarian, Macedonian, Mongolian Cyrillic) मोगादीशू(Hindi) モガディシュ(Japanese) موگادیشو(Persian) මොගඩිෂු(Sinhala)

Meaning & History

From Somali Muqdisho or Arabic مقديشو (Maqadishu) of uncertain meaning. It may be from Somali meaning "sight killer" or "blinder", possibly referring to the city's blinding beauty, derived from muuq meaning "sight, look, appearance" and disho meaning "kill". Alternately it may be of Persian origin meaning "seat of the king", from مقعد (maq'ad) meaning "seat" (ultimately from Arabic) and شاه (shah) meaning "king". This is the name of the capital city of Somalia.
Added 9/14/2023 by anonymous