Portuguese Creole Submitted Place Names

Portuguese creole names are used by speakers of Portuguese-based creole languages.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Amérika (Region & Country) Guarani, Papiamento
Guarani and Papiamento form of America.
Bélgika (Country) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Belgium.
Boneiru (Political Subdivision & Island) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Bonaire.
Dusjanbe (Settlement) Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Papiamento
Scandinavian and Papiamento form of Dushanbe.
Fransia (Country) Papiamento
Papiamento form of France.
Fransia (Country) Armenian, Papiamento
Armenian and Papiamento form of Francia (see France).
Hulanda (Country) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Holland 1, which is used to refer to the entire country of the Netherlands.
Hulanda (Country & Political Subdivision) Arabic, Papiamento
Arabic and Papiamento form of Holland 1. In Arabic it refers to the two provinces of North and South Holland as well as the entire country of the Netherlands, while in Papiamento it refers only to the country.
Inglatera (Country) Papiamento, Tagalog
Papiamento and Tagalog form of England.
Kòrsou (Political Subdivision & Island) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Curaçao.
Oropa (Region) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Europa (see Europe).
Spaña (Country) Papiamento
Papiamento form of Spain.
Viena (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian, Catalan, Cebuano, Basque, Filipino, Galician, Ladin, Lithuanian, Occitan, Lombard, Papiamento, Portuguese, Romanian, Tagalog, Venetian
Form of Vienna in various languages.