Occitan Submitted Place Names

Occitan names are used in southern France and parts of Spain and Italy by speakers of Occitan.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abcazia (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Abkhazia.
Andòrra (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Andorra.
Angòla (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Angola.
Argeria (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Algeria.
Austràlia (Region & Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Australia.
Botan (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Bhutan
Brussèlas (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Brussels.
Bucarèst (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Bucharest.
Bucarest (Settlement) Italian, Occitan, Spanish
Italian, Occitan and Spanish form of Bucharest.
Canadà (Country) Catalan, Neapolitan, Occitan, Sicilian
Catalan, Neapolitan, Occitan and Sicilian form of Canada.
Chequia (Country) Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian, Galician, Occitan
Form of Czechia used in multiple languages.
Condom (Political Subdivision) Occitan
Condom, also referred to as Condom-en-Armagnac, is a commune in southwestern France in the department of Gers, of which it is a subprefecture.... [more]
Còsta D'evòri (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Ivory Coast
Danemarc (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Denmark.
En (River & Political Subdivision) Occitan
Arpitan form of Ain.
Espanha (Country) Portuguese, Occitan
Portuguese and Occitan form of Hispania (see Spain).
Estocòlme (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Stockholm.
Estònia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Estonia.
Euròpa (Region) Occitan
Occitan form of Europa (see Europe).
Finlàndia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Finland.
Gènoa (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Genoa.
Islàndia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Iceland
Itàlia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Italia (see Italy).
Liban (Country) Bosnian, Breton, French, Macedonian, Occitan, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Walloon
Form of Lebanon used in multiple languages.
Lisbona (Settlement) Italian, Occitan, Romansh
Italian, Occitan and Romansh form of Lisbon.
Marròc (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Morocco.
Mexic (Country & Settlement) Occitan, Romanian
Occitan and Romanian form of Mexico. The Occitan name refers to both the country and city, whereas the Romanian name is used only for the country.
Moçambic (Country & Island) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Mozambique.
Mónegue (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Monaco.
Nàpols (Settlement) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Naples.
Nay Pyi Taw (Settlement) English, Norwegian, Occitan, Slovak
English variant of Naypyidaw as well as the Norwegian, Occitan, and Slovak form.
Niça (Settlement) Niçard, Occitan, Catalan
Form of Nice.
Norvègia (Country) Occitan, Sardinian
Occitan and Sardinian form of Norway.
Oganda (Country) Malagasy, Occitan
Malagasy and Occitan form of Uganda.
Ongria (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Hungary.
Paquistan (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Pakistan
Polonha (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of Poland
Reialme Unit (Country) Occitan
Occitan form of United Kingdom
Soïssa (Country) Occitan
Occitan cognate of Schweiz, used as the Occitan name for Switzerland.
Suècia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Sweden.
Tolosa (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Toulouse.
Varsòvia (Settlement) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Latin Varsovia (see Warsaw).
Viena (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian, Catalan, Cebuano, Basque, Filipino, Galician, Ladin, Lithuanian, Occitan, Lombard, Papiamento, Portuguese, Romanian, Tagalog, Venetian
Form of Vienna in various languages.