Sanskrit Place Names

Sanskrit names were used in ancient India by Sanskrit speakers.
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BHARATA   (Country)   Sanskrit
Sanskrit form of BHARAT.
DILLI   दिल्ली   (Settlement)   Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
Sanskrit and Hindi form of DELHI.
KAILASHA   कैलाश   (Mountain)   Sanskrit
Sanskrit form of KAILASH.
KASHI   काशी   (Settlement)   Indian, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit
From Sanskrit काशि (kashi) meaning "shining". This is the name of a holy city in India, also called Varanasi.
SINDHU   सिन्धु   (River)   Sanskrit
Sanskrit form of INDUS.
VENKATA   वेङ्कट   (Mountain)   Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
Possibly means "self-born" in Sanskrit. This is the name of a sacred hill in southern India.
YAMUNA   यमुना   (River)   Indian, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit
Name of an Indian river, which is possibly derived from the name of the goddess YAMI.
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