Romanian Place Names

Romanian names are used in the countries of Romania and Moldova in eastern Europe.
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ALGER(Settlement)French, Romanian
French and Romanian form of ALGIERS.
ALGERIA(Country)English, Italian, Romanian
The name of a country in North Africa, named after its capital city ALGIERS.
AMERICA(Region & Country)English, Italian, Romanian, Late Roman
From the name of the explorer AMERIGO Vespucci (1451-1512). This is the name of two continents (North and South America). As well, it is commonly used to refer to the United States of America.
ANGLIA(Country & Region)Late Roman, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian
Late Latin form of ENGLAND (and also of ANGEL).
ARMENIA(Country)English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek, Ancient Persian
From Greek Αρμενια (Armenia), which was from Old Persian Armina, which is itself probably of Armenia origin. This is the name of a country in the Caucasus region, called Hayastan in Armenian.
Romanian form of FRANCE.
INDIA(Country)English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek
Derived from the name of the INDUS River. In many languages of India, the name Bharat is used to refer to the country.
ROMA(Settlement)Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Ancient Roman
Latinate form of ROME.
Romanian form of ROMANIA.
SLOVENIA(Country)English, Italian, Romanian, Norwegian, Finnish
From Slovene, the language of the Slovenes, derived from the medieval Slavic tribal name slovene meaning "Slavs". This is the name of a country in central Europe.
Romanian form of HUNGARY.