Hungarian Place Names

Hungarian names are used in the country of Hungary in central Europe. See also about Hungarian names.
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ANGLIA(Country & Region)Late Roman, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian
Late Latin form of ENGLAND (and also of ANGEL).
Possibly derived from the Hungarian given name BENEDEK. This is the name of a small town in Hungary.
BERLIN(Settlement)German, English, French, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian
City in Germany, the name of which is of uncertain meaning. It is possibly derived from an Old Slavic stem berl- meaning swamp.
Possibly from the given name BLEDA (which belonged to the brother of Attila the Hun). This was the name of a Hungarian city on the west bank of the Danube. Today it is a part of Budapest, having merged with Pest in 1873.
BUDAPEST(Settlement)Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Combination of BUDA and PEST, two cities that merged in 1873. This is the name of the capital city of Hungary.
Hungarian form of ČECHY, used to refer both to the region of Bohemia and the larger Czech Republic.
Hungarian form of DANUBE.
Hungarian name for the country of HUNGARY, derived from magyar meaning "Hungarian" and ország meaning "country". Magyar itself is derived from a combination of two Uralic roots both meaning "man".
Possibly from a Slavic word meaning "cave". This was the name of a city on the east bank of the Danube in Hungary. After a bridge was built across the river in 1849, Pest merged with Buda to form Budapest in 1873.
Hungarian form of ROMANIA.
Derived from Hungarian sár "mud" and köz "margin, lane". This is the name of a region in Hungary.
SZABOLCS(Settlement & Region)Hungarian
From the given name SZABOLCS. This is the name of a town and a region in Hungary.
Hungarian form of SLOVAKIA.