Greek Place Names

Greek names are used in the country of Greece and other Greek-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Greek names.
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ARMENIAΑρμενια(Country)English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek, Ancient Persian
From Greek Αρμενια (Armenia), which was from Old Persian Armina, which is itself probably of Armenia origin. This is the name of a country in the Caucasus region, called Hayastan in Armenian.
Modern Greek form of ATHENS.
Modern Greek form of Ancient Greek ‘Ελλαδα (Hellada), derived from ‘Ελλην (Hellen) "Greek", which is of uncertain origin. This is the Greek endonym for Greece.
EUPHRATESΕυφρατης(River)English, Greek, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek
From Greek Ευφρατης (Euphrates), the name of a river in Mesopotamia. It is derived from Old Persian Ufratu, itself from Elamite or Sumerian, of unknown meaning.
EVRIPOSΕυριπος(Body of Water)Greek
Modern Greek of EURIPOS.
Modern Greek form of JERUSALEM.
NAZARETΝαζαρετ(Settlement)Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Armenian, Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Spainish, Italian, German, Armenian and Greek form of NAZARETH.
OLYMPOSΟλυμπος(Mountain)Ancient Greek, Greek
Meaning unknown. This is the name of the highest mountain in Greece. According to legend is the home of the Greek gods.