Old Norse Origin Place Names

This is a list of place names in which the origin is Old Norse. Old Norse was the North Germanic language spoken by the peoples of ancient Scandinavia.
Appleby (Settlement) English
Derived from Old English æppel "apple" and Old Norse býr "farm, settlement". This is the name of towns in England.
Åsgard (Region) Norse Mythology
Norwegian form of Asgard.
Asgård (Region) Norse Mythology
Swedish and Danish form of Asgard.
Asgard (Region) Norse Mythology
English form of Old Norse Ásgarðr meaning "enclosure of the Æsir", composed of Old Norse áss meaning "god, Æsir" and garðr meaning "enclosure, stronghold". This is the name of the home of the Æsir gods in Norse Mythology.
Ásgarðr (Region) Norse Mythology
Old Norse form of Asgard.
Ásgarður (Region) Norse Mythology
Icelandic form of Asgard.
Begbie (Settlement) Scottish
Derived from the Old Norse name Baggi and býr meaning "farm, settlement". This is the name of a small town in East Lothian, Scotland.
Bélarus (Country) French
French form of Belarus.
Belarús (Country) Spanish
Spanish form of Belarus.
Belarus (Country) Belarusian, Russian, English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay
Means "white Russia", from the Slavic root bělŭ meaning "white" and Rus. This is the name of a country in Eastern Europe. Many languages use a translation of "white Russia" to refer to the country, for example German Weißrussland and Swedish Vitryssland.
Belarus' (Country) Belarusian
Alternate transcription of Belarusian Беларусь (see Belarus).
Belorusija (Country) Serbian, Macedonian, Slovene
Serbian, Macedonian and Slovene form of Belarus.
Belorussiya (Country) Russian
Russian variant of Belarus.
Białoruś (Country) Polish
Polish form of Belarus.
Bielorrússia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese variant of Belarus.
Bielorussia (Country) Italian
Italian form of Belarus.
Bilorus (Country) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Belarus.
Bjelorusija (Country) Croatian
Croatian form of Belarus.
Cawston (Settlement) English
From the Old Norse given name Kálfr combined with Old English tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town". This is the name of towns in Norfolk and Warwickshire.
Dänemark (Country) German
German form of Denmark.
Danemark (Country) French
French form of Denmark.
Dānija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Denmark.
Danija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Denmark.
Danimarca (Country) Italian
Italian form of Denmark.
Daniya (Country) Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian form of Denmark.
Danmark (Country) Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
Danish, Swedish and Norwegian form of Denmark.
Danmörk (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Denmark.
Danmǫrk (Country) Old Norse
Old Norse form of Denmark.
Danska (Country) Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene, Macedonian
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene and Macedonian form of Denmark.
Denemarke (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Denmark.
Denemarken (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Denmark.
Denmark (Country) English
From Danish Danmark, derived from the ethnic name Dane, which is possibly from Germanic den meaning "low ground", combined with mark meaning "borderland". This is the name of a country in Northern Europe.
Dinamarca (Country) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Denmark.
Finland (Country) English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Malay
From Old Norse Finnr, which referred to the Finn and Sami peoples, combined with land. This is the name of a country in Northern Europe, called Suomi in Finnish.
Finlande (Country) French
French form of Finnland (see Finland).
Finlândia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Finnland (see Finland).
Finlandia (Country) Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Indonesian
Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek and Indonesian form of Finnland (see Finland).
Finlyandiya (Country) Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Kyrgyz form of Finnland (see Finland).
Finnland (Country) Old Norse, German
Old Norse and German form of Finland.
Finska (Country) Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian
Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Macedonian form of Finland.
Finsko (Country) Czech
Czech form of Finland.
Hviderusland (Country) Danish
Means "white Russia", a Danish calque of Belarus.
Hviterussland (Country) Norwegian
Means "white Russia", a Norwegian calque of Belarus.
Lefkorosia (Country) Greek
Means "white Russia", a Greek calque of Belarus.
Midgård (Region) Norse Mythology
Swedish and Danish form of Midgard.
Midgard (Region) Norse Mythology
From Old Norse Miðgarðr meaning "middle enclosure". In Norse mythology this is the name of the realm where humans live.
Miðgarðr (Region) Norse Mythology
Old Norse form of Midgard.
Nederland (Country) Dutch, Norwegian
Dutch and Norwegian cognate of Netherlands.
Nederlandene (Country) Danish
Danish cognate of Netherlands.
Nederländerna (Country) Swedish
Swedish cognate of Netherlands.
Noorweë (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Norway.
Noorwegen (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Norway.
Norge (Country) Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Norwegian, Swedish and Danish form of Norðvegr, the Old Norse form of Norway.
Norðvegr (Country) Old Norse
Old Norse cognate of Norway.
Noruega (Country) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Norway.
Norveç (Country) Turkish, Azerbaijani
Turkish and Azerbaijani form of Norway.
Norvège (Country) French
French form of Norway.
Norvegia (Country) Italian, Georgian
Italian and Georgian form of Norway.
Norveška (Country) Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Slovene
Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian and Slovene form of Norway.
Orusiya (Country) Kyrgyz
Kyrgyz form of Russia.
Rasiya (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Russia.
Reosia (Country) Korean
Korean form of Russia.
Resey (Country) Kazakh
Kazakh form of Russia.
Roes (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Rus.
Rootsi (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Ruotsi, referring to Sweden.
Roshia (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Russia.
Rosia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Russia.
Rosiya (Country) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Russia.
Rosja (Country) Polish
Polish form of Russia.
Rossiya (Country) Russian
Russian form of Russia.
Ruotsi (Country) Finnish
Probably borrowed from Old Norse róðr meaning "rowing", referring to people from the coastal region of Roslagen in Sweden. This is the Finnish name for Sweden.
Rus (Region) Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Probably of Old Norse origin, possibly from róðr meaning "rowing", referring to the Norse Varangians and their main mode of transportation. This was the name of a medieval Slavic state of Eastern Europe (around Belarus, Ukraine and western Russia), originally founded by the Varangians in the 9th century.
Rus' (Region) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Rusi (see Rus).
Ruś (Region) Polish
Polish form of Rusi (see Rus).
Rusi (Region) Medieval Slavic
Old East Slavic form of Rus.
Rusia (Country) Spanish, Romanian, Indonesian, Malay
Spanish, Romanian, Indonesian and Malay form of Russia.
Rusija (Country) Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian, Lithuanian
Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Macedonian and Lithuanian form of Russia.
Rusiya (Country) Arabic, Bulgarian, Tajik, Azerbaijani
Arabic, Bulgarian, Tajik and Azerbaijani form of Russia.
Rusiyeh (Country) Persian
Persian form of Russia.
Rusko (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Russia.
Rusland (Country) Dutch, Danish
Dutch and Danish cognate of Russland.
Rússia (Country) Portuguese, Catalan
Portuguese and Catalan form of Russia.
Russia (Country) English, Italian, Late Roman
Derived from the name of the medieval state of Rus. The modern country of Russia includes the eastern portions of Rus, and has also expanded far to the east across Asia.
Russie (Country) French
French form of Russia.
Rússland (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic cognate of Russland.
Russland (Country) German, Norwegian
Derived from the medieval state of Rus and land meaning "country, state". This is the German and Norwegian name for Russia.
Rusya (Country) Turkish, Tagalog, Cebuano
Turkish, Tagalog and Cebuano form of Russia.
Ryssland (Country) Swedish
Swedish cognate of Russland.
Schweden (Country) German
German form of Sweden.
Selby (Settlement) English
From Old Norse selja "willow, sallow" and býr "farm, settlement". This is the name of a city near York in England.
Sverige (Country) Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
From Swedish svear "Swede" and rike "realm, kingdom". This is the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish name for Sweden.
Sweden (Country) English, Medieval Dutch
From Middle Dutch, ultimately from the Old Norse ethnic name Svíar "Swede", itself possibly from Proto-Norse Swihoniz meaning "one's own tribe". This is the name of a country in Northern Europe.
Taani (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Denmark.
Tanska (Country) Finnish
Finnish form of Denmark.
Tyskland (Country) Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Swedish, Norwegian and Danish form of Deutschland.
Valhal (Other) Norse Mythology
Danish form of Valhalla.
Valhall (Other) Norse Mythology
Swedish and Norwegian form of Valhalla.
Valhalla (Other) Norse Mythology
From Old Norse Valhǫll meaning "hall of the battle-dead", from valr meaning "those slain in battle" and hǫll meaning "hall, manor". In Norse mythology this is the name of Odin's enormous hall where half of all warriors go after they die.
Valhǫll (Other) Norse Mythology
Old Norse form of Valhalla.
Vitryssland (Country) Swedish
Means "white Russia", a Swedish calque of Belarus.
Weißrussland (Country) German
Means "white Russia", a German calque of Belarus.
Willoughby (Settlement) English
From Old English welig meaning "willow" and Old Norse býr "farm, settlement". This is the name of several towns in England.
Wit-Rusland (Country) Dutch
Means "white Russia", a Dutch calque of Belarus.
Zweden (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Sweden.