Country Place Names

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YISRA'EL   (Country)   Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew form of ISRAEL.
YUENAN   (Country)   Chinese
Chinese form of VIETNAM.
ZAIRE   (River & Country)   Portuguese, English
Older name of the Congo River, said to be derived via Portuguese from Kikongo nzadi o nzere meaning "river swallowing rivers". This was also the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
ZAIRË   (River & Country)   French
French form of ZAIRE.
ZHONGGUO   (Country)   Chinese
Means "middle kingdom", from Chinese (zhōng) meaning "middle" and (guó) meaning "country, state". This is the Chinese name for China. The name originally referred to China's central regions, as opposed to the territory on the fringes.
ZWEDEN   (Country)   Dutch, Medieval Dutch
Dutch form of SWEDEN.
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