Place Names Starting with F

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FARIS   (Country)   Arabic
Arabic form of PERSIA.
FARNHAM   (Settlement)   English
From Old English fearn "fern" and ham "home" or ham "water meadow, enclosure". This is the name of several towns in England, notably in Surrey.
FÁTIMA   (Settlement)   Portuguese
Derived from the Arabic feminine name FATIMAH, apparently after a Moorish princess who converted to Christianity during the Reconquista. This is the name of a town in Portugal, which became an important Christian pilgrimage center after 1917 when three local children reported witnessing repeated apparitions of the Virgin Mary.
FIRAT   (River)   Turkish
Turkish form of EUPHRATES.
FRANCE   (Country)   French, English
From Latin Francia meaning "land of the Franks". The Franks were the Germanic tribe who settled in the region in the 3rd century. They derived their tribal name from the name of a type of spear that they used.
FRANCIA   (Country)   Late Roman, Italian, Spanish
Latin form of FRANCE.
FRANKREICH   (Country)   German
Derived from German Frank, the name of a Germanic tribe, and Reich meaning "empire, realm". This is the German name for France.
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