Place Names Starting with M

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Barrio (district) in Seville, which got its name from a temple which may have been named for a person Macarius (see MACARIO).
Arabic form of MEDINA, usually written with the definite article: المدينة (al-Madinah).
English form of MAGHRIB (the region).
MAGHRIB(Region & Country)Arabic
From Arabic المغرب (al-Maghrib) meaning "the place of the sunset, the west". This is the Arabic name of Morocco as well as the entire region of western North Africa (known as the Maghreb in English). In Arabic the name is usually written with the definite article: المغرب (al-Maghrib).
Hungarian name for the country of HUNGARY, derived from magyar meaning "Hungarian" and ország meaning "country". Magyar itself is derived from a combination of two Uralic roots both meaning "man".
Means "bad town" in Norman French. This is the name of communes in Normandy, France.
French form of MOROCCO.
Italian form of MOROCCO.
German form of MOROCCO.
MARRAKECH(Settlement)French, Italian, Spanish
French, Italian and Spanish form of MARRAKESH.
German form of MARRAKESH.
From Arabic مرّاكش (Marrakush), possibly from Berber Murt n Akush meaning "land of God". This is the name of a city in Morocco.
Arabic form of MARRAKESH.
Spanish form of MOROCCO.
Derived from Maccius, a Gallo-Roman name of unknown meaning. This is the name of several communes in France.
Means "Mack's stream", from the name Mack, a short form of the Scandinavian name MAGNUS, combined with Old English well "well stream". This is the name of a place in Roxburghshire, Scotland.
Possibly derived from Occitan mair "mother" and French lys "lily". This is the name of a commune in southern France.
English form of Arabic المدينة (al-Madinah) meaning "the city". This is the name of a city in Saudi Arabia, considered a holy site in Islam because the Prophet Muhammad was based there for a period.
MEDIOLANUM(Settlement)Ancient Roman
Latin form of MILAN.
MEHXICO(Country & Settlement)Aztec
Nahuatl form of MEXICO.
MEKSYK(Country & Settlement)Polish
Polish form of MEXICO.
MESSICO(Country & Settlement)Italian
Italian form of MEXICO.
MÉXICO(Country & Settlement)Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish (and Portuguese) form of MEXICO.
MEXICO(Country & Settlement)English, French
From Spanish México, itself derived from Nahuatl Mehxico. There are many theories regarding the ultimate origin, including Nahuatl metztli meaning "moon" combined with xictli meaning "navel". This is the name of a country in North America, as well as its capital city (the country is named after the city). In French Mexico is the name of the capital city, while the country is called Mexique.
MEXIKO(Country & Settlement)German
German form of MEXICO.
French form of MEXICO (referring only to the country, not the capital city).
MILAN(Settlement)English, French
From Latin Mediolanum, perhaps derived from Celtic elements meaning "middle of the plain". This is the name of a major city in Italy.
Italian form of MILAN.
MONTANA(Political Subdivision)English
Derived from Latin montanus "mountainous". This is the name of an American state.
Means "GUMARICH's mountain" in Norman French. This is the name of communes in Calvados, France.
MORAY(Region & Political Subdivision)Scottish
From Gaelic Muireb meaning "seaboard settlement". This is the name of a historical region in Scotland, as well as a modern council area.
MORIAH(Mountain)Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
Possibly means "seen by YAHWEH" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is both the place where Abraham is to sacrifice Isaac and the mountain upon which Solomon builds the temple.
The name of a country in North Africa, named after the city MARRAKESH. In Arabic the country is named al-Maghrib (see Maghrib).