Submitted Place Names Starting with C

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Coweit (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Kuwait.
Cracóvia (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Kraków.
Cracòvia (Settlement) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Kraków.
Cracovia (Settlement) Galician, Italian, Ancient Roman, Sicilian, Spanish
Galician, Italian, Latin, Sicilian and Spanish form of Krakow.
Cravuazie (Country) Friulian
Friulian form of Croatia.
Crawfordjohn (Settlement) Scottish
A village in Southern Scotland. It's name is of Scots origin and means 'Crow's ford of John'. See Crawford.
Crete (Island) English
From Ancient Greek Κρήτη (Krete) of uncertain meaning. It may come from Krus, a mythological hero, whose name is unexplained. Another theory is that it is derived from Luwian kursawar meaning "island" or kursattar meaning "cutting, sliver"... [more]
Crevichon (Island) Norman
Islet in the Channel Islands, England. Means "isle of crabs, crayfish, and cranes", due to the abundance of those animals in the area.
Crimea (Country, Political Subdivision & Region) English, Italian, Spanish
From Crimean Tatar Qırım, which is of uncertain origin. It may have been derived from a corruption of Latin Cimmerium or Greek Κιμμερικόν (Kimmerikon), the name of an ancient city, from Old Turkic qurum meaning "protection, defense" or qirum meaning "fosse, trench", or Ancient Greek κρημνοί (kremnoi) meaning "cliffs"... [more]
Crimée (Country, Political Subdivision & Region) French
French form of Crimea.
Crimeia (Country, Political Subdivision & Region) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Crimea.
Črna Gora (Country) Slovene
Slovene cognate of Crna Gora
Crna Gora (Country) Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Montenegrin form of Montenegro, which several other Balkan countries have adopted as their name for the country. The name literally means "black mountain", as it is derived from the South Slavic adjective crn meaning "black" combined with the South Slavic noun gora meaning "mountain".
Croácia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Croatia.
Croàcia (Country) Catalan
Catalan form of Croatia.
Crô-a-ti-a (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Croatia.
Croația (Country) Romanian
Romanian form of Croatia
Croàtzia (Country) Sardinian
Sardinian form of Croatia.
Croazzia (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Croatia
Cróit (Country) Irish
Irish form of Croatia
Crompton (Settlement) English
From Old English crumbe ("bent") + tun ("town"), referring to its location on a river bend. It is the name of a former town now part of Shaw and Crompton.
Crowaceye (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Croatia.
Crowcroft (Settlement) English
Means "crows farm". From crawe "crow" and croft "enclosed field"
Csád (Country & Body of Water) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Chad.
Csecsenföld (Political Subdivision) Hungarian
From Hungarian csecsen meaning "Chechen" and föld meaning "land". This is the Hungarian name for Chechnya.
Csomolungma (Mountain) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Jo-mo-glang-ma, used for Mount Everest.
Cuba (Country) English
From the Taíno language. The exact meaning of the name is unclear but it may be translated either as 'where fertile land is abundant' (cubao), or 'great place' (coabana). Authors who believe that Christopher Columbus was Portuguese state that Cuba was named by Columbus for the town of Cuba in the district of Beja in Portugal.
Cuba (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Turkish
Azerbaijani and Turkish form of Juba.
Cuera (Settlement) Romansh
Sursilvan and Sutsilvan form of Chur.
Cuillin (Mountain) English
The Cuillin (Scottish Gaelic: An Cuilthionn or An Cuiltheann) is a range of rocky mountains located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
Cûing-ciú (Settlement) Chinese (Min Bei)
Min Bei romanization of Quanzhou.
Cuira (Settlement) Romansh
Puter, Rumantsch Grischun, and Sutsilvan form of Chur.
Culleenatreen (Settlement) English
From Irish Coillín an Triain from coillín "little forest" and trian "third" (literally "little forest of the third"). It is the name of a village in County Roscommon, Ireland also known as Flagford.
Cumberland (Region) English
A historical English county, covering the Northern half of modern-day Cumbria. It derives from the Brythonic combrogi, meaning 'fellow-countrymen'.
Cumbernauld (Settlement) Scottish
A town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. The name in its present form is most likely derived from Gaelic comar nan allt meaning 'meeting of the waters'. However, early forms containing Cumyr- hint at a Cumbric predecessor derived possibly from Common Brittonic *cömber-ïn-alt (Welsh cymer-yn-allt), perhaps meaning 'confluence at the hill'.
Cumorah (Mountain) Mormon
This is the name of the hill where the Nephite known as Moroni buried the golden plates. It is located in New York.
Cungguek (Country) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Zhongguo through Middle Chinese 中國 (ʈɨuŋ kwək̚).
Cunghgoz (Country) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Zhongguo.
Cung Hing (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Chongqing.
Cuoira (Settlement) Romansh
Vallader form of Chur.
Cupertino (Settlement) English
From the name of Italian saint Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663), who hailed from the town of Copertino in Apulia, Italy. This is the name of a city in California.
Curaçao (Political Subdivision & Island) Dutch, English
From Portuguese Curação of uncertain origin, possibly from a name used by the indigenous peoples of the island. This is the name of an island country in the Caribbean Sea that is part of the Netherlands.
Curazao (Political Subdivision & Island) Spanish
Spanish form of Curaçao.
Curdistão (Region) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Kurdistan.
Cư-rơ-gư-xtan (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Kyrgyzstan.
Cusco (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Quechua
Cutshin (Other) English
Cutshin is an unincorporated community located in Leslie County, Kentucky, United States. ... [more]
Cuveglio (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Cuvio (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Cuzco (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Inca (Hispanicized), Quechua (Hispanicized), Spanish (Archaic)
Traditional spelling of Cusco, a city in Peru which was the capital of the Inca Empire. Cusco is the Hispanicized form of Quechua Qusqu meaning "rock, boundary stone; heap of earth and stones; nucleus; navel; bed, dry bed of a lake".
Cwm Gwaun (Settlement) Welsh
Cwm Gwaun (English: Gwaun Valley) is a community and valley in north Pembrokeshire, Wales. The name itself is derived from Welsh cwm "valley" and gwaun "heath, moor".
Cyangugu (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Rwandan
Cypr (Island & Country) Polish, Silesian
Polish and Silesian form of Cyprus.
Cyun Zau (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Quanzhou.
Czech Republic (Country) English
The traditional English name "Bohemia" derives from Latin: Boiohaemum, which means "home of the Boii" (Gallic tribe). The current English name comes from the Polish ethnonym associated with the area, which ultimately comes from the Czech word Čech... [more]
Czeczenia (Political Subdivision) Polish
Polish form of Chechnya.
Czerkiesja (Region) Polish
Polish form of Circassia.
Czesławice (Settlement) Polish
Derived from the given name Czesław.
Czesławów (Settlement) Polish
Derived from the given name Czesław.
Czuwaszja (Political Subdivision) Polish
Polish form of Chuvashia.