Submitted Place Names Starting with T

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Turyn (Settlement) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Turin.
Turyn (Settlement) Afrikaans, Polish
Afrikaans and Polish form of Turin.
Tuscaloosa (Settlement) Indigenous American
Originally inhabited by native americans.... [more]
Tuscany (Region) English
Tuscany is named after the Etruscans who settled central Italy in the 8th century BC.
Tushtuk-afrika (Country) Kyrgyz
Kyrgyz calque of South Africa.
Tustan (Settlement) Persian
Tutong (Political Subdivision, Settlement & River) Malay
Possibly from the name of the Tutong people (itself derived from the name of a folk hero) or from a Dusun word meaning "turtle". This is the name of a district of, as well as a town and river in, Brunei.
Tüürküye (Country) Yakut
Yakut form of Turkey.
Tuva (Political Subdivision) Russian
From Tuvan Тыва (Tyva), itself from the name of the Tuvan people, which is of uncertain meaning. This is the name of a federal subject of Russia.
Tuvalu (Country) Polynesian
Tuvalu is also the name of a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, midway between Hawaii and Australia. Its name meaning 'eight standing together'.
Tuwa (Political Subdivision) German, Polish, Silesian
German, Polish, and Silesian form of Tuva.
Tuwalu (Country) Chinese, Thai, Turkmen
Chinese, Thai and Turkmen form of Tuvalu.
Tuwalu (Country) Chinese, Polish, Sinhalese, Thai, Turkmen
Chinese, Sinhala, Thai and Turkmen form of Tuvalu as well as a Polish variant.
Tứ Xuyên (Political Subdivision) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Sichuan.
Tuyền Châu (Settlement) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Quanzhou.
Tuyên Quang (Political Subdivision) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 宣 (tuyên) meaning "announce" and 光 (quang) meaning "light".
Tuyên Quang (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 宣 (tuyên) meaning "declare, announce, proclain" and 光 (quang) meaning "bright, clear". This is the name of a province of, as well as a city in, Vietnam.
Tuy Hòa (Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 綏 (tuy) meaning "pacify, placate" and 和 (hoà) meaning "peace, harmony, draw, tie". This is the name of a city in Vietnam.
Tuy-ni-di (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Tunisia via the French form Tunisie.
Tuynih (Settlement) Khmer
Khmer form of Tunis.
Twee­buffels­met­een­skoot­morsdood­geskiet­fontein (Other) Afrikaans
Means “ Two buffaloes with one shot shot totally dead spring”. Longest single word place name in South Africa
Twiniji (Country) Korean
Korean form of Tunisia.
Twireukiye (Country) Korean
Korean form of Turkey.
Txad (Body of Water & Country) Catalan
Catalan form of Chad.
Txèquia (Country) Catalan
Catalan form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Txetxènia (Political Subdivision) Catalan
Catalan form of Chechnya.
Txetxenia (Political Subdivision) Basque
Basque form of Chechnya.
Txile (Country) Basque
Basque form of Chile.
Txina (Country) Basque
Basque form of China.
Txuvàixia (Political Subdivision) Catalan
Catalan form of Chuvashia.
Tyanjin (Settlement) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Tianjin.
Tyantszin (Settlement) Russian
Russian form of Tianjin.
Tybet (Region) Polish, Ukrainian
Polish and Ukrainian form of Tibet.
Tyenjin (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Tianjin.
Tyenjin (Settlement) Korean, Uyghur
Korean and Uyghur form of Tianjin.
Tyewhoppety (Other) Shawnee
Tyewhoppety is an unincorporated community located in Todd County, Kentucky, United States. ... [more]
Tyne (River) English
A river in North-East England. Its meaning is unknown, but some sources relate it to a word in a local Celtic or pre-Celtic language *tei-*, meaning 'river'. However, the evidence for the existence of such a word is insufficient.... [more]
Tynida (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of Tunis.
Tynisia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Tunisia.
Tyrana (Settlement) Belarusian, Ukrainian
Belarusian and Ukrainian form of Tirana.
Tyras (River) Ancient Greek
Derived from Scythian tūra meaning "quick, rapid, strong". This is the ancient Greek name for the Dniester river, which is known as Dneisteros in modern Greek.
Tyrcmenistan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Turkmenistan.
Tyrconnell (Political Subdivision) Irish
Another name for the Irish county of Donegal. It means "land of Conall", a king from the area. Conall means "strong wolf".
Tyre (Settlement) English, Arabic
Tyre is the fourth largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, Tripoli, and Sidon. It is the capital of the Tyre District in the South Governorate. It is known as Sour or Sur in Arabic.
Tyrkiet (Country) Danish
Danish form of Turkey
Tyrkland (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Turkey.
Tyrol (Political Subdivision) German (Austrian), Italian
A state in Austria and northern Italy. Meaning "terrain".
Tyva (Political Subdivision) Tuvan, Russian
Tuvan and Russian form of Tuva.
Tzakarta (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of Jakarta.
Tzan'a (Settlement) Hebrew
Hebrew form of Sanaa.
Tzimpouti (Country) Greek
Greek form of Djibouti.
Tzoumpa (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of Juba.