Place Names Starting with T

Taani (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Denmark.
Tahran (Settlement) Arabic, Turkish
Arabic and Turkish form of Tehran.
Tailand (Country) Russian
Russian form of Thailand (probably via English).
Tailandia (Country) Spanish, Italian
Spanish form and Italian variant of Thailand (probably via English).
Tajland (Country) Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Macedonian form of Thailand.
Tajlandia (Country) Polish
Polish form of Thailand (probably via English).
Taliansko (Country) Slovak
Slovak form of Italia (see Italy).
Tanganyika (Region & Country) Swahili, English
From Swahili tanga "sail" and nyika "wilderness". This is the name of a region in East Africa. It was a German then British colony until 1961 when it gained independence. In 1964 it united with the island of Zanzibar to create the new country of Tanzania.
Tansaania (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Tanzania.
Tansania (Country) German, Finnish
German and Finnish form of Tanzania.
Tanska (Country) Finnish
Finnish form of Denmark.
Tanzánia (Country) Hungarian, Slovak
Hungarian and Slovak form of Tanzania.
Tanzânia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Tanzania.
Tanzania (Country) Swahili, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Indonesian, Malay
From a combination of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the names of the two countries that were united to create the East African country of Tanzania in 1964.
Tanzanie (Country) French, Czech
French and Czech form of Tanzania.
Tanzanija (Country) Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovene, Macedonian, Lithuanian
Form of Tanzania in several languages.
Tanzaniya (Country) Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek
Form of Tanzania in several languages.
Tanzanya (Country) Arabic, Persian, Turkish
Arabic, Persian and Turkish form of Tanzania.
Tarah (Settlement) Biblical
A place name (an encampment) used in some versions of the Old Testament. It is identical to the personal name Terah.
Tataouine (Settlement) French, English
From Tamazight Tittawin, possibly from tit meaning "eye". This is a city in Tunisia. It is the source of the name of the desert planet Tatooine from the fictional Star Wars universe.
Tatawin (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Tataouine.
Tatham (Settlement) English
From the Old English given name Tata combined with ham meaning "homestead". This is the name of a town in Lancashire.
Tatooine (Other) Popular Culture
This is a fictional desert planet, the home of Luke Skywalker, in the Star Wars movie series, starting 1977. The planet is not actually named in the first movie. Star Wars creator George Lucas adapted it from the name of the city of Tataouine in Tunisia, where some scenes of the movie were being filmed.
Tatton (Settlement) English
From the Old English given name Tata combined with tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town". This is the name of a town in Cheshire.
Tchad (Body of Water & Country) French, Danish, Swedish
French, Danish and Swedish form of Chad.
Tchécoslovaquie (Country) French
French form of Czechoslovakia.
Tchéquie (Country) French
French form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Téhéran (Settlement) French
French form of Tehran.
Teheran (Settlement) German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian
Form of Tehran in several languages.
Tehran (Settlement) Persian, English
From Persian تهران (Tehran), meaning unknown. This is the name of the capital city of Iran.
Tejas (Political Subdivision) Spanish
Spanish variant of Texas.
Teman (Settlement & Country) Biblical, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Means "right hand" or "south" in Hebrew. This is an Edomite town in the Old Testament, supposedly named for a grandson of Esau. In modern Hebrew this name refers to the country of Yemen.
Tennessee (Political Subdivision & River) English
From Cherokee ᏔᎾᏏ (Tanasi), the name of a now-abandoned village, of unknown meaning. It has given its name to an American state and a river.
Terach (Settlement) Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew form of Tarah.
Texas (Political Subdivision) English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese
A state of the United States, from Spanish Texas or Tejas, originally an ethnic name used by the Spanish for the Caddo. It was derived from the Caddo word taysha meaning "friends, allies".
Thai (Country) Thai, Khmer
Possibly from a Thai root meaning "person". This is the Thai word for Thailand, usually written in the compounds เมืองไทย (Meueng Thaiy) meaning "region of Thailand", ประเทศไทย (Prathet Thaiy) meaning "nation of Thailand" or ราชอาณาจักรไทย (Rachanachakn Thaiy) meaning "kingdom of Thailand".
Thailand (Country) English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Combination of Thai and land. This is the name of a country in southeastern Asia, formerly called Siam.
Thaïlande (Country) French
French form of Thailand (probably via English).
Thailandia (Country) Italian
Italian form of Thailand (probably via English).
Thornley (Settlement) English
From Old English þorn "thorn" and leah "woodland, clearing". This is the name of several towns in England and Scotland.
Thornton (Settlement) English
From Old English þorn "thorn" and tun "enclosure, yard, town". This is the name of several English towns.
Timbuktu (Settlement) English, Arabic, Bamileke
Meaning uncertain. It could be derived from Songhai meaning "hollow, hole", or from Berber meaning "place of small dunes". This is the name of a city in central Mali. Descriptions of the city's wealth and remoteness first reached Europe from the 16th-century Berber author Leo Africanus. Since then the city has been used in Western Culture as a symbol for a distant, mysterious place.
Tittawin (Settlement) Berber
Tamazight form of Tataouine.
Tjeckien (Country) Swedish
Swedish form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Tjekkiet (Country) Danish
Danish form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Tokija (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Tokyo.
Tokijas (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Tokyo.
Tokió (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Tokyo.
Tōkyō (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Tokyo.
Tokyo (Settlement) Japanese, English, French, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian
From Japanese () meaning "east" and (kyō) meaning "capital city". This is the name of the capital of Japan.
Tombouctou (Settlement) French
French form of Timbuktu.
Tombuctú (Settlement) Spanish
Spanish form of Timbuktu.
Tóquio (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Tokyo.
Tourkia (Country) Greek
Greek form Turkey.
Tracy (Settlement) French
Derived from the given name Thracius. This is the name of communes in Calvados, France.
Trefaldwyn (Settlement) Welsh
Means "town of Baldwin" in Welsh. This is another name for the town of Montgomery in Wales.
Trefor (Settlement) Welsh
Means "big village" from Middle Welsh tref "village" and maur "large". This is the name of a few towns in Wales.
Trent 1 (River) English
River in England, possibly from the Celtic elements tri "across" and sant "travel", a reference to its frequent floods.
Trent 2 (Settlement) English
English form of Trento.
Trento (Settlement) Italian
Derived from Latin Tridentum meaning "three teeth", a reference to three surrounding hills. This is the name of a city in Trentino, Italy.
Trenton (Settlement) English
Means "Trent's town". This is the name of a New Jersey city established in the 17th century by William Trent.
Troia (Settlement) Ancient Greek
Greek form of Troy.
Troie (Settlement) French
French form of Troy.
Trója (Settlement) Czech, Slovak, Hungarian
Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form of Troy.
Troja (Settlement) German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Croatian, Serbian
Form of Troy in several languages.
Troje (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Troy.
Troy (Settlement) Greek Mythology, English
From Greek Τροία (Troia), said to derive from its mythical founder Τρώς (Tros), but more likely of Luwian or Hittite origin. In Greek mythology (most notably in Homer's Iliad) this was the name of a city, also called Ilium, that was besieged by the Greeks after Helen was abducted by Paris 1.
Troyes (Settlement) French, English, German, Dutch
The name of a city in France, called in Latin (Augustobona) Tricassium, which was named after the Gallic tribe of the Tricasses.
Tschad (Body of Water & Country) German
German form of Arabic تشاد (see Chad).
Tschechien (Country) German
German form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Tschechoslowakei (Country) German
German form of Czechoslovakia.
Tshad (Body of Water & Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Chad.
Tshili (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Chile.
Tsjaad (Body of Water & Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Arabic تشاد (see Chad).
Tsjad (Body of Water & Country) Norwegian
Norwegian form of Arabic تشاد (see Chad).
Tsjechië (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Tsjeggië (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Tsjechië.
Tsjekkia (Country) Norwegian
Norwegian form of Čechy, used as a name for the Czech Republic.
Tukholma (Settlement) Finnish
Finnish form of Stockholm.
Tukiyu (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Tokyo.
Tumbutu (Settlement) Koyra Chiini
Koyra Chiini form of Timbuktu.
Turan (Region) Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic
Historical region in central Asia, originally inhabited by nomadic Iranian peoples and traditionally said to mean "land of Tur". It is mentioned frequently in the 10th-century Persian epic the Shahnameh.
Turchia (Country) Italian
Italian form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turcia (Country) Late Roman
Latin form of Turkey.
Türkei (Country) German
German form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turkey (Country) English
From Latin Turcia, derived from the ethnonym Turk, which is from Old Turkic possibly meaning "ancestry". This is the name of a country situated on the Anatolian peninsula.
Turkije (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Türkiye (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Turkey.
Turkiyya (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Turkey.
Turkye (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Turkey.
Turquía (Country) Spanish
Spanish form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turquia (Country) Portuguese, Catalan
Portuguese and Catalan form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turquie (Country) French
French form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turska (Country) Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Turtsiya (Country) Russian, Bulgarian
Russian and Bulgarian form of Turcia (see Turkey).
Tyrone (Political Subdivision) Irish
From Irish Gaelic Tir Eoghain meaning "land of Eoghan". This is the name of a county in Northern Ireland.
Tyskland (Country) Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Swedish, Norwegian and Danish form of Deutschland.
Tzortzia (Political Subdivision) Greek
Greek form of Georgia 2.