Place Names Starting with N

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From Latin Neapolis, from Greek Νεαπολις (Neapolis) meaning "new city". This is the name of a city in southern Italy, originally founded as a Greek colony.
Italian form of NAPLES.
NATZRAT(Settlement)Ancient Hebrew, Hebrew
Hebrew form of NAZARETH.
NAZARET(Settlement)Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Armenian, Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Spainish, Italian, German, Armenian and Greek form of NAZARETH.
NAZARETH(Settlement)English, French, Biblical, Biblical Latin
Possibly means "branch" in Hebrew. This is the name of a town in Galilee in Israel. It was the home town of Jesus.
NEAPOLIS(Settlement)Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek
Greek and Latin form of NAPLES.
NEILOS(River)Ancient Greek
Greek form of NILE.
Serbian (Ekavian) variant of NJEMAČKA.
Czech cognate of NIEMCY, used as the Czech name of Germany.
Slovak cognate of NIEMCY, used as the Slovak name of Germany.
Russian cognate of NIEMCY, used as a Russian name of Germany.
French form of NEPAL.
NEPAL(Country)Nepali, Indian, Hindi, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Sanskrit
From Sanskrit नेपाल (Nepal), of unknown meaning. This is the name of a landlocked country in south Asia.
From Slavic němici meaning "mute, not able to speak", extended to mean "foreigner, German". This is the Polish name of Germany.
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a town in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands.
NÍGER(River & Country)Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of NIGER.
NIGER(River & Country)English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Croatian, Serbian, Late Roman
Meaning unknown, possibly of Berber origin, though influenced by Latin niger "black". This is the name of a river in western Africa (and a country which is named after it).
Portuguese form of NIGERIA.
NIGERIA(Country)English, French, Italian, Spanish, German
From the name of the NIGER River, applied in the 19th century to the British colonial territory in western Africa. It continued to be used after the territory became an independent country in 1960.
Alternate reading of NIPPON.
NIL(River)French, German
French and German form of Nilus (see NILE).
From Latin Nilus, which was from Greek Νειλος (Neilos), possibly of Semitic origin meaning "river". This is the name of a long river in Africa.
NILO(River)Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Nilus (see NILE).
NILUS(River)Ancient Roman
Latin form of NILE.
Arabic form of NINEVEH.
NINEUE(Settlement)Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Biblical Greek form of NINEVEH.
NINEVE(Settlement)Biblical Latin
Biblical Latin form of NINEVEH.
NINEVEH(Settlement)English, Biblical
From Akkadian 𒉌𒉡𒀀 (Ninua), possibly related to 𒄩 (nūnu) meaning "fish". When written, the name is usually prefixed with 𒌷 indicating a city. This may have referred to an aspect of Ishtar, as from an early time the city was a center of worship of the goddess. The cuneiform symbols used to represent the city's name depict a fish within a house.... [more]
NINEWEH(Settlement)Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew form of NINEVEH.
NÍNIVE(Settlement)Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of NINEVEH.
NINIVE(Settlement)French, Italian, German
French, Italian and German form of NINEVEH.
Akkadian form of NINEVEH.
Means "origin of the sun, sunrise", from Sino-Japanese (nichi) meaning "sun" and (hon) meaning "root, origin". This is the Japanese name for Japan.
NJEMAČKA(Country)Serbian, Croatian
Serbian and Croatian cognate of NIEMCY, used as the name of Germany.
NORGE(Country)Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Norwegian, Swedish and Danish form of Norðvegr, the Old Norse form of NORWAY.
NORÐVEGR(Country)Ancient Scandinavian
Old Norse cognate of NORWAY.
Old English form of NORWAY.
NORUEGA(Country)Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of NORWAY.
Italian form of NORWAY.
From Old English Norþweg meaning "north way". This is the name of a country in Scandinavia in northern Europe.
German cognate of NORWAY.
NUBIA(Region)English, Late Roman
Possibly derives from the Egyptian word nbw meaning "gold". This was the name of an ancient region and kingdom in Africa, south of Egypt.
NYSA(Region)Greek Mythology
Possibly from an archaic Greek word meaning "tree". In Greek mythology Nysa was the mountainous region where young Dionysos was raised.