Place Names Starting with D

Daehan (Country) Korean
From Sino-Korean (dae) meaning "big, great" and (han) meaning "Korea". This is the official Korean name for South Korea.
Däitschland (Country) Luxembourgish
Luxembourgish form of Deutschland.
Dallas (Settlement) English
Several of the places bearing this name, including probably the city in Texas, were named for the American vice president George M. Dallas (1792-1864). His surname is of Old English origin meaning "valley house".
Damas (Settlement) French
French form of Damascus.
Damasco (Settlement) Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Damascus.
Damascus (Settlement) Ancient Roman, Biblical Latin, English
Meaning unknown, probably of Semitic origin. It is first mentioned in Egyptian records from the 15th century BC under the name Tmsq. It is now the capital city of Syria.
Damaskos (Settlement) Ancient Greek, Biblical Greek
Greek form of Damascus.
Dameshq (Settlement) Persian
Persian form of Damascus.
Dammeseq (Settlement) Ancient Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew
Aramaic and Hebrew form of Damascus.
Dänemark (Country) German
German form of Denmark.
Danemark (Country) French
French form of Denmark.
Dānija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Denmark.
Danija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Denmark.
Danimarca (Country) Italian
Italian form of Denmark.
Daniya (Country) Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian form of Denmark.
Danmark (Country) Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
Danish, Swedish and Norwegian form of Denmark.
Danmörk (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Denmark.
Danmǫrk (Country) Old Norse
Old Norse form of Denmark.
Danska (Country) Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene, Macedonian
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene and Macedonian form of Denmark.
Danube (River) English
From Latin Danubius, from Indo-European Danu, probably meaning "river, water". This is the name of a river that flows east through Europe to the Black Sea.
Danubius (River) Ancient Roman
Latin form of Danube.
Deasmhumhain (Region) Irish
From Irish deas "south" and Mumhain. This was the name of a medieval kingdom in southern Ireland, created when the kingdom of Munster was partitioned. It is Anglicized as Desmond.
Deasumhain (Region) Irish
Variant of Deasmhumhain.
Deben (River) English
Means "deep" in Old English. This is the name of a river in Suffolk.
Debenham (Settlement) English
From the Old English river name Deben combined with ham meaning "home, homestead". This is the name of a town in Suffolk, on the River Deben.
Dee (River) English
Possibly from a Celtic root meaning "divine". This is the name of rivers in Scotland (Gaelic Dhè) and Wales (Welsh Dyfrdwy).
Deighton (Settlement) English
From Old English dic "ditch" and tun "enclosure, yard, town". This is the name of various towns in England.
Delfoi (Settlement) Greek
Modern Greek transcription of Delphoi.
Delhi (Settlement) English
From Sanskrit दिल्ली (Dilli), possibly from देहली (dehali) meaning "threshold", or possibly from the name of a 1st-century BC king. This is the name of a large city in northern India, which includes the district of New Delhi, the Indian capital.
Delphi (Settlement) Ancient Roman, English
Latinized form of Greek Δελφοί (Delphoi), from δελφύς (delphys) meaning "womb". This was the name of an ancient Greek city, the site of an oracle of Apollo.
Delphoi (Settlement) Ancient Greek
Greek form of Delphi.
Denemarke (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Denmark.
Denemarken (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Denmark.
Denmark (Country) English
From Danish Danmark, derived from the ethnic name Dane, which is possibly from Germanic den meaning "low ground", combined with mark meaning "borderland". This is the name of a country in Northern Europe.
Derby (Settlement) English
Means "deer farm" in Old Norse. This is the name of a city in England.
Desmond (Region) English
English form of Deasmhumhain.
Deutschland (Country) German
Derived from German deutsch meaning "German" (ultimately from Germanic *þeudō "people") and Land. This is the German endonym for Germany.
Devon (Political Subdivision) English
From the name of the Dumnonii, a Celtic tribe. This is the name of a county in England.
Dhè (River) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Dee.
Dilli (Settlement) Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Sanskrit
Form of Delhi used in several Indian languages.
Dimashq (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Damascus.
Dinamarca (Country) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Denmark.
Dogil (Country) Korean
Derived via Japanese from Dutch Duits meaning "German". This is the Korean name for Germany.
Doitsu (Country) Japanese
Derived from Dutch Duits meaning "German". This is the Japanese name for Germany.
Donau (River) German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Form of Danube in various languages.
Donggyeong (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Tokyo.
Dongjing (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Tokyo.
Douglas (River & Settlement) Scottish
From Gaelic dubh "dark" and glais "water, river" (an archaic word related to glas "grey, green"). This is the name of a tributary of the River Clyde called the Douglas Water, as well as a town that sits upon it in Lanarkshire.
Dùbhghlas (River & Settlement) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Douglas.
Dudley (Settlement) English
Means "Dudda's clearing" in Old English. This is the name of a city in the West Midlands, England.
Duitsland (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Deutschland.
Duna (River) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Danube.
Dunaj (River) Polish, Czech, Slovak
Polish, Czech and Slovak form of Danube.
Dyfrdwy (River) Welsh
Compound of Old Welsh dwfr "water" and duiu "god". This is the Welsh name of the River Dee.
Džakarta (Settlement) Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian and Slovene form of Jakarta.
Dżakarta (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Jakarta.
Dzhakarta (Settlement) Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Kazakh
Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian and Kazakh form of Jakarta.
Dzhordzhiya (Political Subdivision) Russian
Russian form of Georgia 2, the American state.