Place Names Starting with D

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DAEHAN (Country) Korean
From Sino-Korean (dae) meaning "big, great" and (han) meaning "Korea". This is the official Korean name for South Korea.
DÄITSCHLAND (Country) Luxembourgish
Luxembourgish form of DEUTSCHLAND.
DÄNEMARK (Country) German
German form of DENMARK.
DANEMARK (Country) French
French form of DENMARK.
DANIMARCA (Country) Italian
Italian form of DENMARK.
DANMARK (Country) Danish
Danish form of DENMARK.
DANUBE (River) English
From Latin Danubius, from Indo-European Danu, probably meaning "river, water". This is the name of a river that flows east through Europe to the Black Sea.
DANUBIUS (River) Ancient Roman
Latin form of DANUBE.
DEBEN (River) English
Means "deep" in Old English. This is the name of a river in Suffolk.
DEBENHAM (Settlement) English
From the Old English river name DEBEN combined with ham meaning "home, homestead". This is the name of a town in Suffolk, on the River Deben.
DEE (River) Scottish
Possibly from a Celtic root meaning "divine". This is the name of a river in Scotland.
DELHI (Settlement) English
From Sanskrit दिल्ली (Dilli), possibly from देहली (dehali) meaning "threshold", or possibly from the name of a 1st-century BC king. This is the name of a large city in northern India, which includes the district of New Delhi, the Indian capital.
DELPHI (Settlement) Ancient Roman, English
Latinized form of Greek Δελφοι (Delphoi), from δελφυς (delphys) "womb". This was the name of an ancient Greek city, the site of an oracle of Apollo.
DELPHOI (Settlement) Ancient Greek
Greek form of DELPHI.
DENMARK (Country) English
From Danish Danmark, derived from the ethnic name Dane, which is possibly from Germanic den meaning "low ground", combined with mark meaning "borderland". This is the name of a country in northern Europe.
DERBY (Settlement) English
Means "deer farm" in Old Norse. This is the name of a city in England.
DEUTSCHLAND (Country) German
Derived from the German deutsch meaning "German" (ultimately from Germanic þeudo "people") and Land. This is the German endonym for Germany.
DEVON (Political Subdivision) English
From the name of the Dumnonii, a Celtic tribe. This is the name of a county in England.
DILLI (Settlement) Indian, Hindi, Sanskrit
Sanskrit and Hindi form of DELHI.
DINAMARCA (Country) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of DENMARK.
DONAU (River) German
German form of DANUBE.
DONGGYEONG (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of TOKYO.
DONGJING (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of TOKYO.
DUDLEY (Settlement) English
Means "DUDDA's clearing" in Old English. This is the name of a city in the West Midlands, England.
DUITSLAND (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of DEUTSCHLAND.
DUNA (River) Hungarian
Hungarian form of DANUBE.
DUNAJ (River) Polish, Czech, Slovak
Polish, Czech and Slovak form of DANUBE.
DZHORDZHIYA (Political Subdivision) Russian
Russian form of GEORGIA (2), the American state.