Place Names Starting with I

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IBARRA (Settlement) Basque, Spanish
Derived from Basque ibar meaning "meadow". This is the name of a few Basque towns.
IEROUSALIM (Settlement) Greek
Modern Greek form of JERUSALEM.
IGAUNIJA (Country) Latvian
From Latvian igaunis meaning "Estonian", derived from the name of the old region of Ugandi in southern Estonia. This is the Latvian name of Estonia.
INDE (Country) French
French form of INDIA.
ÍNDIA (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of INDIA.
INDIA (Country) English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Ancient Roman, Ancient Greek
Derived from the name of the INDUS River. This is an exonym. In many languages of India, the name Bharat is used to refer to the country.
INDIANA (Political Subdivision) English
Means "land of the Indians". This is the name of an American state.
INDIE (Country) Polish, Czech
Polish and Czech form of INDIA.
INDIEN (Country) German, Swedish, Danish
German, Swedish and Danish form of INDIA.
INDIYA (Country) Indian, Telugu
Telugu form of INDIA.
INDO (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of INDIA. It is usually written in the katakana writing system.
INDONÉSIA (Country) Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, Portuguese
Javanese, Sundanese and Portuguese form of INDONESIA.
INDONESIA (Country) Indonesian, English, Italian, Spanish, Late Greek
From Greek Ινδος (Indos), referring to the INDUS, combined with νησος (nesos) meaning "island". This name has been used since the 18th century by colonial powers to refer to the Indonesian archipelago and since 1945 to refer to the independent nation.
INDONESIË (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of INDONESIA.
INDONESIEN (Country) German
German form of INDONESIA.
INDOS (River) Ancient Greek
Greek form of INDUS.
INDUS (River) English, Ancient Roman
From Old Persian Hindus, which was from Sanskrit सिन्धु (Sindhu) meaning "body of trembling water, river". This is the name of a river in Pakistan and India.
INGHILTERRA (Country) Italian
Italian form of ANGLAE TERRA, used as the Italian name of England.
INGLATERRA (Country) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of ANGLAE TERRA, used for England.
INTIYA (Country) Tamil
Tamil form of INDIA.
IORDAN (River) Russian
Russian form of JORDAN (the river).
IORDANES (River) Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin
Greek and Latin form of JORDAN.
IORDANIYA (Country) Russian
Russian form of JORDAN (the country).
IRÃ (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of IRAN.
IRAK (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of IRAQ.
IRÁK (Country) Czech
Czech form of IRAQ.
IRÁN (Country) Spanish
Spanish form of IRAN.
IRAN (Country) Persian, Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Middle Persian Eran, related to Old Iranian Arya meaning "Iranian, Aryan". This is the name of a country in western Asia, formerly called Persia in the West.
IRAQ (Country) Arabic, English, Italian, Catalan
From Arabic العراق (al-'Iraq), probably derived from the name of the ancient Sumerian/Akkadian city of URUK. This is the name of a country in the Middle East.
IRELAND (Country & Island) English
Derived from Irish Gaelic ÉIRE and English land.
IRVINE (River & Settlement) Scottish
Derived from Old Celtic meaning "green water". This is a river and city in North Ayrshire, Scotland.
ISKANDARIYAH (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of ALEXANDRIA, usually written with the definite article: الإسكندرية (al-Iskandariyah).
ISRAEL (Country) English, Biblical
From the name of the Old Testament hero Jacob, who was also called ISRAEL. This was the name of an ancient kingdom that existed until the 8th century BC. The modern country of Israel is named for it.
ITÁLIA (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIA (Country) Italian, Spanish, Greek, Romanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Ancient Roman
Italian and Latin form of ITALY, as well as the form in several other languages.
ITÁLIE (Country) Czech
Czech form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIE (Country) French
French form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIË (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIEN (Country) German, Swedish, Danish
German, Swedish and Danish form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIJA (Country) Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Slovene, Croatian and Serbian form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALIYA (Country) Russian, Bulgarian
Russian and Bulgarian form of Italia (see ITALY).
ITALY (Country) English
Anglicized form of Italia, originally applied by the Greeks to the south of the Italian Peninsula. It may have been borrowed from Oscan Víteliú possibly meaning "land of bulls". According to Roman mythology, the region was named for ITALUS, though in fact it was he who was named for the region.
ITYOPPYA (Country) Eastern African, Amharic
Amharic form of ETHIOPIA.