Submitted Place Names Starting with S

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Shveysariya (Country) Tajik, Uzbek
Tajik and Uzbek form of Switzerland.
Shveytsari (Country) Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, Ingush, Ossetian
Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, Ingush, and Ossetian form of Switzerland.
Shveytsaria (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Schweiz, used as the Armenian name for Switzerland.
Shveytsariya (Country) Russian, Yakut, Ukrainian, Tatar, Bashkir, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Tajik, Uzbek, Udmurt
Russian, Yakut, Ukrainian, Tatar, Bashkir, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Tajik, Uzbek, and Udmurt form of Switzerland.
Shveytsaryia (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Switzerland.
Shwaitsã (Country) Aromanian
Aromanian form of Switzerland
Shwëtsariye (Country) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Schweiz, used as the Uyghur name of Switzerland.
Shwëtsiye (Country) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Sweden.
Shyanggang (Political Subdivision) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Hong Kong via the Chinese form 香港 (Xiānggǎng).
Shymkent (Settlement) Kazakh, Russian
From Kazakh шым (shym) meaning "sod, turf, meadow" and кент (kent) meaning "town". This is the name of a city in Kazakhstan.
Siaeteul (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Seattle.
Siam (Country) English, Khmer
From Portuguese Sciam, which was derived from Thai สยาม (sayam) of contested origin. It may have come from Pali suvaṇṇabhūmi meaning "land of gold", from Sanskrit श्याम (shyama) meaning "dark, black, blue" or from Mon ရာမည (ramanya) meaning "stranger"... [more]
Siāma (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Siam.
Siamani (Country) Samoan
Samoan form of Germany.
Siamas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Siam.
Siami (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Siam.
Şian (Settlement) Turkish
Turkish form of Xi'an.
Sian (Settlement) Korean, Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, English
Form of Xi'an used in multiple languages as well as an alternate English romanization.
Siang Hai (Settlement) Chinese (Teochew)
Teochew romanization of Shanghai.
Sianghai (Settlement) Lao, Thai
Lao and Thai form of Shanghai.
Siang Taeng (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Lao
Lao form of Stung Treng.
Sião (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Siam.
Siapan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Japan
Siaralion (Country) Thai
Thai form of Sierra Leone.
Siargao (Island) Filipino, Cebuano, English
Derived from Cebuano saliargaw referring to a type of flowering plant (genus Premna). This is the name of an island in the Philippines.
Sibare (Region) Chechen
Chechen form of Siberia.
Siber (Region) Estonian
Estonian form of Siberia.
Sibéria (Region) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Siberia.
Siberia (Region) English, Albanian, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Spanish
From Russian Сибирь (Sibir) of uncertain origin and meaning. This is the name of a region in North Asia.
Sibérie (Region) French
French form of Siberia.
Siberië (Region) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Siberia.
Sibiir (Region) Yakut
Yakutian form of Siberia, a region in Russia.
Sibír (Region) Slovak
Slovak form of Siberia.
Sibiř (Region) Czech
Czech form of Siberia.
Sibiras (Region) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Siberia.
Sibiri (Region) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Siberia.
Sibirien (Region) Danish, German, Luxembourgish, Swedish
Danish, German, Luxembourgish and Swedish form of Siberia.
Sibīrija (Region) Latvian
Latvian form of Siberia.
Sibirija (Region) Slovene
Slovenian form of Siberia.
Sibirya (Region) Turkish
Turkish form of Siberia.
Sibolga (Settlement) Batak
from si, indicating location, and bolga,
Sibri (Region) Persian
Persian form of Siberia.
Si-chhôn (Political Subdivision) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Sichuan.
Sichuan (Political Subdivision) Chinese
Means "four rivers" in Chinese, from 四 () meaning "four" and 川 (chuān) meaning "river, stream"... [more]
Sicílie (Political Subdivision & Island) Czech
Czech form of Sicily.
Sicilië (Political Subdivision & Island) Dutch
Dutch form of Sicily.
Sicilien (Political Subdivision & Island) Danish, Swedish
Danish and Swedish form of Sicily.
Sicīlija (Political Subdivision & Island) Latvian
Latvian form of Sicily.
Sicilija (Political Subdivision & Island) Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Form of Sicily.
Siciliya (Political Subdivision & Island) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Sicily.
Sidege'ermo (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Stockholm.
Sidni (Settlement) Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Sinhalese, Urdu
Form of Sydney used in various languages.
Sidon (Settlement) Arabic, English
Sidon or Saida is the third-largest city in Lebanon. It is located in the South Governorate, of which it is the capital, on the Mediterranean coast.
Siegen (Body of Water & River) German
Siem Reap (Settlement) Khmer, English
Means "submission of Siam", from Khmer សៀម (Siem) referring to Siam (or Thailand) and រាប (reap) meaning "submissive, obedient, tame"... [more]
Siem Riep (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Means “Siam defeated” in Khmer.
Siera Leôna (Settlement) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Sierra Leone.
Siera Leonė (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Sierra Leone.
Sierarion (Country) Korean
Korean form of Sierra Leone.
Siero (Political Subdivision) Asturian, Spanish
Name of a council (municipality) in Asturias. It could have been formed from a name of the person possessing the land at some historical moment, perhaps SIARIUS or SEGARIUS or SIGERIUS... [more]
Sierra Leone (Country) English
The name of the Country in West Africa. Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the white-sand beaches lining the Freetown Peninsula. The capital city, Freetown, commemorates the nation’s slave-trade history with the Cotton Tree landmark and King’s Yard Gate... [more]
Sį́ʼgaboo (Country, Settlement & Island) Navajo
Navajo form of Singapore
Sigkapouri (Country) Greek
Greek form of Singapore.
Sih'anh (Settlement) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Xi'an.
Sihanoukville (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English, French
From the name of king Norodom Sihanouk (1922-2012) combined with French ville meaning "town, city". This is the name of a province of, as well as a city in, Cambodia.
Sihbanhyaz (Country) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Spain.
Sihla (Country) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Xila.
Siinai (Region & Mountain) Estonian, Finnish
Estonian and Finnish form of Sinai.
Sííwiya (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Syria
Sijera Leone (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian form of Sierra Leone.
Sikepuli (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Skopje.
Sikkim (Country) English
Now part of far northern India, Sikkim was an independent monarchy from the 17th century until 1975.
Silangka (Country) Lao, Thai
Lao and Thai form of Sri Lanka.
Şîle (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Chile.
Síle (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Chile.
Sile (Country) Lao
Lao form of Chile.
Si Lei Laan Kaa (Country & Island) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Sri Lanka.
Silesië (Region) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Silesia.
Silezië (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Silesia.
Si-li-â (Country) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka form of Syria.
Sili Bajiawan (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Bandar Seri Begawan.
Sililanaka (Country & Island) Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Sri Lanka.
Sililanka (Country & Island) Chinese
Chinese form of Sri Lanka.
Silinajia (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Srinagar.
Siloam (Body of Water) Biblical
Hellenized form of Hebrew שִׁלֻּחָה (Shiloach), derived from שילח (shileach) "to send out" and interpreted as meaning "a sending out, gushing forth (of water)". According to the Gospel of John in the New Testament, the Pool of Siloam was a spring in the southeast corner of Jerusalem where Jesus sent the "man born blind" to wash and receive sight... [more]
Si Lok Fat Hak (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Slovakia.
Si Lok Man Nei Aa (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Slovenia.
Siluofake (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Slovakia.
Siluowenniya (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Slovenia.
Simbaabwi (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Zimbabwe.
Simbapwe (Country) Thai
Thai form of Zimbabwe.
Simbave (Country) Khmer
Khmer form of Zimbabwe.
Sím-iông (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Shenyang.
Simunul (Settlement) Filipino, Sama-Bajau, Tagalog
The name of a city in the Philippines, derived from the Arabic phrase اسمي نور (ismi nur) meaning "my name is light".
Sín (Country) Irish
Irish form of China
Sina (Country) Tamil
Tamil form of China.
Sinabung (Mountain & Other) Batak
The name of an infamous volcano in the north of Sumatra.
Sinai (Region & Mountain) Biblical, Hebrew, Albanian, Danish, English, German, Italian, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish
Biblical place name, both the mountain upon which Moses receives the Ten Commandments from God and the desert where it is located, found between Canaan and Egypt.... [more]
Sinaí (Region & Mountain) Catalan, Spanish
Catalan and Spanish form of Sinai.
Sinaï (Region & Mountain) Dutch, French
Dutch and French form of Sinai.
Sinaj (Region & Mountain) Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene
Form of Sinai.
Sinaloa (Political Subdivision) Spanish
Derived from Mayo sinalobola meaning either "round pitaya" or "cut corn". This is the name of a state of Mexico.
Sinapoa (Country) Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Singapore.
Sinay (Region & Mountain) Bulgarian, Russian
Bulgarian and Russian form of Sinai.
Sincan (Political Subdivision & Region) Turkish
Turkish form of Xinjiang.
Sinciang (Political Subdivision & Region) Polish
Polish form of Xinjiang.
Sindh (Political Subdivision) Sindhi, Urdu, English
Derived from Sanskrit सिन्धु (sindhu) meaning "body of trembling water, river". This is the name of a province of Pakistan.
Singabuur (Country, Settlement & Island) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Singapore.
Singapoer (Country, Settlement & Island) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Singapore.
Sin'gapor (Country, Settlement & Island) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Singapore.
Singapôr (Country, Settlement & Island) Welsh
Welsh form of Singapore.
Singapor (Country, Settlement & Island) Faroese, Maltese
Faroese and Maltese form of Singapore.
Singapor (Country, Settlement & Island) Faroese, Maltese, Uyghur
Faroese, Maltese and Uyghur form of Singapore.
Singaporo (Country, Settlement & Island) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Singapore.
Singappur (Country, Settlement & Island) Malayalam
Malayalam form of Singapore.
Singappuruwa (Country & Island) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Singapore.
Singapu (Country, Settlement & Island) Burmese
Burmese form of Singapore.
Singapûr (Country, Settlement & Island) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Singapore.
Singapuri (Country, Settlement & Island) Georgian
Georgian form of Singapore.
Singapuri (Country, Settlement & Island) Georgian, Swahili
Georgian and Swahili form of Singapore.
Singapuro (Country, Settlement & Island) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Singapore.
Singaraja (Settlement) Indonesian, Balinese
Means "lion king" from Sanskrit सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion" and राज (raja) meaning "king"... [more]
Sing Buri (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
Means "lion city" from Thai สิงห์ (sing) meaning "lion" and บุรี (buri) meaning "city, town". This is the name of a province of, as well as a district and town in, Thailand.
Sing Dou (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Chengdu.
Sìng-dŭ (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Chengdu.
Singeapór (Country) Irish
Irish form of Singapore
Sing Gaa Bo (Country, Settlement & Island) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Singapore.
Singgaporeu (Country) Korean
Korean form of Singapore.
Singgapur (Country) Tagalog
Tagalog form of Singapore
Sing Gia Bo (Country, Settlement & Island) Chinese (Teochew)
Teochew form of Singapore.
Sĭng-giŏng (Political Subdivision & Region) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Xinjiang.
Singhafurah (Country, Settlement & Island) Arabic
Arabic form of Singapore.
Sīng-iòng (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Shenyang.
Singkapo (Country) Lao
Lao form of Singapore.
Singkhapo (Country, Settlement & Island) Thai
Thai form of Singapore.
Sinhgyahboh (Country) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Singapore.
Sinhgyangh (Political Subdivision & Region) Zhuang
Zhuang form of Xinjiang.
Sinjang (Political Subdivision & Region) Korean
Korean form of Xinjiang.
Sîn-kâ-pô (Country, Settlement & Island) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka form of Singapore.
Sinkappur (Country, Settlement & Island) Tamil
Tamil form of Singapore.
Sinkiang (Political Subdivision & Region) Albanian, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish
Albanian, Finnish, Portuguese, and Spanish form of Xinjiang.
Sîn-kiông (Political Subdivision & Region) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Xinjiang.
Sin-kiong (Political Subdivision & Region) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Xinjiang.
Sinkjang (Political Subdivision & Region) Serbian
Serbian form of Xinjiang.
Sin-ťiang (Political Subdivision & Region) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Xinjiang.
Sint Maarten (Country) Dutch (Antillean)
Sint Maarten is a country and the southern part of an island shared with Saint Martin. It's capital is Philipsburg.
Sint-petersburg (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Saint Petersburg.
Sintra (Settlement) Medieval Portuguese
A town in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal.... [more]
Sintszian (Political Subdivision & Region) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Xinjiang.
Sintszyan (Political Subdivision & Region) Azerbaijani, Russian, Ukrainian
Azerbaijani, Russian, and Ukrainian form of Xinjiang.
Sinzyan (Political Subdivision & Region) Tajik
Tajik form of Xinjiang.
Siombáib (Country) Irish
Irish form of Zimbabwe
Sî-ôn (Settlement) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Xi'an.
Sion (Other) Swiss
Sion is a region/city in the Canton of Valais/Wallis, Switzerland.
Siông-hāi (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Shanghai.
Siōng-hái (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Shanghai.
Síp (Island & Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Cyprus via the French form Chypre.
Sip (Country) Khmer
Khmer form of Cyprus via the French form Chypre.
Siperia (Region) Finnish
Finnish form of Siberia.
Siprus (Country & Island) Afrikaans, Indonesian
Afrikaans and Indonesian form of Cyprus.
Sipsaungpanna (Political Subdivision) Shan
Shan form of Xishuangbanna.
Sipsongpanna (Political Subdivision) Tai Lue, Thai
Tai Lue and Thai form of Xishuangbanna.
Sipsongphanna (Political Subdivision) Lao
Lao form of Xishuangbanna.
Şiraz (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Turkish, Turkmen
Azerbaijani, Turkish and Turkmen form of Shiraz.
Šíráz (Settlement) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Shiraz.
Širaz (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian and Slovene form of Shiraz.
Šīrāza (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Shiraz.
Širazas (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Shiraz.
Sırbistan (Country) Crimean Tatar, Turkish
Crimean Tatar and Turkish form of Serbestan, referring to Serbia.
Sirbiya (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Serbia.
Sireye (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Syria.
Siri (Country) Buryat, Chuvash, Mongolian, Ossetian
Buryat, Chuvash, Mongolian and Ossetian form of Syria.
Síria (Country) Catalan, Portuguese
Catalan and Portuguese form of Syria
Siri Lanka (Country & Island) Urdu
Urdu form of Sri Lanka.
Sirilanka (Country & Island) Arabic, Swahili
Arabic and Swahili form of Sri Lanka.
Siri Nagar (Settlement) Urdu
Urdu form of Srinagar.
Sirinagar (Settlement) Kashmiri
Kashmiri form of Srinagar.
Sirio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Syria.
Siriýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Syria.
Siriyawa (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Syria.
Sirja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Syria.
Sirkasia (Country & Region) Breton, Indonesian
Breton and Indonesian form of Circassia.
Sirmilik (Other) Inuit
National park in Nunavut, Canada. Means "place of glaciers", in Inuktitut.
Sirya (Country) Tagalog
Tagalog form of Syria.
Sishels (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Seychelles.
Sisilia (Political Subdivision & Island) Finnish, Indonesian
Finnish and Indonesian form of Sicily.
Sisilië (Political Subdivision & Island) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Sicily.
Sisimiut (Settlement) Greenlandic
Means "the residents at the foxholes" in Greenlandic. Sisimiut is the second largest town in Greenland.
Sithonie (Region) French
French form of Sithonia.
Sithsaungpanna (Political Subdivision) Burmese
Burmese form of Xishuangbanna.
Sitni (Settlement) Khmer, Thai
Khmer and Thai form of Sydney.
Sitônia (Region) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Sithonia.
Sitonija (Region) Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian
Lithuanian, Macedonian and Serbian form of Sithonia.
Sitsiilia (Political Subdivision & Island) Estonian
Estonian form of Sicily.
Sitsilia (Political Subdivision & Island) Armenian, Georgian
Armenian and Georgian form of Sicily.
Sitsiliya (Political Subdivision & Island) Bulgarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian
Bulgarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Russian form of Sicily.
Sittwe (Settlement) Burmese
Means "place where war meets" in Burmese and Arakanese, from စစ် (sit) meaning "war" and the suffix တွေ (-twe). This is the name of a city in Myanmar that serves as the capital of Rakhine State.
Sitwei (Settlement) Burmese
Alternate transcription of Sittwe.
Siviglia (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Seville.
Siviria (Region) Greek
Greek form of Siberia.
Siwichai (Country) Thai
Thai form of Srivijaya.
Siyaamu (Country) Dhivehi
Dhivehi form of Siam, used as the Dhivehi name for Thailand.
Siymen (Settlement) Bulgarian
Sjælland (Island) Danish, Norwegian
Meaning uncertain. Perhaps a combination of Old Norse selr "seal" and the place name suffix -und. In Norse mythology, Sjælland was created by the god Gefion.
Sjanghæ (Settlement) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Shanghai.
Sjanghai (Settlement) Afrikaans, Dutch
Afrikaans form of Shanghai as well as a Dutch variant.
Sjerraleone (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Sierra Leone.
Sjimkent (Settlement) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Shymkent.
Skandinavien (Region) Swedish, Danish, German
Swedish, Danish, and German form of Scandinavia.
Skandinawië (Region) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Scandinavia.
Skåne (Political Subdivision) Swedish
Province and county in southern Sweden that was a part of Denmark until 1658. The name is likely derived from Old Norse Skáney (ultimately derived from the Germanic root *Skaðin-awjō) meaning "danger" or "damage"... [more]
Skellefteå (Settlement) Swedish
Combination of an unexplained first element, though it's believed to be of Sami origin, and the place name suffix -eå "river".
Skipton (Settlement) English
A town in North Yorkshire, England meaning "sheep town".
Skocia (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Skopia (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of Skopje.
Skopje (Settlement) Macedonian, English, French, German
Skopje is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. ... [more]
Skoplje (Settlement) Croatian
Croatian form of Skopje.
Skotia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Škotija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Skotija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Skotlandia (Country) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Scotland.
Skotlantaya (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Scotland.
Škotska (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian and Slovenian form of Scotland.
Skozja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Slavakiya (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Slovakia.
Slaveniya (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Slovenia.
Slavkov u Brna (Settlement) Czech
Historically named Slavkov, it is derived from the name Slávek, a colloquial derivative of Bohuslav, which was likely the name of a prominent town figure or property owner. In 1918, Slavkov was renamed Slavkov u Brna, meaning "Slavkov near Brno", to distinguish it from other places with the same name.... [more]
Slavonië (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Slavonia.
Slieve Croob (Mountain) Northern Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Sliabh Crúibe, “mountain of the hoof”, from sliabh, meaning “mountain”, and crúibe, meaning “hoof”.... [more]
Sligeach (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Sligo.
Sligo (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Town and county in Ireland. Means "shelly place", because of the large amount of shellfish the nearby river.
Slóivéin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Slovenia
Slonokoščena Obala (Country) Slovene
Slovene form of Ivory Coast
Slovacia (Country) Romanian
Romanian form of Slovakia
Slóvaic (Country) Irish
Irish form of Slovakia
Slovak (Country) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Slovakia.
Slovaketi (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Slovakia.
Slovakeye (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Slovakia.
Slovaki (Country) Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, Haitian Creole, Ossetian
Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, Haitian Creole, and Ossetian form of Slovakia.
Slóvakía (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Slovakia.
Slôvakia (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Slovakia.
Slovākija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Slovakia.
Slovakija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Slovakia.
Slovakio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Slovakia.
Slovakkja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Slovakia.
Slovakya (Country) Kurdish, Turkish
Kurdish and Turkish form of Slovakia.
Sloveneye (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Slovenia.
Slóvenía (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Slovenia.
Slôvenia (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Slovenia.
Slovénia (Country) Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese
Balinese, Javanese and Sundanese form of Slovenia.
Slovenio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Slovenia.
Slovenja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Slovenia.
Slovenya (Country) Kurdish, Turkish
Kurdish and Turkish form of Slovenia.
Słowacyjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Slovakia.
Slowakia (Country) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Slovakia.
Slowakie (Country) Javanese
Javanese form of Slovakia.
Slowakiýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Slovakia.
Slowakiyawa (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Slovakia.
Slowakiye (Country) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Slovakia.
Sloweniýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Slovenia.
Sloweniyawa (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Slovenia.
Slowëniye (Country) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Slovenia.
Słowyńijo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Slovenia.
Smara (Settlement) English
Meaning unknown. Smara is a Moroccan-controlled city in the disputed Western Sahara.
Snezhnaya (River) Russian
The name of a river in Russia. Снежная means "snowy" in Russian, thus the river name literally means "snowy river".
Śnieżka (Mountain) Polish
Name of a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, the most prominent point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše mountains.
Snir (River) Biblical Hebrew
It's a river in the Bible, near the Hermon Mount. Sometimes the Hermon itself is called "Snir".
Snowdon (Mountain) English
Snowdon (Welsh: Yr Wyddfa, pronounced ər ˈwɪðva) is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles south of the Scottish Highlands.e
Sochi (Settlement) Russian
So͘-chiu (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Suzhou.
Sochumi (Settlement) German, Slovak
German and Slovak form of Sukhumi.
Socotra (Island) English
Scholars don't agree about the origin of the name of the island. After that the name Socotra may derive from:... [more]
Sóc Trăng (Political Subdivision) Vietnamese
From Khmer ស្រក្ (srôk) meaning "depository" and Sino-Vietnamese 江 (giang) meaning "river".
Sóc Trăng (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
Derived from Khmer ស្រុក (srok) meaning "land, inhabited area" and ឃ្លាំង (khleang) meaning "storehouse, treasury" or ត្រែង (treng) meaning "reed"... [more]
Sodàna (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Sudan.
Södermanland (Political Subdivision) Swedish
Södermanland is a Swedish county and province meaning "land of the southern people". The southern people referred to people living south of Mälaren... [more]
Sodor (Other) Popular Culture
This is the name of a fictional island where all the engines live in the TV-series 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends'.
Soebia (Country) Thai
Thai form of Serbia.
Soechoemi (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Sukhumi.
Soeda (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Sweden.
Soemer (Country & Region) Dutch (Rare)
Dutch form of Sumer.
Soeng Hoi (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Shanghai.
Soerabaja (Settlement) Indonesian (Archaic)
Older Indonesian spelling of Surabaya based on Dutch orthography.
Sofi (Settlement) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Sofia.
Sófía (Settlement) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Sofia.
Sofía (Settlement) Spanish
Spanish form of Sofia.
Sofia (Settlement) Bulgarian, English
Capital of Bulgaria named after the Saint Sofia Church located in the city. The name was first used by Bulgarian tsar Ivan Shishman in the 14th century.
Sofia (Settlement) English, Afrikaans, Armenian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai
From Bulgarian София (Sofiya) named for the Saint Sophia Church, itself derived from Ancient Greek σοφία (sophia) meaning "wisdom" (see the given name Sophia)... [more]
Sofie (Settlement) Czech
Czech form of Sofia.
Sofija (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Form of Sofia used in multiple languages as well as a Danish variant.
Sofiýa (Settlement) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Sofia.