Submitted Place Names Starting with S

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Suomija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Finland.
Supein (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Spain.
Superior (Settlement & Body of Water) English
Name of the largest of the North American Great Lake Chain as well as a city in Wisconsin bordering it. In the case of the lake, it is an Anglicization of French superieur meaning "upper" (referring to its position north of Lake Huron)... [more]
Suqadara (Island) Somali
Somali form of Socotra.
Suquṭrā (Island) Arabic
Arabic form of Socotra.
Surabaia (Settlement) Belarusian, Georgian, Portuguese
Belarusian, Georgian and Portuguese form of Surabaya.
Surabaya (Settlement) Indonesian, Javanese
From Javanese ꦯꦸꦫꦧꦪ (shurabaya), itself derived from ꦯꦸꦫ (shura) meaning "white shark" and ꦧꦪ (baya) meaning "crocodile". The name refers to 12th-century Javanese monarch Jayabaya, who supposedly saw a vision of a fight between a white shark and crocodile (which may have been a prediction of the Mongol invasion of Java in the late 13th century)... [more]
Suráfrica (Country) Galician
Galician form of South Africa.
Surakarta (Settlement) Indonesian, Javanese
From Sanskrit शूर (shura) meaning "brave, heroic" and कृत (krta) meaning "done, made, accomplished". This is the name of a city in Indonesia.
Surat (Settlement) Gujarati, English
A city in India, derived from Arabic سورة (surah) meaning "surah", the name for the chapters of the Qur'an.... [more]
Suraweshi (Political Subdivision & Island) Japanese
Japanese form of Sulawesi.
Sûrî (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Syria.
Suria (Country) Bashkir, Hawaiian
Bashkir and Hawaiian form of Syria.
Suriah (Country) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Syria.
Surin (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai สุร (sura) meaning "brave, courageous" or "god, deity" and อินทร์ (in) referring to the Hindu god Indra... [more]
Súrínam (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Suriname.
Sûrînam (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Suriname.
Surinama (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Suriname.
Surinamas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Suriname.
Surinamaya (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Suriname.
Suriname (Country) English
The name of the Country in South America. Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. It's defined by vast swaths of tropical rainforest, Dutch colonial architecture and a melting-pot culture... [more]
Suriname (Country) English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Portuguese
From the name of the indigenous Surinen people combined with the place name suffix -ame derived from Arawak aima or eima meaning "river mouth, creek mouth". This is the name of a country in South America.
Surinami (Country) Albanian, Georgian
Albanian and Georgian form of Suriname.
Surinamu (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Suriname.
Suriranka (Country & Island) Japanese
Japanese form of Sri Lanka.
Suriyah (Country) Acehnese
Acehnese form of Syria.
Surobayo (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau form of Surabaya.
Surtsey (Island) Icelandic
Means "Surtr's island" in Icelandic. Surtsey is an uninhabited island south of Iceland that formed in a volcanic eruption (which lasted several years) in the mid-1960s.
Surya (Country) Hebrew
Hebrew form of Syria.
Surynam (Country) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Suriname.
Surynam (Country) Belarusian, Ukrainian
Belarusian and Ukrainian form of Suriname.
Suður-afríka (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of South Africa.
Suður-kórea (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of South Korea
Suðurkorea (Country) Faroese
Faroese form of South Korea
Sutokkuhorumu (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Stockholm.
Su-tseu (Settlement) Chinese (Wu)
Wu romanization of Suzhou.
Suudaan (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Sudan.
Suuriya (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Syria.
Suva (Settlement) Fijian
Suva is the capital and largest metropolitan city in Fiji.
Suwa (Settlement) Chinese, Lao, Thai
Chinese, Lao and Thai form of Suva.
Suwede (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Sweden.
Suwesya (Country) Cebuano, Tagalog
Cebuano and Tagalog form of Sweden.
Suwisa (Country) Quechua, Tagalog
Quechua and Tagalog form of Schweiz via the Spanish form Suiza, used as the Quechua and Tagalog name for Switzerland.
Suwon (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 水 (수, su, "water") and 原 (원, won, "meadow"). This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Suxumi (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Uzbek
Azerbaijani and Uzbek form of Sukhumi.
Suyaet (Country) Khmer
Khmer form of Sweden via the French form Suède.
Suzhou (Settlement) Chinese
From Chinese 苏 (sū) referring to Mount Gusu and 州 (zhōu) meaning "province, prefecture". This is the name of a city in China.
Svájc (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Switzerland
Švajčiarsko (Country) Slovak
Slovak form of Switzerland
Svalbard (Political Subdivision) Norwegian, English, Swedish
Originally from Old Norse Svalbarð, composed of svalr "cold" and barð "edge, ridge". Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean located right between continental Norway and the North Pole.
Svartfjallaland (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Montenegro, from Icelandic svartur "black", fjall "mountain" and land "country".
Svatini (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Eswatini.
Svay Rieng (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Svay Rieng (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Khmer
Possibly from Khmer ស្វាយ (svay) meaning "mango" and រៀង (rieng) meaning "arrange, line up" or "sequential, consecutive, in order". This is the name of a province of, as well as a town in, Cambodia.
Svazi (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene
Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian form of Swaziland. The country changed its name to Eswatini in 2018 and so it is now known as Esvatini in the aforementioned three languages.
Svazijsko (Country) Czech
Czech form of Swaziland
Svazilandas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Swaziland. The country changed its name to Eswatini in 2018 and so it is now known as Esvatinis in Lithuania.
Svazilenda (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Swaziland. The country changed its name to Eswatini in 2018 and so it is now known as Svatini in Latvia.
Svealand (Region) Swedish
Means "land of the Swedes" (see Svea). The Swedes were a North Germanic tribe inhabiting present-day Sweden. ... [more]
Svea Rike (Country) Swedish (Archaic)
Older form of Sverige.
Svecia (Country) Ancient Roman
Latin form of Sverige.
Sveden (Country) Breton
Breton form of Sweden.
Švedija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Sweden.
Svedio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Sweden.
Svédország (Country) Hungarian
From Hungarian svéd meaning "Swede, Swedish" and ország meaning "country". This is the Hungarian name for Sweden.
Švédsko (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Sweden
Šveicarija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Switzerland.
Šveice (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Switzerland.
Sveti Toma i Princip (Country) Bosnian, Croatian
Bosnian and Croatian form of São Tomé and Príncipe.
Şveţiya (Country) Gagauz
Gagauz form of Sweden.
Svezzia (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Sweden
Svih (Country) Khmer
Khmer form of Schweiz via the French form Suisse, used as the Khmer name of Switzerland.
Svislando (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Switzerland.
Sviss (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Switzerland.
Svíþjóð (Country) Icelandic
Combination of Icelandic Svíi "Swede" and þjóð "a people, a nation". This is the Icelandic form of Sweden.
Svìzzira (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Switzerland
Svøríki (Country) Faroese
Faroese cognate of Sverige. This is the Faroese form of Sweden
Švýcarsko (Country) Czech
Czech form of Switzerland
Swabia (Political Subdivision) German (Anglicized)
Administrative region in Germany. Named after the ancient tribe, the 'Suebi', which itself possibly means "one's own people".
Swaziland (Country) English
The name of the Country in Southern Africa. Swaziland, a small, landlocked monarchy in southern Africa, is known for its wilderness reserves and festivals showcasing traditional Swazi culture. Marking its northeastern border with Mozambique and stretching down to South Africa, the Lebombo Mountains are a backdrop for Mlawula Nature Reserve’s many hiking trails... [more]
Swêd (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Sweden.
Swede (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Sweden.
Swèdhen (Country) Javanese
Javanese form of Sweden.
Swedherwyk (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Sweden.
Swédia (Country) Balinese, Sundanese
Balinese and Sundanese form of Sweden.
Swèdia (Country) Acehnese
Acehnese form of Sweden.
Swedia (Country) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Sweden.
Şweýsariýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Schweiz, used as the Turkmen name of Switzerland.
Swidanaya (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Sweden.
Swii Lankʼa (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Sri Lanka
Swindon (Settlement) English
Previously it was called Suindune which could have been derived from the Old English words "swine" and "dun" meaning "pig hill" or possibly Sweyn's hill which was probably the owner’s name
Swîsre (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Schwyz, used as the Kurdish name for Switzerland.
Swiss (Country) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Schweiz, used as the Indonesian name for Switzerland.
Swisse (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Schweiz, used as the Walloon name for Switzerland.
Switsarlantaya (Country) Sinhalese
Sinhala form of Switzerland.
Switserlan (Country) Javanese
Javanese form of Switzerland.
Switserland (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Switzerland.
Syameon (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Xiamen.
Syberia (Region) Polish
Polish form of Siberia.
Sybir (Region) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Siberia.
Sybyr (Region) Siberian, Circassian, Ossetian
Siberian Tatar, Circassian and Ossetian form of Siberia.
Sychuan (Political Subdivision) Belarusian, Kazakh, Mongolian, Russian
Form of Sichuan.
Sycylia (Political Subdivision & Island) Polish
Polish form of Sicily.
Syczuan (Political Subdivision) Polish
Polish form of Sichuan.
Sydafrika (Country) Danish, Swedish
Danish and Swedish form of South Africa.
Sydamerika (Region) Swedish, Danish
Swedish and Danish form of South America.
Sydkorea (Country) Swedish, Danish
Swedish and Danish form of South Korea.
Syjam (Country) Polish
Polish form of Siam.
Sylhet (Settlement) Bengali
A metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh. The city is located on the right bank of the Surma River in northeastern Bengal. Sylhet is one of Bangladesh's most important spiritual and cultural centres... [more]
Sylvain (Region) French (Quebec)
Sylvain came from a older therapist who does not work with children anymore in the 1700s
Synaj (Region & Mountain) Polish
Polish form of Sinai.
Synay (Region & Mountain) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Sinai.
Syrbijo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Serbia.
Sýrie (Country) Czech
Czech form of Syria.
Syrmië (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Syrmia.
Syryjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Syria.
Sytsyliya (Political Subdivision & Island) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Sicily.
Szahara (Region) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sahara.
Szamarkand (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Samarkand.
Szanaa (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sanaa.
Szanghaj (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Shanghai.
Szapporo (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sapporo.
Szarajevó (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sarajevo.
Szardínia (Region & Island) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sardinia.
Szaúd-Arábia (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Saudi Arabia.
Szenegál (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Senegal.
Szentendre (Settlement) Hungarian
Compound from szent (saint) and Endre.... [more]
Szerbia (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Serbia.
Sziám (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Siam.
Szibéria (Region) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Siberia.
Szicília (Political Subdivision & Island) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sicily.
Szingapúr (Country, Settlement & Island) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Singapore.
Sziraz (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Shiraz.
Szíria (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Syria.
Szkopje (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Skopje.
Szlovénia (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Slovenia.
Szófia (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sofia.
Szomália (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Somalia.
Szöul (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Seoul.
Szpańijo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Hispania (see Spain).
Sztokholm (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Stockholm.
Szudéták (Mountain) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sudetes.
Szuhumi (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sukhumi.
Szumátra (Political Subdivision & Island) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Sumatra.
Szwajcaryjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Schweiz, used as the Silesian name for Switzerland.
Szwecyjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Sweden.