Submitted Place Names Starting with B

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Bucara (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Bukhara.
Bucaresse (Settlement) Walloon
Walloon form of Bucharest.
Bucarèst (Settlement) Occitan
Occitan form of Bucharest.
Bucarest (Settlement) Italian, Occitan, Spanish
Italian, Occitan and Spanish form of Bucharest.
Buchanan (Political Subdivision) Scottish
A parish of Stirlingshire, Scotland. It's name derives from the Gaelic buth 'house, shed' and chanain 'canon', thus meaning 'house of the canon'.
Buchara (Settlement) Czech, Dutch, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish
Form of Bukhara used in numerous languages.
Bucharest (Settlement) English
Meaning uncertain. Traditional etymologies state that the city's name is derived from Bucur, the name of a prince, outlaw, fisherman, shepherd, or hunter (depending on the specific legend), whose name is derived from Romanian bucurie meaning "joy, happiness", probably of Dacian origin... [more]
Bucharest (Settlement) English, Malay, Tagalog
From Romanian București, which is believed to be derived from the given name Bucur (referring to a figure in Romanian legend) combined with the suffix -ești used for place names... [more]
Bucheon (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 富 (부, bu, "wealth") and 川 (천, cheon, "river, stream"), thus "wealthy river". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Buckinghamshire (Political Subdivision & Region) English
From Old English, meaning "the county of Bucca's home", from Buckingham, named after its 12th-century landowner, Bucca, with sċīr, from Proto-West Germanic *skīru... [more]
București (Settlement) Romanian
Original Romanian form of Bucharest.
București (Settlement) Romanian, Norwegian
Romanian and Norwegian form of Bucharest.
Budabist (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Budapest.
Búdaipeist (Country) Irish
Irish form of Budapest
Budan (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Bhutan.
Budapeisi (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Budapest.
Budapes (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Budapest.
Budapeseuteu (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Budapest.
Budapesht (Settlement) Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Russian, Tajik, Ukrainian, Uzbek
Form of Budapest used in several languages.
Budapeshta (Settlement) Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Budapest.
Budapeshti (Settlement) Georgian
Georgian form of Budapest.
Budapesse (Settlement) Walloon
Walloon form of Budapest.
Búdapest (Settlement) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Budapest.
Budapeşt (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Kurdish
Azerbaijani and Kurdish form of Budapest.
Budapešť (Settlement) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Budapest.
Budapešta (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Budapest.
Budapesta (Settlement) Romanian
Romanian form of Budapest.
Budapeşte (Settlement) Turkish
Turkish form of Budapest.
Budapeste (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Budapest.
Budapesuto (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Budapest.
Budapeszt (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Budapest.
Budapet (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Budapest.
Budapeŝto (Settlement) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Budapest.
Budimpešta (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovene form of Budapest.
Bueng Kan (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai บึง (bueng) meaning "lake, marsh" and กาฬ (kan) meaning "black, dark". This is the name of a province of Thailand as well as its provincial capital.
Buenos Aires (Settlement) Spanish
Ultimately derived from Aragonese buen ayre “good air”. It is the capital city of Argentina. The explorer who founded the city originally called it Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad y Puerto de Nuestra Señora la Virgen María de los Buenos Aires meaning "City of the Most Holy Trinity and Port of Saint Mary of the Good Airs" which was later shortened to just Buenos Aires.
Buenosu Airesu (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Buenos Aires.
Bugarija (Country) Macedonian
Macedonian form of Bulgaria.
Bugarska (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian form of Bulgaria.
Bugeriya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Bulgaria.
Buhala (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Bukhara.
Bú-hàn (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Wuhan.
Buhara (Region & Settlement) Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen
Crimean Tatar, Turkish, and Turkmen form of Bukhara.
Buharest (Settlement) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Bucharest.
Buhkaret (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Bucharest.
Buircíne Fasó (Country) Irish
Irish form of Burkina Faso
Buirunga (Political Subdivision, Region & Mountain) Japanese
Japanese variant of Virunga.
Bujará (Settlement) Spanish
Spanish form of Bukhara.
Bujialesite (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Bucharest.
Bukares (Settlement) Indonesian
Indonesian form of Bucharest.
Bukaresht (Settlement) Yiddish
Yiddish form of Bucharest.
Búkarest (Settlement) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Bucharest.
Bûkareşt (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Bucharest.
Bukarest (Settlement) Danish, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Maltese, Swedish
Form of Bucharest used in multiple languages.
Bukarešta (Settlement) Slovene
Slovene form of Bucharest.
Bukarešta (Settlement) Slovene
Slovene form of Bucharest.
Bukareštas (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Bucharest.
Bukareste (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Bucharest.
Bukaresti (Settlement) Georgian
Georgian form of Bucharest.
Bukaresuto (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Bucharest.
Bukareszt (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Bucharest.
Bukhara (Settlement) English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian
From Uzbek Buxoro, itself derived from Persian بخارا (bokhara) of uncertain meaning, possibly from Sogdian βuxārak meaning "place of good fortune". Alternately it may have come from Sanskrit विहार (vihara) referring to a Buddhist monastery... [more]
Bukhares (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Bucharest.
Bukharest (Settlement) Arabic, Hindi, Urdu
Arabic, Hindi and Urdu form of Bucharest.
Bukharest (Settlement) Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Bengali, Hindi, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Pashto, Russian, Tajik, Ukrainian, Urdu
Form of Bucharest used in multiple languages.
Bukhoro (Settlement) Tajik
Tajik form of Bukhara.
Bukiktinggi (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau variant of Bukittinggi.
Bukinafaso (Country) Thai
Thai form of Burkina Faso.
Bukit Merah (Settlement) Malay, English
Means "red hill" in Malay from bukit meaning "hill" and merah meaning "red", referring to the red-coloured soil of a hill in the area. This is the name of a planning area and town in Singapore, also called Redhill.
Bukit Panjang (Settlement) Malay, English
Means "long hill" in Malay, from bukit meaning "hill" and panjang meaning "long". This is the name of a planning area and town in Singapore.
Bukit Timah (Settlement) Malay, English
Literally means "tin hill" in Malay, from bukit meaning "hill" and timah meaning "tin". However, the name is more likely a corrupted form of the original Malay name Bukit Temak meaning "temak hill", from bukit meaning "hill" and temak referring to a type of tree (genus Shorea)... [more]
Bukittinggi (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
Means "tall hill" from Indonesian bukit meaning "hill" and tinggi meaning "high, tall". This is the name of a city in West Sumatra province, Indonesia.
Bükreş (Settlement) Turkish, Crimean Tatar
Turkish and Crimean Tatar form of Bucharest.
Bukuresht (Settlement) Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Bucharest.
Bukureshti (Settlement) Romani
Romani form of Bucharest.
Bukurešt (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian form of Bucharest.
Bukurešť (Settlement) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Bucharest.
Bukuresyuti (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Bucharest.
Bulage (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Prague.
Bulanda (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Poland.
Bulawayo (Settlement) Shona
Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe and is also a province in the Matabeleland region. It was founded by a king named Lobengula around 1840. The city's name means 'place of slaughter'.
Bulgaaria (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Bulgaria
Bulgáir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bulgaria
Bulgareti (Country) Georgian
From Georgian ბულგარული (bulgaruli) referring to the Bulgarian people and the suffix -ეთი (-eti) used to indicate location. This is the Georgian name for Bulgaria.
Bulgareye (Country) Walloon
Walloon form of Bulgaria.
Búlgaría (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Bulgaria.
Bułgaria (Country) Polish
Polish form of Bulgaria.
Bulgária (Country) Hungarian, Portuguese, Sami
Hungarian, Portuguese, and Sami form of Bulgaria.
Bulgària (Country) Catalan
Catalan form of Bulgaria.
Bulgarìa (Country) Piedmontese, Sicilian
Piedmontese and Sicilian form of Bulgaria.
Bulgārij (Country) Livonian
Livonian form of Bulgaria
Bulgārija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Bulgaria.
Bulgarija (Country) Lithuanian, Maltese
Lithuanian and Maltese form of Bulgaria.
Bulgario (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Bulgaria.
Bulğaristan (Country) Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Bolgharestan, referring to Bulgaria.
Bulgaristan (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Bolgharestan, referring to Bulgaria.
Bulgarya (Country) Quechua, Tagalog
Quechua and Tagalog form of Bulgaria
Bułgaryjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Bulgaria.
Bulgeari (Country) Khmer
Khmer form of Bulgaria via the French form Bulgarie.
Bulgeriya (Country) Bengali
Bengali form of Bulgaria.
Bulgeyr (Country) Manx
Manx form of Bulgaria
Bulgharia (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Bulgaria.
Bulghariya (Country) Arabic, Urdu
Arabic and Urdu form of Bulgaria.
Bulghariye (Country) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Bulgaria.
Bulghoriston (Country) Tajik
Tajik form of Bolgharestan, referring to Bulgaria.
Bulharsko (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Bulgaria
Bulifiya (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Bolivia.
Bullgari (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of Bulgaria
Bullgaria (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of Bulgaria.
Bulunksy (Region) Russian
I don't know if it's the actual etymology or if it just 'looks similar,' but a search for 'etymology of bulunsky' turns up a lot of results about "Blue Sky"
Bulusai'er (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Brussels.
Bunai (Country) Lao
Lao form of Brunei.
Bun-ga-ri (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Bulgaria via the French form Bulgarie.
Bunkyō (Settlement) Japanese
From Japanese 文 (bun) meaning "literature, culture, writing" and 京 (kyō) meaning "capital city". This is the name of a special ward of Tokyo.
Buốc-ki-na Pha-xô (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Burkina Faso.
Buôn Ma Thuột (Settlement) Vietnamese
Means "village of Y Thuôt's father" from Rade ƀuôn meaning "village", ama meaning "father" and the given name Y Thuôt. This is the name of a city in Vietnam.
Burajiria (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Brasília.
Burâtiya (Political Subdivision) Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Buryatia.
Burchina Fasu (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Burkina Faso
Burcy (Settlement) French
A town in France.
Bureatia (Political Subdivision) Romanian
Romanian form of Buryatia.
Bureukinapaso (Country) Korean
Korean form of Burkina Faso.
Burgau (Settlement) German, Portuguese
Name of towns in Germany, Austria, and Portugal.
Burgundy (Political Subdivision & Region) English
From the ethnonym for the Burgundians, an East Germanic people who moved westwards beyond the Rhine during the late Roman period.... [more]
Burhou (Island) Norman
A Channel Island in England. Means "storehouse island", from bur meaning "storehouse", and -hou, a Norman suffix derived from Old Norse holmr meaning "island".
Buriácia (Political Subdivision) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Buryatia.
Buriacja (Political Subdivision) Polish
Polish form of Buryatia.
Buriad (Political Subdivision) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Buryatia.
Buriateti (Political Subdivision) Georgian
Georgian form of Buryatia.
Buriàtia (Political Subdivision) Catalan
Catalan form of Buryatia.
Buriatia (Political Subdivision) Spanish
Spanish form of Buryatia.
Buriatija (Political Subdivision) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Buryatia.
Buriatsko (Political Subdivision) Slovak
Slovak form of Buryatia.
Buriazia (Political Subdivision) Italian
Italian form of Buryatia.
Burijjitaun (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Bridgetown.
Buriram (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
Means "city of happiness" from Thai บุรี (buri) meaning "city, town" and รัมย์ (ram) meaning "joyful, pleasurable". This is the name of a province and city in Thailand.
Burjaatia (Political Subdivision) Estonian
Estonian form of Buryatia.
Burjatia (Political Subdivision) Danish, Finnish, Norwegian
Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian form of Buryatia.
Burjatien (Political Subdivision) German, Swedish
German and Swedish form of Buryatia.
Burjatija (Political Subdivision) Bosnian, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Bosnian, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovene form of Buryatia.
Burjatsko (Political Subdivision) Czech
Czech form of Buryatia.
Burkina Fasas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Burkina Faso.
Búrkína Fasó (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Burkina Faso
Burkinafaso (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Burkina Faso.
Burlington (Settlement) English
Burlington is a city in Vermont and other states, it could be named this from Richard Boyle, the third Earl of Burlington, or a family with he surname Burling.
Búrma (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Burma.
Burmey (Country) Manx
Manx form of Burma
Burquina Faso (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Burkina Faso
Burunai (Country) Dhivehi
Dhivehi form of Brunei.
Burundi (Country) Afrikaans, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Bosnian, Breton, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian
The name of the Country in East Africa. Burundi, officially the Republic of Burundi, is a landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa, bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
Burundî (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Burundi.
Burundija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Burundi.
Burundis (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Burundi.
Burundzi (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Burundi.
Burunei (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Brunei.
Buryaad (Political Subdivision) Buryat
Buryat form of Buryatia.
Buryati (Political Subdivision) Chechen, Chuvash, Ossetian
Chechen, Chuvash, and Ossetian form of Buryatia.
Buryatia (Political Subdivision) English
From Russian Бурятия (Buryatiya), itself from буряад (buryaad), the name of the Buryat people. The ethnic name is of uncertain origin and meaning, possibly from Buryat буртэ (burte) meaning "wolf"... [more]
Buryatiya (Political Subdivision) Russian
Russian form of Buryatia.
Buryatya (Political Subdivision) Arabic, Turkish
Arabic and Turkish form of Buryatia.
Buryusseru (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Brussels via the French form Bruxelles.
Busan (Settlement) Korean
From Sino-Korean 釜山 (Busan) meaning "cauldron mountain", from 釜 (bu) meaning "cauldron, pot, kettle" and 山 (san) meaning "mountain". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Buskerud (Political Subdivision) Norwegian
Named after an old manor of the same name. (Biskupsruð) It derives from the Old Norse biskup (bishop) and ruð (clearing, farm.) The biskup part referring in particular to the Bishop of the ancient Catholic diocese of Hamar.... [more]
Butaan (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Bhutan.
Bútáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bhutan
Bu-tan (Country) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Bhutan.
Bûtan (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Bhutan.
Būtan (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Bhutan.
Bután (Country) Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian, Galician
Spanish, Aragonese, Asturian and Galician form of Bhutan.
Butāna (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Bhutan.
Butanas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Bhutan.
Butano (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Bhutan.
Butão (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Bhutan
Bu̍t-lo̍k (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien form of Bedok.
Butte (Settlement) English
This is a city in Montana, USA.
Buxach (River) German
River in Germany.
Buxara (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Uyghur
Azerbaijani, Kurdish and Uyghur form of Bukhara.
Buxarest (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Uzbek
Azerbaijani and Uzbek form of Bucharest.
Buxheim (Settlement) German
Town in Germany, named after the Buxach river.
Buxoro (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Bukhara.
Buxoro (Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Bukhara.
Buydapaeh (Settlement) Khmer
Khmer form of Budapest.
Buyenos Aires (Settlement) Bengali
Bengali form of Buenos Aires.
Buynouse (Settlement) Khmer
Khmer form of Buenos Aires.
Buzzards Bay (Body of Water) English
Buzzards Bay is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to the U.S. state of Massachusetts.
Bwindi (Other) Kiga, African, Eastern African
Bwindi is the name of a popular National Park in Southwestern Uganda. It means “a dark place” in the Kiga language.
Bwoonéí (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Brunei
Bwrwndi (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Burundi
Byilurusya (Country) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Belarus.
Byrzentwyla (Country) Abkhaz
From Abkhaz абырзен (abyrzen) meaning "Greek" (derived from Mingrelian) and атәыла (atwyla) meaning "country". This is the Abkhaz name for Greece.
Byunghyangh (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Pyongyang.
Byzance (Settlement) Ancient Greek (Gallicized), History (Gallicized)
French form of Byzantion via the Latinized form Byzantium.
Byzantium (Settlement) Late Greek (Latinized)
Byzantium was an ancient Greek colony on the site that later became Constantinople, the capital city of the Roman/Byzantine Empire since 330 AC. From 1204 to 1261 was conquered and ruled by crusaders but Michael VIII Palaeologus reintroduced there a Byzantine dynasty... [more]