Celtic Submitted Place Names

These names are used by Celtic peoples.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abc'hazia (Country) Breton
Breton form of Abkhazia.
Abergavenny (Settlement) Welsh
Means "mouth of the River Gavenny" in Welsh.
Abergele (Settlement) English, Welsh
A market town in Conwy County Borough, Wales. From Welsh aber ("river mouth, estuary") and‎ Gele, the name of the river which flows through the town, which is from gelau "spear".
Aberystwyth (Settlement) Welsh
Means "the mouth of the Ystwyth" in Welsh.
Abysseen (Country) Manx
Manx form of Abyssinia.
Aetóip (Country) Irish
Irish form of Ethiopia.
Affganistan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Afghanistan.
Affrick (Region) Manx
Manx form of Africa.
Afganastáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Afghanistan.
Afghanistaan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Afghanistan.
Afraic Theas (Country) Irish
Irish form of South Africa.
Aifft (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Egypt.
Ailgéir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Algeria.
Airgintín (Country) Irish
Irish form of Argentina.
Airméin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Armenia.
Áise (Region) Irish
Irish form of Asia.
Aishey (Region) Manx
Manx form of Asia.
Àisia (Region) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Asia.
Aithin (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Athens.
Alamagn (Country) Breton
Breton form of Alemannia, used as the Breton name of Germany.
Alba (Country) Scottish Gaelic, Irish
Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland. The term first appears as Albion and referred to the island of Great Britain... [more]
Albáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Albania.
Albain (Country) Irish
Irish form of Scotland.
Albain Nua (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Nova Scotia.
Aljeri (Country) Korean, Cornish
Korean and Cornish form of Algeria.
Almayn (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Alemannia, used as the Cornish name for Germany.
Amstardam (Settlement) Irish, Sinhalese
Irish and Sinhala form of Amsterdam.
An Bhreatain Bheag (Country) Irish
Irish name for Wales. Means "the little Britain".
An Cabhán (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Cavan.
An Clár (Political Subdivision) Irish
The Irish form of Clare, from the Irish word clár, meaning "plank", after a board that was placed across the River Fergus outside Clarecastle.... [more]
Andóra (Country) Irish
Irish form of Andorra.
An Dún (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Down.
Angóla (Country) Icelandic, Irish
Icelandic and Irish form of Angola.
An Iarmhí (Political Subdivision) Irish
The Irish name for Westmeath, which was named after its split with County Meath, in Irish An Mhí, meaning "middle"... [more]
An Lú (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
The Irish name for Louth, from , the modern Irish form of Lugh, a god from Irish mythology associated with skill in many disciplines, kingship and oaths.... [more]
An Mhí (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Meath.
Annwn (Settlement & Other) Welsh
Possibly from ande-dubnos, a common Gallo Brittonic word that literally meant "underworld".
An Searrach (Island) Irish
Gaelic form of Serough Island.
Antarctagh (Region) Manx
Manx form of Antarctica.
Antarctig (Region) Welsh
Welsh form of Antarctica.
Antartaice (Region) Irish
Irish form of Antarctica.
An tÁth Leacach (Settlement, Other & Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Athlacca and Flagford.
Antrim (Political Subdivision) Irish
County in Northern Ireland, meaning 'lone ridge'.
Aontroim (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Antrim.
Aostralia (Region & Country) Breton, Malagasy
Breton and Malagasy form of Australia.
Aostria (Country) Breton
Breton form of Austria.
Araab Saudi (Country) Manx
Manx form of Saudi Arabia.
Ard Mhacha (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Armagh.
Armagh (Political Subdivision) Irish
A county in Ireland. Means "Macha height", 'macha' was an ancient Irish goddess.
Asarbaiseáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Azerbaijan
Aserbaijan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Azerbaijan
Astráil (Region & Country) Irish
Irish form of Australia.
Áth Cliath (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Dublin.
Athenry (Settlement) Irish
Athenry (Baile Áth an Rí) meaning "Town of the Ford of the King" is a town in County Galway, Ireland, which lies 25 kilometres east of Galway city.
Avalbane (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Irish Abhaill Bhán "white orchard". This is or was the name of a township in the civil parish of Clontibret in County Monaghan, Ireland.
Bairéin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bahrain
Bakou (Settlement) Breton, French, Haitian Creole
Breton, French, and Haitian Creole form of Baku.
Ballyhackamore (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Northern Irish (Anglicized), Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Baile an Chacamair “town of the slob land or mud flat”, from baile “town” and chacamair “slob land, mud flat”... [more]
Bangladesh (Country) Bengali, Armenian, Basque, Breton, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Malay, Mongolian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swahili, Swedish, Uzbek
From Bengali বাংলাদেশ (Bangladeś) meaning "land of the Bengalis", from the name of the Bengali people and Sanskrit देश (deśá) meaning "country, kingdom, land, state"... [more]
Banglaidéis (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bangladesh
Bangor (Settlement) English, Welsh
Derived from bancor, the Old Welsh word for "wattled enclosure". This is the name of a city in Wales, and the namesake of the associated University.
Bealarúis (Country) Irish
Irish form of Belarus
Bealaruis (Country) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Belarus
Beddgelert (Settlement) Welsh
A village in northwest Wales. The name means 'Gelert's grave', from Welsh bedd, 'grave' & Gelert, whose identity is a subject of debate.... [more]
Beilg (Country) Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Belgium
Beilís (Country) Irish
Irish form of Belize
Belg (Country) Manx
Manx form of Belgium
Berleen (Settlement) Manx
Manx form of Berlin.
Betws-y-coed (Settlement) Welsh
A village in rural North-West Wales. The element betws, in Welsh means 'prayer house'. The y is the definite article 'the'. The final element coed means 'trees'. This gives a full name meaning 'prayer house in the forest'... [more]
Bhoutan (Country) Breton, French
Breton and French form of Bhutan
Bhwtan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Bhutan.
Bleaz (Settlement) Breton
Bootaan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Bhutan
Bostún (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Boston.
Botsuáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Botswana
Braint (River) Welsh
The name of a small river on Anglesey, an island off the north-west coast of Wales. It is probably a Welsh form of Brigantia.
Brúiné (Country) Irish
Irish form of Brunei
Brusselas (Settlement) Cornish
Cornish form of Brussels.
Búdaipeist (Country) Irish
Irish form of Budapest
Buircíne Fasó (Country) Irish
Irish form of Burkina Faso
Bulgáir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bulgaria
Bulgeyr (Country) Manx
Manx form of Bulgaria
Burmey (Country) Manx
Manx form of Burma
Burundi (Country) Afrikaans, Albanian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Bosnian, Breton, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian
The name of the Country in East Africa. Burundi, officially the Republic of Burundi, is a landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa, bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
Bútáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Bhutan
Bwrwndi (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Burundi
Caeo (Settlement) Welsh
Variant of Caio.
Caernarfon (Settlement) English, Welsh
From the Welsh words caer "fort", yn "in" and‎ Arfon "opposite Môn (Anglesey)", therefore altogether translating to "the fort in the land opposite Anglesey"... [more]
Caiseal (Settlement) Irish
The original Gaelic name of a town in County Tipperary, Ireland, known in the English-speaking world as Cashel. It means "stone ringfort", ultimately from Latin castellum.
Cambóid (Country) Irish
Irish form of Cambodia
Camerŵn (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Cameroon
Cardiff (Settlement) Welsh
The capital city of Wales. Cardiff derives from the city's Welsh name Caerdydd, which in turn was derived from the city's Old Welsh name Caerdyf (In Welsh f (v) is often mutated to dd (th)).... [more]
Carlow (Political Subdivision) Irish (Anglicized)
Town and county in Ireland. Possibly means "place of cattle".
Casacstáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Kazakhstan
Castlebar (Settlement) Irish
Means "Barry's Castle", from a castle built by the de Barry family, which the town grew around.... [more]
Ceanada (Country) Irish
Irish form of Canada.
Ceatharlach (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Carlow.
Çhapaan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Japão (see Japan).
Cill Chainnigh (Political Subdivision & Island) Irish
Irish form of Kilkenny.
Cill Dara (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
The Irish name for County Kildare. Means "church of the oak" in Irish.... [more]
Cill Mhantáin (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish name for the county of Wicklow. Meaning "church of Mantan". It is named after a peer of Saint Patrick. Mantan had his teeth knocked out by Irish pagans, and then he was renamed Mantan, which means "toothless one".
Cipir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Cyprus
Cirgeastáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Kyrgyzstan
Cirgistan (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Kyrgyzstan.
Cív (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Kiev
Claddagh (Settlement) Irish, English
The name of an ancient village in Ireland, where the tradition of the Claddagh ring developed.
Clare (Political Subdivision) Irish
From the Irish word clár, meaning "plank", after a bridge that was placed across the River Fergus outside Clarecastle.... [more]
Clarecastle (Settlement) Irish
A town in Clare, Ireland, named after Clare Castle, which stands on an island in the narrowest part of the River Fergus... [more]
Coillín an Triain (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Culleenatreen.
Cóiré (Country) Irish
Irish form of Korea
Cóiré Theas (Country) Irish
Irish form of South Korea
Cóiré Thuaidh (Country) Irish
Irish form of North Korea
Coleraine (Settlement) Northern Irish, Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Cúil Rathain, meaning "nook of the ferns".... [more]
Connacht (Political Subdivision & Region) Irish
From the name of the medieval ruling dynasty, the Connacht, later Connachta, meaning “descendants of Conn”, referring to the legendary king Conn of the Hundred Battles.... [more]
Corcaigh (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Cork.
Cork (Settlement & Political Subdivision) Irish
A county and city in Ireland. Meaning "swamp".
Corrib (Body of Water & River) Irish
River and lake in Ireland.
Cósta Ríce (Country) Irish
Irish form of Costa Rica
Coweit (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Kuwait.
Cróit (Country) Irish
Irish form of Croatia
Cwm Gwaun (Settlement) Welsh
Cwm Gwaun (English: Gwaun Valley) is a community and valley in north Pembrokeshire, Wales. The name itself is derived from Welsh cwm "valley" and gwaun "heath, moor".
Danmhairg (Country) Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Denmark
De Corea (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of South Korea
Demelza (Settlement) Cornish
Name of a hamlet in Cornwall, sometimes explained as a contraction of Cornish Dinas Maeldaf "fort of Maeldaf", but more likely derived from Cornish ty "house" and malsai "eel".
Denmarc (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Denmark.
Derry (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
City and country in Northern Ireland. May mean "oak wood", from 'Daire Coluimb Chille', meaning "The Oak-wood of Saint Columba". Or the name may have been from Proto-Celtic 'calg-ac-os', meaning "possessing a blade" or "possessing a penis".
Doire (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Derry.
Donegal (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
County and town in Ireland. Meaning "place of foreigners" (i.e. the Vikings). Alternatively, it may mean "land of Conall", a king from the area. Conall means "strong wolf".
Down (Political Subdivision) Irish
County in Northern Ireland. From the Irish "Dún ná Lethglas", "dún" means fort.
Downpatrick (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized), Northern Irish
From Irish Dún Pádraig, meaning "Patrick's fort", after St. Patrick, who is said to be buried in Downpatrick Cathedral.... [more]
Duibhlinn (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Dublin.
Dulenn (Settlement) Breton
Breton form of Dublin.
Dulyn (Settlement) Cornish, Welsh
Cornish and Welsh form of Dublin.
Dundalk (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Dún Dealgan, meaning "the fort of Dealgan".... [more]
Dún Na Ngall (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Iranian, Irish
Irish form of Donegal.
Dyfi (River) Welsh
River in north Wales.
Eastóin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Estonia
Eeslyn (Country) Manx
Manx form of Iceland
Éigipt (Country) Irish
Irish form of Egypt
Éimin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Yemen
Èirinn (Country & Island) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Éire
Eiritré (Country) Irish
Irish form of Eritrea
Ejyp (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Aegyptus (see Egypt).
Elveeish (Country) Manx
Manx form of Switzerland
Elwy (River) Welsh
The name of a river in Wales, possibly meaning "second river" from Welsh ail "a second, another" and the river name suffix wy.
Ennis (Settlement) Irish, English
From Irish inis meaning "island", short for Inis Cluana Rámhfhada, meaning "island of the long rowing meadow".... [more]
Enniskillen (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized), Northern Irish
From Irish Inis Ceithleann, meaning "Cethlenn's island". In Irish mythology, the prophetess Cethlenn was said to have been injured and swam to Enniskillen on Loch Erne, where she died, and the town was named for her.... [more]
Eoraip (Region) Irish
Irish form of Europe.
Errigal (Mountain) Irish
Name of a mountain in Ireland (Errigal Mountain, near Gweedore in County Donegal, Ireland. It is the tallest peak of the Derryveagh Mountains and the tallest peak in County Donegal).
Estaan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Estonia
Esthoin (Country) Manx
Variant of Estaan
Estrych (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Austria.
Ewrop (Region) Welsh
Welsh form of Europe.
Eynda (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of India.
Falga (Country) Manx
Poetic Manx word for the Isle of Man.
Fear Manach (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Fermanagh.
Fergus (River) Irish
Possibly derives from Old Irish for- ("on, upon") and gas, "twig", with the River Fergus in County Clare seen as a small branch off of the River Shannon.
Fermanagh (Political Subdivision) Irish
County in Northern Ireland. Meaning "men of the country of the lakes".
Fienna (Settlement) Welsh
Welsh form of Vienna.
Fietnam (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Vietnam.
Fionlainn (Country) Irish
Irish form of Finland
Frainc (Country) Irish
Irish form of France
Frank (Country) Manx
Manx form of France
Frañs (Country) Breton
Breton form of France.
Gabúin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Gabon
Gaillimh (River & Body of Water) Irish
Irish name for Corrib.
Gaillimhe (Body of Water & River) Irish
Another spelling of Gaillimh.
Gaimbia (Country) Irish
Irish form of Gambia
Galbally (Settlement) Irish
From Irish gall "foreigner, stranger" and baile "settlement, home". Alternately, may be from gall "stone" and buaile, a form of seasonal pasture.
Galway (Settlement & Political Subdivision) Irish
City and county in Ireland. Means "fort Gaillimh", named after the Gaillimh river that flows through the city.
Gearmáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Germany
Giogha (Island) Scottish Gaelic, Irish
Name of an island off the west coast of Kintyre in Scotland.... [more]
Glyn Ceiriog (Region) Welsh
Means "Ceiriog Valley" in Welsh
Gogledd Corea (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of North Korea
Gréig (Country) Irish
Irish form of Greece
Grèig (Country) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Greece
Gres (Country) Breton
Breton form of Greece.
Groeg (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Graecia (see Greece).
Guine (Country) Irish
Irish form of Guinea
Gwalia (Country) Welsh (Archaic), Literature
From Medieval Latin Wallia, which was a Latinized form of English Wales. This is an archaic Welsh name for Wales; although never as widely used as Cymru, Gwalia was once popular as a poetic name for the country... [more]
Gyni (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Guinea
Hondúras (Country) Icelandic, Irish
Icelandic and Irish form of Honduras
Hondwras (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Honduras
Iacárta (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Jakarta.
Iaráic (Country) Irish
Irish form of Iraq
Iaráin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Iran
Iarúsailéim (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Jerusalem.
Iddaal (Country) Manx
Manx form of Italy
Inbhir Theòrsa (Settlement) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Thurso.
Indinéis (Country) Irish
Irish form of Indonesia
Iodáil (Country) Irish
Irish form of Italy
Iordáin (Country & Body of Water) Irish
Irish form of Jordan
Iorua (Country) Irish
Irish form of Norway
Íoslainn (Country) Irish
Irish form of Iceland
Iosrael (Country) Irish, Scottish Gaelic
Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Israel
Irac (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Iraq.
Ísiltír (Country) Irish
Irish form of Netherlands, roughly meaning "low".
Iúgslaiv (Country) Irish
Irish form of Yugoslavia
Iwerdhon (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Ireland
Iwerzhon (Country) Breton
Breton form of Ireland
Jibraltar (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Armenian, Bengali, Breton, Cornish, Hindi
Form of Gibraltar used in various languages.
Karvergh (Settlement) Cornish
Cornish form of Carveth.
Kenwyn (Settlement) Cornish
This is the name of a town and river, located in the south-western English county of Cornwall, which is called Keynwynn in Cornish. It is said that the name is derived from Cornish keyn meaning "back, keel, ridge" and gwynn meaning "white, fair, blessed."
Khartoum (Settlement) English, Danish, French, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Romanian, Swahili, Swedish, Welsh
Most likely from Arabic قرطم‎ (qurṭum), meaning "safflower", or possibly خرطوم (ḵurṭūm), meaning "elephant's trunk". This is the name of the capital city of Sudan.
Kildare (Region) Irish, English
From Irish Cill Dara meaning "church of the oak".
Kilkenny (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Town and county in Ireland. Means "church of Cainnech". Saint Cainnech was the man who converted the county to Christianity in 597.
Killough (Settlement) Irish
Killough, derived from Irish Cill Locha "church of the loch", is a village and townland in County Down, Northern Ireland.
Kiprenez (Island & Country) Breton
Breton form of Cyprus.
Kirley (Political Subdivision) Irish
Kyprys (Country) Manx
Manx form of Cyprus
Laitvia (Country) Irish
Irish form of Latvia
Lannstevan (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Cornish
Lannstevan (Launceston in English) is a town, ancient borough, and civil parish in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is 1 mile (1.6 km) west of the middle stage of the River Tamar, which constitutes almost the entire border between Cornwall and Devon... [more]
Laois (Political Subdivision) Irish
County in Ireland. Named after the Gaelic territory of Uí Laoighis, meaning "people of Lugaid Laígne".
Leeds (Settlement) Celtic
Leeds is a city in West Yorkshire, England. It derives it's name from a Brythonic term Ladenses, meaning 'people of the fast-flowing river' (Welsh llawd). The word likely originally denoted a forest which covered the area of modern day Leeds.... [more]
Leinster (Region) Irish
From the Irish Laighin, the name of a major tribe previously living in the area, and either Irish tír or Old Norse staðr, both meaning “land”, “place” or “territory”.... [more]
Leitrim (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
County and town in Ireland. Meaning "gray ridge", from 'liath' ("grey") and 'droim' ("ridge").
Leosóta (Country) Irish
Irish form of Lesotho
Liatroim (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Leitrim.
Liban (Country) Bosnian, Breton, French, Macedonian, Occitan, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Walloon
Form of Lebanon used in multiple languages.
Libanus (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Lebanon.
Libéir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Liberia
Lichtinstéin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Liechtenstein
Liffey (River) Irish
The River Liffey runs through the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. In poetry and mythology, the river is called Abhainn An Life, which is occasionally anglicized as 'Anna Liffey'
Lifford (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Leifear.... [more]
Lihou (Island) Norman, Breton
Island in the Channel Islands in England. From the Breton words 'lydd' or 'ligg', meaning "in or near water", and the Norman suffix -'hou', meaning "island". The island and reef in Australia named after this island.
Limerick (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish, English
Possibly derives from loimeanach, meaning "bare marsh" or "spot made bare by feeding horses". Other potential derivations connect with luimnigthe "cloaked" and luimnechda, meaning "shielded"... [more]
Liobáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Lebanon
Liotuáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Lithuania
Liverpool (Settlement) English, Welsh
A port city in western England on the mouth of the River Mersey. Uncertain origin. Possibly derived from Cumbric words equivalent to the Welsh leidiau, meaning 'mud' and pwll, meaning 'pool', or else the Old English formation *Liferpōl, 'thick, muddy pool'.
Llanberis (Settlement) Welsh
A village in North Wales. The first element is Welsh llan, 'parish, church of-'. The second is a corruption of Peris, a 6th century Welsh saint.
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (Settlement) Welsh
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is a large village and local government community on the island of Anglesey, Wales, on the Menai Strait next to the Britannia Bridge and across the strait from Bangor... [more]
Lloegr (Country) Welsh
From Middle Welsh Lloegyr of unknown meaning. This is the Welsh name for England.
Loch Garman (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish name for the county of Wexford. Named after Garman Garbh, a legendary figure, who was drowned in the mudflats at the mouth of the river Slaney by an enchantress, resulting in the lake that bears his name... [more]
Londonderry (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Another name for Derry. The prefix -london was added because donations from the city of London help rebuild Derry in 1613.
Londrez (Settlement) Breton
Breton form of London.
Longford (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Town and county in Ireland. Meaning "the port".
Longfort (Political Subdivision) Irish
The Irish name of Longford from long, meaning "ship", and port, meaning "dock".... [more]
Louth (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
County and village in Ireland. From "Lugh", an ancient Irish god.
(Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Louth. is the modern Irish form of the ancient Irish god Lugh.
Lucsamburg (Country) Irish
Irish form of Luxembourg
Luimneach (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
The Irish name for Limerick, a city and the county town of the county in the province of Munster, Ireland... [more]
Macadóin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Macedonia
Madagascar (Country & Island) English, Catalan, Nahuatl, French, Italian, Manx, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Corsican
From Middle French Madagascar, from Madageiscar, as a corrupted transliteration of Mogadishu by Marco Polo's misreading of Arabic.... [more]
Madagasgar (Country & Island) Welsh
Welsh from of Madagascar
Maenmar (Country) Irish
Irish form of Myanmar
Maigh Eo (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Mayo.
Mainile (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Manila.
Maláiv (Country) Irish
Irish form of Malawi
Maleisia (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Malaysia.
Málta (Country) Hungarian, Irish
Hungarian and Irish form of Malta
Maouritania (Country) Breton
Breton form of Mauritania
Maracó (Country) Irish
Irish form of Morocco.
Marselha (Settlement) Occitan, Breton, Portuguese
Occitan, Breton and Portuguese form of Marseille.
Masseydoan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Macedonia
Mayo (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Town and county in Ireland. Means "plain of the yew".
Mcalester (Settlement) Irish
A city in Oklahoma, USA.
Meath (Political Subdivision) Irish
Mec'hiko (Country & Settlement) Breton
Breton form of Mexico.
Meirceá (Country & Region) Irish
Irish form of America.
Minquier (Island) Breton, Norman, English
An island chain in the Channel Islands, England. Could be from Breton 'minihi', meaning "sanctuary, or from 'minkier' meaning "seller of fish".
Moldóiv (Country) Irish
Irish form of Moldova
Monaghan (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Town and county in Ireland. Means "land of little hills", "bushy field", or "hilly field".
Mongóil (Country) Irish
Irish form of Mongolia
Mongoil (Country) Manx
Manx form of Mongolia
Montainéagró (Country) Irish
Irish form of Montenegro
Moris (Country & Island) Mauritian Creole, Breton
Mauritian Creole and Breton form of Mauritius.
Moroco (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Morocco
Morvah (Settlement) Cornish
From Cornish Morvedh, derived from mor "sea" and bedh "grave". This is the name of a small Cornish village.
Mosambic (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Mozambique
Mourne (Mountain) Irish
Both the name of a mountain range and a river in Northern Ireland, meaning "misty fists" from Irish múig "smoke, gloom" and dorn "fist".
Muineachán (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Monaghan.
Mullingar (Settlement) Irish
From Irish An Muileann gCearr, meaning "the left-hand mill", describing a mill noted in the legend of St. Colmán mac Luacháin, the patron saint of Lynn, Westmeath.... [more]
Naas (Settlement) Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish An Nás, meaning "the place of assembly". This is a contraction of several names for Naas, each beginning with Nás.... [more]
Na Clocha Liatha (Political Subdivision) Irish
The Irish name of Greystones in County Wicklow. Simply means "The Grey Stones" in Irish.
Namaib (Country) Irish
Irish form of Namibia
Na Stáit Aontaithe (Country) Irish
Irish form of United States.
Navan (Other) Irish
Irish place name meaning "the cave" (?)
Neipeal (Country) Irish
Irish form of Nepal.
Nenagh (Settlement) Irish
From Irish An Aonach Urmhumhan, meaning “the Fair of Ormond”.... [more]
Nerin (Country) Manx
Manx form of Éire
Nicearagua (Country) Irish
Irish form of Nicaragua
Nigéir (Country) Irish
Irish form of Nigeria
Nígir (Country & River) Irish
Irish form of Niger
Norgagh (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Norway.
Noyal (Settlement) French, Breton
Oarpey (Region) Manx
Manx form of Europe.
Offaly (Political Subdivision) Irish
County in Ireland. Named after the Gaelic kingdom of Uí Failghe, which existed from the 6th century until 1556.
Oileán Phriosa Eadbhaird (Political Subdivision) Irish
Irish form of Prince Edward Island.
Omagh (Settlement) Northern Irish, Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish An Ómaigh, meaning "the virgin plain". ... [more]
Óman (Country) Icelandic, Irish
Icelandic and Irish form of Oman