Country Submitted Place Names

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Donetsk People’s Republic (Country & Political Subdivision) English
Not available.
Dô̤ng-gŏ (Country) Chinese (Min Bei)
Min Bei romanization of Zhongguo.
Dong Gog (Country) Chinese (Teochew)
Teochew romanization of Zhongguo.
Dongjia (Country) Taiwanese
Chinese form of Tonga chiefly used in Taiwan.
DRC (Country) English
Abbreviation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Druk Yul (Country) Bhutanese, Tibetan
From Tibetan འབྲུག (brug) meaning "thunder dragon" (a mythical creature in Bhutanese and Tibetan mythology) combined with ཡུལ (yul) meaning "country, nation, kingdom". This is the Bhutanese and Tibetan name for Bhutan.
Dschibuti (Country) German
German form of Djibouti
Đức (Country) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 德 (Đức), itself from Chinese 德國 (Déguó), ultimately from German deutsch. This is the Vietnamese name for Germany.
Dṳ̆ng-guók (Country) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Zhongguo.
Duoge (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Togo.
Dżibuti (Country) Polish
Polish form of Djibouti
Džibutija (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Djibouti.
Džibutis (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Djibouti.
Džibutsko (Country) Czech
Czech form of Djibouti
Dzsibuti (Country & Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Djibouti.
Eastóin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Estonia
East Timor (Country) English
Combination of the English word east and Malay timur also meaning "east", therefore making it a tautological place name meaning "East East". East Timor is a small country in Southeast Asia.
Ecuador (Country) English
The name of the Country in South America. Ecuador is a country straddling the equator on South America’s west coast. Its diverse landscape encompasses Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands... [more]
Eeslyn (Country) Manx
Manx form of Iceland
Eesterreich (Country) Hunsrik
Hunsrik form of Austria
Efiopiýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Ethiopia.
Efxanistan (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Afghanistan.
Eggittu (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Egypt
Egipet (Country) Bulgarian, Macedonian
Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Egypt.
Egipta (Country) Romansh
Romansh form of Egypt
Egiptas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Egypt.
Ēģipte (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Egypt.
Egiptos (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Egypt.
Eġittu (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Egypt.
Egjipti (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of Egypt.
Eguaduo'er (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Ecuador.
Egvipte (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Egypt.
Egyiptom (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Latin Aegyptum (see Egypt).
Egyptaland (Country) Icelandic, Faroese
Icelandic and Faroese form of Egypt.
Egypten (Country) Swedish, Danish
Swedish and Danish form of Egypt.
Ehipto (Country) Filipino, Cebuano, Ilocano, Tagalog
Cebuano, Ilocano, and Tagalog form of Egypt.
Ehsabedo (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of El Salvador.
Éigipt (Country) Irish
Irish form of Egypt
Éimin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Yemen
Eindiya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of India.
Èirinn (Country & Island) Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Éire
Eiritré (Country) Irish
Irish form of Eritrea
Eistland (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Estonia.
Ejipta (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Egypt.
Ejiputo (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Egypt.
Ekoadôra (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Ecuador.
Ekouador (Country) Greek
Greek form of Ecuador. This is an alternative name for the country; the standard name in Greece is Isimerinos.
Ekvádor (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Ecuador.
Ekvadora (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Ecuador.
Ekvadoras (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Ecuador.
Ekvadori (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Ecuador.
Ekvator Ginesi (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Equatorial Guinea
Ekvatorialguinea (Country) Swedish
Swedish form of Equatorial Guinea.
Ekvatorialna Gvineja (Country) Slovene
Slovenian form of Equatorial Guinea.
Ekvatorijalna Gvineja (Country) Serbian, Croatian (Rare)
Serbian form of Equatorial Guinea as well as a Croatian alternative name for the country. The standard form in Croatia is Ekvatorska Gvineja.
Ekvatorska Gvineja (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian
Bosnian, Croatian and Macedonian form of Equatorial Guinea.
Ekwador (Country) Maltese, Polish, Turkmen
Maltese, Polish, and Turkmen form of Ecuador.
Ekwatoriaal-Guinee (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Equatorial Guinea.
Elbeniya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Albania.
Elfenbenskusten (Country) Swedish
Swedish form of Côte D'ivoire.
Elgyiriya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Algeria.
El Salvador (Country) Spanish
El Salvador is a small Central American nation. It's known for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surf spots and mountainous landscape. Its Ruta de Las Flores is a winding route past coffee farms, rainforests with waterfalls and towns like Juayúa, with its weekend food festival, plus Ataco, home to vivid murals... [more]
Eluosi (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Russia, borrowed from Manchu ᠣᡵᠣᠰ (oros) meaning "Russian".
Elveeish (Country) Manx
Manx form of Switzerland
Elveția (Country) Romanian
Romanian form of Switzerland via Elvetia
Elvetia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Switzerland, ultimately from Latin Helvetia.
Emiratos Árabes Unidos (Country) Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish form of United Arab Emirates
Endonezya (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Indonesia.
Englanti (Country) Finnish
Finnish form of England.
Engleska (Country) Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian form of England.
Eraqi (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Iraq.
Eritre (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Eritrea
Éritréa (Country) Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese
Balinese, Javanese and Sundanese form of Eritrea.
Erítrea (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Eritrea
Erîtrea (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Eritrea.
Eritrea (Country) English
A country in Africa.
Eritreia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Eritrea
Eritrėja (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Eritrea.
Eritreýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Eritrea.
Ermaloyche (Country) Ingush
Ingush cognate of Ermaloycho.
Ermaloycho (Country) Chechen
From Chechen эрмалой (ermaloy) meaning "Armenian" and the suffix чоь (-cho) meaning "place of". This is the Chechen name for Armenia.
Ermenija (Country) Macedonian
Macedonian form of Armenia.
Eron (Country) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Iran
Erresuma Batua (Country) Basque
Basque form of United Kingdom
Errumania (Country) Basque
Basque form of Romania
Errusia (Country) Basque
Basque form of Russia
Erythraia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Eritrea.
Érythrée (Country) French
French form of Eritrea
Erytrea (Country) Polish
Polish form of Eritrea
Erytreja (Country) Polish
Variant of Erytrea
ʻEsetonia (Country) Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Estonia.
Eskozia (Country) Basque
Basque form of Scotland via its Latin form Scotia.
Eslovaki (Country) Persian
Persian form of Slovakia.
Eslovakia (Country) Basque
Basque form of Slovakia
Esloveni (Country) Persian
Persian form of Slovenia.
Esouatini (Country) Greek
Greek form of Eswatini.
Espaina (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Hispania (see Spain).
Espaneti (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Spain.
Espanha (Country) Portuguese, Occitan
Portuguese and Occitan form of Hispania (see Spain).
Espania (Country) Filipino, Ilocano
Ilocano form of Hispania (see Spain).
Espaniya (Country) Persian
Persian form of Hispania (see Spain).
Esrail (Country) Persian
Persian form of Israel.
Estaan (Country) Manx
Manx form of Estonia
Esthoin (Country) Manx
Variant of Estaan
Esthonia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Estonia.
Estoneti (Country) Georgian
Georgian form of Estonia.
Éstonia (Country) Javanese, Sundanese
Javanese and Sundanese form of Estonia.
Èstonia (Country) Acehnese
Acehnese form of Estonia.
Estónia (Country) Portuguese (European)
European Portuguese form of Estonia
Estònia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Estonia.
Estônia (Country) Malagasy, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Malagasy and Brazilian Portuguese form of Estonia.
Estonio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Estonia.
Estoniýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Estonia.
Estonja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Estonia.
Estóńskô (Country) Kashubian
Kashubian form of Estonia
Estónsko (Country) Slovak
Slovak form of Estonia
Estonsko (Country) Czech
Czech form of Estonia
Estonya (Country) Kurdish, Tagalog, Turkish
Kurdish, Tagalog, and Turkish form of Estonia.
Estůńijo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Estonia.
Esvatinis (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Eswatini.
Eswatini (Country) Swazi, English
Means "land of the Swazis" Swazi. Since 2018, this is the official name of the landlocked country in Southern Africa. formally known as the Kingdom of Swaziland, the nation renamed itself the Kingdom of Eswatini, reflecting the extant Swazi name for the state "eSwatini", to mark the 50th anniversary of Swazi independence, and was partially intended to prevent confusion with the similarly named country, Switzerland.
Észak-korea (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of North Korea
Észtország (Country) Hungarian
From Hungarian észt meaning "Estonian" and ország meaning "country". This is the Hungarian name for Estonia.
Eþíópía (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Ethiopia.
Etioopia (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Ethiopia
Étiopia (Country) Javanese, Sundanese
Javanese and Sundanese form of Ethiopia.
Etiòpia (Country) Catalan
Catalan form of Ethiopia.
Etiopie (Country) Czech
Czech form of Ethiopia
Etiyopya (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Ethiopia
Etonia (Country) Maori
Maori form of Estonia.
Etovpia (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Ethiopia.
Etruria (Country) English, Italian, Spanish, Ancient Roman, History
Meaning unknown. This was the name of an ancient country in the Italian Peninsula (located in what is now Tuscany) inhabited by the Etruscans.... [more]
Etsatoniya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Estonia.
Exiptu (Country) Asturian
Asturian form of Egypt.
Eynda (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of India.
Eýran (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Iran.
Eysturríki (Country) Faroese
Faroese cognate of Österreich. This is the Faroese form of Austria
Faat Gwok (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Faguo.
Færeyjar (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic cognate of Føroyar.
Færøerne (Country) Danish
Danish cognate of Føroyar.
Faguo (Country) Chinese
From Chinese 法 (Fǎ), a shortened form of 法兰西 (Fǎlánxī) or (Fàlánxī), a poetic name for France, and 国 (guó) meaning "country"... [more]
Falga (Country) Manx
Poetic Manx word for the Isle of Man.
Fan Laan (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Finland.
Färöarna (Country) Swedish
Swedish cognate of Føroyar.
Faroe Islands (Country) English
English form of Føroyar. The name is probably derived from Old Norse fær "sheep". The Faroe Islands are an autonomous country within the Danish kingdom.
Faroes (Country) English
Shortened form of Faroe Islands.
Fei Leot Ban (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Philippines.
Fenlan (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Finland.
Fici (Country) Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, Gagauz
Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, and Gagauz form of Fiji.
Fídjíeyjar (Country) Icelandic
Combination of Fidji "Fiji" and eyjar "islands". This is the Icelandic name for Fiji.
Fidžis (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Fiji.
Fietnam (Country) Welsh
Welsh form of Vietnam.
Fîjî (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Fiji.
Fílabeinsströndin (Country) Icelandic
Combination of Icelandic fílabein "ivory" and strönd "coast", making this an Icelandic calque of Côte D'ivoire.
Fildişi Kıyısı (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Ivory Coast
Filibbin (Country) Arabic
Arabic form of Philippines usually written with the definite article الفلبين (al-Filibbin).
Filibiin (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Philippines.
Filipiinid (Country) Estonian
Estonian form of Philippines.
Filipijnen (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Philippines.
Filîpîn (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Philippines.
Filipin (Country) Western African, Hausa, Persian
Hausa and Persian form of Philippines.
Filipinai (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Philippines.
Filipīnas (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Philippines.
Filipine (Country) Romanian
Romanian form of Philippines.
Filipines (Country) Asturian, Catalan
Asturian and Catalan form of Philippines.
Filipinet (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of Philippines.
Filipinkhar (Country) Kabardian
Kabardian form of Philippines.
Filipinler (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Philippines.
Filipinner (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Philippines.
Filipinoj (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Philippines.
Filipins (Country) Dhivehi, Indian, Hindi
Dhivehi and Hindi form of Philippines.
Filipíny (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Philippines.
Filipiny (Country) Polish, Silesian
Polish and Silesian form of Philippines.
Filippiinit (Country) Finnish
Finnish form of Philippines.
Filippin (Country) Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Lao, Mongolian, Tajik, Thai, Uzbek
Form of Philippines used in various languages.
Filippinas (Country) Romansch
Romansch form of the Philippines
Filippinash (Country) Chechen
Chechen form of Philippines.
Filippinder (Country) Kazakh
Kazakh form of Philippines.
Filippinene (Country) Norwegian
Norwegian form of Philippines.
Filippinerna (Country) Swedish
Swedish form of The Philippines.
Filippinerne (Country) Danish
Danish form of the Philippines
Filippines (Country) Greek
Greek form of Philippines.
Filippini (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Philippines.
Filippinler (Country) Crimean Tatar, Turkmen
Crimean Tatar and Turkmen form of Philippines.
Filippintæ (Country) Ossetian
Ossetian form of Philippines.
Filippiny (Country) Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Philippines.
Filippseyjar (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of the Philippines.
Filippyne (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Philippines.
Filipsoyggjar (Country) Faroese
Faroese form of Philippines.
Finlanda (Country) Albanian, Romanian
Albanian and Romanian form of Finland.
Finlàndia (Country) Catalan, Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of Finland.
Finlandja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Finland.
Finlandy (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Finland.
Finlandyjo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Finland.
Fînlenda (Country) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Finland.
Finliandyia (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Finland.
Finlyandi (Country) Chechen, Chuvash, Ossetian
Chechen, Chuvash, and Ossetian form of Finland.
Finlýandiýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Finland.
Finnlando (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Finland.
Finnország (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Finland
Fínsko (Country) Slovak
Slovak form of Finland
Fińskô (Country) Kashubian
Kashubian form of Finland
Fionlainn (Country) Irish
Irish form of Finland
Fitzi (Country) Greek
Greek form of Fiji.
Fiyetnam (Country) Eastern African, Somali
Somali form of Vietnam.
Förenta staterna (Country) Swedish
Swedish form of United States, consisting of Swedish förenta "united" and staterna "the states". The name is always said in definite form unless the full name Amerikas förenta stater is used.
Føroyar (Country) Faroese
Probably derived from Old Norse fær "sheep" and oyer, an archaic Faroese word meaning "islands".
Fo Sok Juk (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Kosovo.
Fo Wai Dak (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Kuwait.
Frainc (Country) Irish
Irish form of France
Frakkland (Country) Icelandic, Old Norse
Ultimately from Old Norse frakkar "Franks" and land "land". This is the Icelandic and Old Norse form of France.
Franca (Country) Albanian
Albanian form of France.
Franciaország (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of France
Francija (Country) Latvian, Macedonian, Slovene
Latvian, Macedonian and Slovenian form of France.
Francio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of France.
Francúzsko (Country) Slovak
Slovak form of France
Francyjŏ (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of France.
Frank (Country) Manx
Manx form of France
Fransa (Country) Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Turkish
Azerbaijani, Kurdish, and Turkish form of France.
Fransia (Country) Papiamento
Papiamento form of France.
Fransiýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Francia (see France).
Frantsa (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of France.
Frantsi (Country) Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, Ingush
Buryat, Chechen, Chuvash, and Ingush form of France.
Frantsyia (Country) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Francia (see France).
Frantzia (Country) Basque
Basque form of France
Franza (Country) Maltese, Neapolitan
Maltese and Neapolitan form of France.
Fugate (Country) English
Fülöp-szigetek (Country) Hungarian
Means "Philip's islands" from the given name Fülöp and Hungarian szigetek meaning "islands". This is the Hungarian name for the Philippines.
Gaak Lou Gat Aa (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Georgia 1.
Gáana (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Ghana
Gaa Naa Daai (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Canada.
Gaan Bou Zaai (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Kampuchea (see Cambodia).
Gabão (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Gabon
Gaboen (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Gabon.
Gabón (Country) Galician, Spanish
Galician and Spanish form of Gabon
Gabôna (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Gabon.
Gabona (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Gabon.
Gabonas (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Gabon.
Gaboni (Country) Albanian, Georgian
Albanian and Georgian form of Gabon.
Gabǫ́ǫ́ (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Gabon
Gabúin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Gabon
Gabun (Country) Burmese, German, Luxembourgish
Burmese, German, and Luxembourgish form of Gabon.
Gaimbia (Country) Irish
Irish form of Gambia
Gajāna (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Guyana.
Gajana (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Guyana.
Gallia (Region & Country) Ancient Roman, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian
Ancient Roman name for the historical region of Gaul, which some modern countries have adopted as their name for that region.... [more]
Gàmbi (Country) Wolof
Wolof form of Gambia
Gâmbia (Country) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Gambia
Gambía (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Gambia.
Gambia (Country & River) English
The name of the Country in West Africa. The Gambia is a small West African country, bounded by Senegal, with a narrow Atlantic coastline. It's known for its diverse ecosystems around the central Gambia River... [more]
Gambie (Country & River) Czech, French
Czech and French form of Gambia.
Gambië (Country & River) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Gambia.
Gambiýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Gambia.
Gambiya (Country) Turkish
Turkish form of Gambia
Ğana (Country) Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Ghana.
Gāna (Country) Japanese
Japanese form of Ghana
Ganbiya (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Gambia.
Ġappun (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Japão (see Japan).
Gari (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Greece.
Garðaríki (Country) Old Norse
Old Norse term for an area located in modern Russia.
Gãrtsia (Country) Aromanian
Aromanian form of Greece
Gat Ji Gat Si (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Kyrgyzstan.
Gazagystan (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Kazakhstan.
Gearmáin (Country) Irish
Irish form of Germany
Géémbiya (Country) Navajo
Navajo form of Gambia
Gelinnada (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Grenada.
Gelujiya (Country) Chinese
Chinese form of Georgia 1 (the country).
Géorgia (Country) Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese
Balinese, Javanese and Sundanese form of Georgia 1.
Geòrgia (Country & Political Subdivision) Catalan
Catalan form of Georgia 1 or Georgia 2.
Georgía (Country & Political Subdivision) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Georgia 1 and Georgia 2
Ġeorġja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Georgia 1.
Germani (Country) Buryat, Chechen, Ingush
Buryat, Chechen, and Ingush form of Germany.
Germanio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Germany.
Germaniýa (Country) Turkish
Turkmen form of Germania (see Germany).
Ġermanja (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Germania (see Germany).
Geruinada (Country) Taiwanese
Chinese form of Grenada chiefly used in Taiwan.
Geuriseu (Country) Korean
Korean form of Greece.
Ghána (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Ghana.
Ghazakhstan (Country) Armenian
Armenian form of Kazakhstan.
Ghazaqstane (Country) Ingush
Ingush form of Kazakhstan.