Settlement Submitted Place Names

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Banhkok (Settlement) Belarusian, Ukrainian
Belarusian and Ukrainian form of Bangkok.
Bankauk (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Bangkok.
Bankok (Settlement) Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Bangkok.
Bankoko (Settlement) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Bangkok.
Bankoku (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Bangkok.
Bankuk (Settlement) Arabic, Persian
Arabic and Persian form of Bangkok.
Banqkok (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Bangkok.
Baoding (Settlement) Chinese
From Chinese 保 (bǎo) meaning "protection" and 定 (dìng) meaning "stable". This is the name of a city just south of Beijing in Hebei province.
Baqu (Settlement) Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Baku.
Barasso (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Barcellona (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Barcelona.
Barcelona (Settlement) Catalan, Spanish, English
Barcelona is a city in Spain. It is the capital and largest city of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain.
Bardello (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Bari (Settlement) Italian, English, Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sicilian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
From Latin Barium, itself of uncertain origin, possibly from Messapic *baur or *bur, meaning "house", ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bhreu ("to grow, to be"). This is the name of the capital city of Apulia, in southern Italy.
Bariaman (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Pariaman.
Baris (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Paris.
Basel (Settlement) English
Bathgate (Settlement) Scottish
A town in West Lothian, Scotland. It is derived from the Cumbric beith, meaning 'boar' (Welsh baedd) and chyd, meaning 'wood, trees' (Welsh coed).
Batoche (Settlement & Other) French
A historic village and National Historic Site in modern day Saskatchewan, Canada. Batoche is where Métis leader Louis Riel and his forces were defeated by the Canadian Army... [more]
Batoemi (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Batumi.
Baton Rouge (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English
From French le bâton rouge ("the red stick"), itself from Choctaw iti humma ("red pole") through Istrouma, a possible corruption; the name ultimately comes from a red pole marking the hunting boundaries for the Houma and Bayagoula tribes... [more]
Bayankhongor (Settlement) Mongolian
Means "rich darling" in Mongolian. This is the name of a city in Mongolia.
Bayt al-Maqdis (Settlement) Arabic
Means "holy house" in Arabic, from بَيْت (bayt) meaning "house" and مُقَدَّس (muqaddas) meaning "holy, sacred". This is an Arabic name for Jerusalem.
Baytulmaqdis (Settlement) Ingush
Ingush form of Bayt al-Maqdis, used as the Ingush name for Jerusalem.
Bắc Kạn (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 北 (bắc) meaning "north" and Vietnamese � (cạn) meaning "arid, dry". This is the name of a city in Vietnam as well as the province in which the city is located.
Bắc Kinh (Settlement) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Beijing.
Bắc Ninh (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 北 (bắc) meaning "north" and 寧 (ninh) meaning "peaceful".
Beč (Settlement) Croatian
Croatian form of Vienna.
Beddgelert (Settlement) Welsh
A village in northwest Wales. The name means 'Gelert's grave', from Welsh bedd, 'grave' & Gelert, whose identity is a subject of debate.... [more]
Beejin (Settlement) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Beijing.
Beezhen (Settlement) Buryat
Buryat form of Beijing.
Beiroet (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Beirut.
Beirut (Settlement) English
The capital of Lebanon. It is derived from Hebrew be'erot which means "the wells".
Bejrút (Settlement) Czech, Hungarian, Slovak
Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak form of Beirut.
Belém (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Bethlehem.
Belfast (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Northern Irish (Anglicized)
From Old Irish Béal Feirsde meaning "river mouth of the ford” or alternatively, "mouth of the River Farset"... [more]
Belgrád (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Belgrade.
Belgrade (Settlement) English, French
From Serbian Београд (Beograd) meaning "white city", derived from the Slavic root beli or beo meaning "white" combined with grad meaning "city, town". This is the name of the capital city of Serbia.
Belgrado (Settlement) Afrikaans, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Afrikaans, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Belgrade.
Bella Bella (Settlement) Salishan
Town in British Columbia, Canada. Named after the Bella Bella people, also known as the Heiltsuk.
Bella Coola (Region & Settlement) Salishan (Anglicized)
Town and valley in British Columbia, Canada. From the Heiltsuk word bḷ́xʷlá, meaning "someone from Bella Coola", referring to the general ethnic group in the area
Belleville (Settlement) English
Name of a city in Canada and various others in America. Means "beautiful town" from the French belle (beautiful) and ville (city or town).
Bellevue (Settlement) English
Means "beautiful view", from French "belle" meaning "beautiful" and "vue" meaning "view", the name of two cities in the United States, one in Washington founded in 1863 (but not incorporated as a city until 1953), and the other in Nebraska founded in 1822.
Beneberak (Settlement) Biblical
Means "sons of lightning".
Bengalūru (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Kannada
Bengalūru is the name of the capital city of Karnataka.
Bengeo (Settlement) English
Bengeo means ridge over the River Beane, or settlement on the River Beane.
Bennettsville (Settlement) English
This is the county seat of Marlboro County, North Carolina.
Bennington (Settlement) English
Derived from the Old English personal name Beonna combined with -ing-, a connective particle denoting association, and tūn "farmstead, settlement". Bennington is a town in Bennington County, Vermont, in the United States.
Bentleigh (Settlement) English
Bến Tre (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese � (biển) meaning "sea" and � (tre) meaning "to know".
Berea (Settlement) Biblical (All)
Berea (also Beroea) was an ancient city of the Hellenistic period and Roman Empire now known as Veria (or Veroia) in Macedonia, northern Greece. It is a small city on the eastern side of the Vermio Mountains north of Mount Olympus... [more]
Bergen (Settlement) Dutch, Norwegian, German
Newer form of Bjǫrgvin, a combination of Old Norse bjarg "mountain" and vin "meadow". This is the 2nd largest city in Norway.
Berlijn (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Berlin.
Berlîn (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Berlin.
Berlino (Settlement) Italian, Esperanto
Italian and Esperanto form of Berlin.
Berlyn (Settlement) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Berlin.
Bêrût (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Beirut.
Besozzo (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Betleem (Settlement) Romanian
Romanian form of Bethlehem.
Betlejem (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Bethlehem.
Betlem (Settlement) Catalan
Catalan form of Bethlehem.
Bētleme (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Bethlehem.
Betliejus (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Bethlehem.
Betws-y-coed (Settlement) Welsh
A village in rural North-West Wales. The element betws, in Welsh means 'prayer house'. The y is the definite article 'the'. The final element coed means 'trees'. This gives a full name meaning 'prayer house in the forest'... [more]
Beverege (Settlement) Medieval English
Means "beaver island". From the words beofor "beaver" and eg "island"
Bexda (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Baghdad.
Beyjing (Settlement) Uyghur
Uyghur form of Beijing.
Beýrut (Settlement) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Beirut.
Beyzhin (Settlement) Kazakh
Kazakh form of Beijing.
Biandronno (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Bientian (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Vientiane.
Biŝkeko (Settlement) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Bishkek.
Billyuseu (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Vilnius.
Bilungga (Political Subdivision, Region, Settlement & Mountain) Korean
Korean variant of Wirunga and Ibirunga.
Bìng-iōng (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong form of Pyongyang.
Birinyusu (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Vilnius.
Birka (Settlement) Old Norse, Old Swedish
Possibly taken from a Latinization of Norse Bjǫrkey "Birch island", although some believe it's derived from Old Norse birk "market place". Birka was a Viking age town and an important trading and market place during the Viking Age located on the island Björkö (modern form of Bjǫrkey) in Lake Mälaren, outside of Stockholm, Sweden.
Birkirkara (Settlement) Maltese
Means "running water" or "cold water". Birkirkara is the second largest city in Malta.
Bir Lehlou (Settlement) English
Derived from Hassaniya Arabic bir lehlou meaning "sweet water well". Bir Lehlou is an oasis town in the Polisario-controlled region in northeastern Western Sahara.
Birmingham (Settlement) English
A city in central England. Its name derives from the Anglo-Saxon words meaning 'the farm of Beormund's people', from the personal name Beormund, ingas, meaning 'people' and ham, meaning 'farm'.
Bishaket (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Bishkek.
Bishikaike (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Bishkek.
Bishkek (Settlement) Kyrgyz, English, Russian
Meaning uncertain. One theory suggests that it comes from a word meaning "whorl, whisk" in Kyrgyz, referring to a tool used to prepare kumis, a traditional dairy product. It could also mean "five heights" from Kyrgyz беш (besh) meaning "five" and бийик (biyik) meaning "tall, high", or it could mean "five chiefs" from беш (besh) meaning "five" and the Turkish title beg meaning "chieftain, master"... [more]
Bisjkek (Settlement) Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish
Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish form of Bishkek.
Bîşkek (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Bishkek.
Bişkek (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen
Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar, Turkish, and Turkmen form of Bishkek.
Biskek (Settlement) Greek, Hungarian, Spanish
Greek, Hungarian, and Spanish form of Bishkek.
Bismarck (Settlement) English
Biszkek (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Bishkek.
Bixkek (Settlement) Asturian, Basque, Catalan, Galician
Asturian, Basque, Catalan, and Galician form of Bishkek.
Biyzhin (Settlement) Dungan
Dungan form of Beijing.
Björneborg (Settlement) Swedish
Combination of Swedish björn "bear" and borg "castle, fortress". This is the Swedish name for Pori (whose name is a Finnicized form of -borg).
Blackpool (Settlement) English
A coastal town in Lancashire. Literally means 'black pool', so named from a nearby drainage stream which ran through a peat bog, discharging discoloured water into the nearby Irish Sea. (Compare Dublin).
Bleaz (Settlement) Breton
Bloomingdale (Settlement) English
From the surname Bloomingdale.
Blythburgh (Settlement) English (British)
Blythburgh is a village and civil parish in the East Suffolk district of the English county of Suffolk. It is 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Southwold and 5 miles (8.0 km) south-east of Halesworth and lies on the River Blyth... [more]
Bnum Binh (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Phnom Penh.
Boedapest (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Budapest.
Boekarest (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Bucharest.
Bogor (Settlement) Indonesian, Sundanese
Means "sugar palm" (a type of tree) in Indonesian. This is the name of a city in West Java province, Indonesia.
Bogori (Settlement) Georgian
Georgian form of Bogor.
Bogota (Settlement) English, Japanese, Polish, Slovak
From an unattested Chibcha word, of uncertain meaning. This is the name of the capital city of Colombia.
Bogusza (Settlement) Polish
Bohor (Settlement) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Bogor.
Boise (Settlement) English
Most likely from French, but of uncertain ultimate origin. One account states that it may come from a story of a French-speaking person who yelled "Les bois! Les bois!" ("The woods! The woods!"); another account is that the name comes from the phrase la rivière boisée ("the wooded river").... [more]
Boku (Settlement) Tajik, Uzbek
Tajik and Uzbek form of Baku.
Bolton (Settlement) English (British)
A town in Greater Manchester, England. Derived from the Old English bothl-tun
Bombaim (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Mumbai.
Bombay (Settlement) English (Archaic), Dutch, French, Spanish
From Portuguese Bombaim, which may have been derived from the phrase bom baim meaning "good little bay" or from the Marathi name मुंबई (Mumbai). This is an older English name for Mumbai, officially used until 1995... [more]
Bonn (Settlement) German
From Latin Bonna, of uncertain meaning. Theories are that it is derived from the name of a Gallic-Germanic tribe, the Eburoni, or that it is derived from words meaning "settlement" or "castle"... [more]
Bonnyrigg (Settlement) Scottish
A town, near Edinburgh, Scotland. It derives from Lowland Scots bonnie, meaning 'beautiful, fine', and rig, meaning 'ridge, hill-crest' (Old Norse hryggr, 'back, ridge', Dutch rug, 'ridge').
Boqor (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Bogor.
Boryslav (Settlement) Ukrainian
Boryslav is a city located on the Tysmenytsia River (a tributary of the Dniester), in Lviv Oblast (region) of western Ukraine. Boryslav is designated as a city of oblast significance.
Borzym (Settlement) Polish
Bossier (Political Subdivision & Settlement) French
A city and parish in Louisiana, a place with Creole roots. This is also a French surname.
Boston (Settlement) English
From a surname which was originally taken from an English place name meaning "Botwulf's stone". (It is likely that Botwulf was an ordinary landowner; later the place name became associated with the saint of the same name, Botulph, who built a monastery there in the 7th century.) A city in Massachusetts bears this name... [more]
Bostún (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Boston.
Bothnian Sea (Settlement) English
English form of Bottenhavet.
Boulder (Settlement) English
Name of a city in Colorado, from Middle English bulderston, from a Scandinavian source akin to Swedish dialectal bullersten "noisy stone", (Swedish buller "rumbling noise" + sten "stone".
Bouville (Settlement) French
Bragh (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Prague.
Brampton (Settlement) English
A city in the Great Toronto-Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada. From the surveyor of the same name.
Bratyslava (Settlement) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Bratislava.
Bratysława (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Bratislava.
Brenta (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Brescia (Settlement) Italian, English, Catalan, French, Polish, Romanian, Sicilian, Spanish, Turkish
From Latin Brixia, itself probably from a Gaulish or Celtic root denoting a hill. This is the name of a city in northern Italy.
Breslavia (Settlement) Italian, Spanish, Tagalog
Italian, Spanish and Tagalog form of Wrocław.
Bridge (Settlement) English
Bridge is a city in Texas.
Bridgemont (Settlement) English
This very old and rare medieval English surname is almost certainly locational and derives from a now "lost" medieval village called "Bridgemont". Meaning, "mount of the bridge."
Bridgeton (Settlement) English
Bridgeton, meaning "bridge town", is a city in New Jersey.
Brighton (Settlement) English
The name of an English city, meaning "bright town" in Old English.
Brisbane (Settlement) English (Australian)
Named after sir Thomas Brisbane
Brisel (Settlement) Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian
Macedonian and Serbian form of Brussels as well as a Bosnian and Croatian variant of the name.
Brissõl (Settlement) Livonian
Livonian form of Brussels
Brixton (Settlement) English
The name of Brixton (a town in England).
Brno (Settlement) Czech
Meaning uncertain. Possible explanations are that it's derived from Old Czech brnie "muddy, swampy", from the Slavic verb brniti "to fortify", or that it's related to Welsh bryn "hill, mound" (Celtic languages were spoken in the area in ancient times)... [more]
Bro (Settlement) Swedish
Means "bridge" in Swedish. This is the name of many localities and parishes in Sweden. It's also a common place name element (see Örebro).
Broadford (Settlement) Scottish
A village in Skye, Scotland. It's name derives from the Old Norse words for 'wide fjord', referencing the local geography.... [more]
Bromley (Settlement) English
This is the name of a district and borough in south-east London.... [more]
Bronston (Settlement) English
Town in Pulaski County, Kentucky.
Bronx (Settlement) English
Name of a borough in New York City, name after Swedish settler Jonas Bronck.
Broughton (Settlement) English
Broughton (Welsh: Brychdyn) is a district in Flintshire, Wales, close to the Wales–England border, located to the west of the City of Chester, England.
Bruges (Settlement) French, English, Italian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Romanian
French form of Brugge, which some countries (mostly Romance ones) have adopted as their name for the Belgian city.
Brügge (Settlement) Azerbaijani, German
Azerbaijani and German form of Brugge.
Brüksel (Settlement) Crimean Tatar, Turkish
Crimean Tatar and Turkish form of Brussels.
Brüssel (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Estonian, German
Azerbaijani, Estonian and German form of Brussels.
Brussel (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans, Icelandic, Norwegian
Dutch, Afrikaans, Icelandic and Norwegian form of Brussels.
Brussels (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English
Union of Proto-Germanic elements brōk, "marsh", and sali, "building, room"; influenced by Dutch Brussel. This is the name of the capital city of Belgium.
Brüsszel (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Brussels.
Bruxelles (Settlement) French, Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Italian, Romanian
French form of Brussels, which some countries have adopted as their name for the Belgian city.
Bryssel (Settlement) Finnish, Swedish
Finnish and Swedish form of Brussels.
Bucarest (Settlement) Italian, Occitan, Spanish
Italian, Occitan and Spanish form of Bucharest.
Bucharest (Settlement) English
Meaning uncertain. Traditional etymologies state that the city's name is derived from Bucur, the name of a prince, outlaw, fisherman, shepherd, or hunter (depending on the specific legend), whose name is derived from Romanian bucurie meaning "joy, happiness", probably of Dacian origin... [more]
Bucheon (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 富 (부, bu, "wealth") and 川 (천, cheon, "river, stream"), thus "wealthy river". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
București (Settlement) Romanian
Original Romanian form of Bucharest.
Budapesht (Settlement) Armenian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Russian, Tajik, Ukrainian, Uzbek
Form of Budapest used in several languages.
Budapeşt (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Kurdish
Azerbaijani and Kurdish form of Budapest.
Budimpešta (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Slovene form of Budapest.
Bueng Kan (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai บึง (bueng) meaning "lake, marsh" and กาฬ (kan) meaning "black, dark". This is the name of a province of Thailand as well as its provincial capital.
Buenos Aires (Settlement) Spanish
Ultimately derived from Aragonese buen ayre “good air”. It is the capital city of Argentina. The explorer who founded the city originally called it Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad y Puerto de Nuestra Señora la Virgen María de los Buenos Aires meaning "City of the Most Holy Trinity and Port of Saint Mary of the Good Airs" which was later shortened to just Buenos Aires.
Buhara (Region & Settlement) Crimean Tatar, Turkish, Turkmen
Crimean Tatar, Turkish, and Turkmen form of Bukhara.
Bukiktinggi (Settlement) Minangkabau
Minangkabau variant of Bukittinggi.
Bukittinggi (Settlement) Indonesian, Minangkabau
Means "tall hill" from Indonesian bukit meaning "hill" and tinggi meaning "high, tall". This is the name of a city in West Sumatra province, Indonesia.
Bulage (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Prague.
Burcy (Settlement) French
A town in France.
Burgau (Settlement) German, Portuguese
Name of towns in Germany, Austria, and Portugal.
Buriram (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
Means "city of happiness" from Thai บุรี (buri) meaning "city, town" and รัมย์ (ram) meaning "joyful, pleasurable". This is the name of a province and city in Thailand.
Busan (Settlement) Korean
From Sino-Korean 釜山 (Busan) meaning "cauldron mountain", from 釜 (bu) meaning "cauldron, pot, kettle" and 山 (san) meaning "mountain". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Butte (Settlement) English
This is a city in Montana, USA.
Buxheim (Settlement) German
Town in Germany, named after the Buxach river.
Buxoro (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Bukhara.
Byzance (Settlement) Ancient Greek (Gallicized), History (Gallicized)
French form of Byzantion via the Latinized form Byzantium.
Cabul (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Kabul.
Caeo (Settlement) Welsh
Variant of Caio.
Cagliari (Settlement) Italian, English, Danish, French, Galician, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
From Latin Calaris, itself from Phoenician Krly, of uncertain meaning. This is the name of the capital city of Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a region of Italy.
Cainhannoch (Settlement) Mormon
From an alternative name for New York used in the Doctrine and Covenants. A possible origin could be that in the Bible, Cain, the son of Adam, had a son named Enoch. A derivative of that is Henoch, and a further derivative is Hanoch... [more]
Cairns (Settlement) English
City in Australia
Caïro (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Cairo.
Cakarta (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Turkish
Azerbaijani, Kurdish, and Turkish form of Jakarta.
Caleta (Settlement) Spanish
City name meaning ''little bay, inlet, or cove''. Most often La Caleta.
Callifae (Settlement) English
From the name of a town in ancient Italy, of uncertain origin. It was mentioned only by the Roman historian Livy, and may correspond to the village Calvisi, at the foot of the Monte Matese.
Callington (Settlement) English
Cà Mau (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 哥 () meaning "to sing" and 毛 (mau) meaning "fur".
Cambridge (Settlement) English
Cambridge is a university city and the county town of Cambridgeshire, England, on the River Cam approximately 50 miles (80 km) north of London.... [more]
Cameron (Settlement) English
Cameron Park is a city in California.
Campobasso (Settlement) Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Literally "low field"; derived from Latin Campus Vassorum, denoting that the city was host to vassals. This is the name of the capital city of the southern Italian region of Molise.
Canberra (Settlement) English
From the city of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.
Canton (Settlement) English
Canton is a settlement in Texas.
Canyon (Settlement) English (American)
A community in Texas, USA.
Cao Bằng (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 高 (cao) meaning "tall, high" and 平 (bằng) meaning "level, even, peaceful". This is the name of a city in Vietnam as well as the province in which the city is located.
Caracas (Settlement) English, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish
From the earlier name Santiago de León de Caracas. The name Caracas is most likely derived from the name of a tribe that used to live in the area. This is the name of the capital city of Venezuela.
Caravate (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Cardiff (Settlement) Welsh
The capital city of Wales. Cardiff derives from the city's Welsh name Caerdydd, which in turn was derived from the city's Old Welsh name Caerdyf (In Welsh f (v) is often mutated to dd (th)).... [more]
Carperby (Settlement) English
A village in Yorkshire, England. The second element is Old Norse -byr, 'farm'. The first element is possibly the Old Gaelic personal name Cairpre. This seems to indicate a farm of an Irish or Scottish Viking, who settled in England... [more]
Carson (Settlement) English (American)
Carson City is the capital of the American state of Nevada.
Carson City (Settlement) English
It was named after American frontiersman Kit Carson, this is the capital city of the US state of Nevada.
Cartagine (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Carthage.
Cartago (Settlement) Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese
Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese form of Carthage.
Carthage (Settlement) English
Carthage is a city in Missouri, and another city with the same name is in Texas.
Carthago (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Carthage.
Casablanca (Settlement) English, French, Spanish
Means "white house" in Spanish. The name comes from a Spanish translation of the Arabic name الدار البيضاء (ad-Dar al-Bayda'), which in turn was derived from a calque of the Portuguese name Casa Branca... [more]
Casalzuigno (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Casciago (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy. Possibly the site of the ancient Cassiciacum, a place where Saint Augustine and his friends lived after his conversion to Christianity.
Casper (Settlement) English
From the name of Fort Caspar named after United States army officer Caspar Collins (see Caspar). Casper is city in Wyoming, USA.
Castelveccana (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Castlebar (Settlement) Irish
Means "Barry's Castle", from a castle built by the de Barry family, which the town grew around.... [more]
Castleblayney (Settlement) English
"Castle", referring to the castle outside the town, + "Blayney", after Sir Edward Blayney, whom the British Crown granted land in the area to.
Catania (Settlement) Italian, English, German, Sicilian, Spanish
From Ancient Greek Kατάvη (Katánē), itself either from Sicel katane ("grater"), due to its proximity to Mount Etna and the resulting rough earth, or from Proto-Italic katina ("basin"), owing to the wide valley around the town... [more]
Catanzaro (Settlement) Italian, English, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, German
From Latin Catanciarium, itself derived from Catacium, ultimately from Ancient Greek Καταρτάριοι, meaning "silk spinners". This is the name of a city in southern Italy, the second city in Calabria, as well as its capital city.
Cazã (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Kazan.
Cebu (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Filipino, Tagalog, English
From Cebuano Sugbo, derived from Old Cebuano sibu or sibo meaning "trade", itself a shortened form of the phrase sinibuayng hingpit meaning "place for trading". This is the name of an island, province and city (Cebu City) in the Philippines.
Celle (Settlement) German
Celle is a town and capital of the district of Celle, in Lower Saxony, Germany.
Cezayir (Country & Settlement) Kurdish, Turkish
Kurdish and Turkish form of Algeria and Algiers.
Chagi (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of The Hague.
Chainat (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai ชัย (chai) meaning "victory" and นาท (nat) meaning "resounding, roaring". This is the name of a province of Thailand as well as said province's capital city.
Chaiyaphum (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai ชัย (chai) meaning "victory" and ภูมิ (phum) meaning "land, region". This is the name of a province of Thailand as well as said province's capital city.
Chakata (Settlement) Khmer, Thai
Khmer and Thai form of Jakarta.
Changan (Settlement) Chinese
Changan was the capital of the Tang dynasty from A.D 618 to A.D 907. It was even the largest city in the world. But it was lost due to rebellion and invasion.
Changwon (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 昌 (창, chang, "prosperity") and 原 (원, won, "meadow"), thus "prosperous meadow". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Chansen (Settlement) Thai
Chantilly (Settlement) French
From the name of a town in France near Paris, ultimately derived from the Gallo-Roman name Cantilius. The city gave its name to a type of delicate lace originally made there.
Chardonnay (Settlement) French
The name of a famous village for the white wine produced here. Means "a place of thistles" from the latin cardonnacum.
Charleston (Settlement) English
Place name meaning "Charles's town".
Charlotte (Settlement) English
Name of a city in North Carolina, named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who had become the Queen of Great Britain just seven years before the town's incorporation.
Charlottesville (Settlement) English
This is a city in Virginia.
Charlottetown (Settlement) English (Canadian)
The capital city of Prince Edward Island, Canada.... [more]
Cheldon (Settlement) English
Cheltenham (Settlement) English (British)
First recorded in 803, as Celtan hom; the meaning has not been resolved with certainty, but latest scholarship concludes that the first element preserves a pre-British noun cilta, 'steep hill', here referring to the Cotswold scarp; the second element may mean 'settlement' or 'water-meadow'... [more]
Chengdu (Settlement) Chinese
From Chinese 成 (chéng) meaning "completed, finished, succeeded" and 都 (dū) meaning "capital city, large city", supposedly named during the city's founding by the ninth king of the Kaiming dyntasty of the ancient state of Shu... [more]
Chennai (Settlement) Indian, Tamil, English
Most likely from the name of 17th-century Telugu monarch Damarla Chennapa Nayaka (or Chennappa Naicker). This is the name of the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which was officially called Madras until 1996.
Cheonan (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 天 (천, cheon, "sky, heaven") and 安 (안, ān, "peace"), thus "heavenly peace". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Cheongju (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 淸 (청, cheong, "clear, clean") and 州 (주, ju, "province"), thus "clear province", or "perfect province". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Cheragh (Settlement) Persian
This is the name of a village in Lorestan Province in western Iran. This is also used as a place name element (first or last) in other villages across Iran.... [more]
Chesnee (Settlement) English
Variant spelling of Chesney. Chesnee is a city in South Carolina.
Cheyenne (Settlement) English
The capital of Wyoming, in the United States.
Chhim-chùn (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Shenzhen.
Chhṳ̂m-chun (Settlement) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Shenzhen.
Chiang-chiu (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien romanization of Zhangzhou.
Chiba (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Japanese
From Japanese 千 (chi) meaning "thousand" and 葉 (ha) meaning "leaf". This is the name of a city in Japan, as well as the prefecture in which the city is located.
Chicago (Settlement) English
Name of a city in Illinois, from town founded in 1833, named from a Canadian French form of Algonquian sheka:ko:heki "place of the wild onion," or Ojibwa shika:konk "at the skunk place".
Chĭng-dáung (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Shenzhen.
Chippenham (Settlement) English
One possibility for its naming may have been from Cyppa's Hamme which comes from the words ce-ap meaning market, and Hamme meaning enclosed by the river or an enclosed water meadow both of which Chippenham was.... [more]
Chiquinquira (Settlement) Spanish
the name of a town in venezuela
Chittagong (Settlement) Bengali, English
The etymology of Chittagong is uncertain. One explanation credits the first Arab traders for shatt ghangh, where shatt means "delta" and ghangh stood for the Ganges. The Arakanese chronicle states that a king named Tsu-la-taing Tsandaya, after conquering Bengal, set up a stone pillar as a trophy or memorial at the place since called Tst-ta-gaung as the limit of conquest... [more]
Choibalsan (Settlement) Mongolian
In honor of Communist leader Khorloogin Choibalsan, who took part in the Mongolian Revolution of 1920. This is the name of a city in Mongolia.
Chonburi (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai ชล (chon) meaning "(body of) water" and บุรี (buri) meaning "city, town", so named for the nearby Gulf of Thailand. This is the name of a province of Thailand as well as said province's capital city.
Chông-chû (Settlement) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Zhangzhou.
Chongqing (Settlement) Chinese
From Chinese 重 (chóng) meaning "repeat, duplicate" and 庆 (qìng) meaning "congratulate, celebrate"... [more]
Christiania (Settlement) Norwegian (Archaic)
Named in honor of Christian IV (1577-1648), king of Denmark-Norway. This was the name of the capital of Norway between 1624 and 1925.
Chumphon (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
From Thai ชุม (chum) meaning "come together, assemble, gather" and พร (phon) meaning "blessing". The second element may be a corruption of พล (phon) meaning "force, strength, power" or, alternately, the entire name may come from a corruption of อุทุมพร (uthumphon) meaning "gular fig tree"... [more]
Cidónia (Settlement) Portuguese (European)
European Portuguese form of Cydonia.
Cidônia (Settlement) Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of Cydonia.
Cidonia (Settlement) Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Cydonia.
Cill Dara (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
The Irish name for County Kildare. Means "church of the oak" in Irish.... [more]
Cill Mhantáin (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish name for the county of Wicklow. Meaning "church of Mantan". It is named after a peer of Saint Patrick. Mantan had his teeth knocked out by Irish pagans, and then he was renamed Mantan, which means "toothless one".
Cincinatti (Settlement) English (American)
The name of a major city in Ohio.
Cingapura (Country, Island & Settlement) Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of Singapore
Ciŏng-ciŭ (Settlement) Chinese (Min Dong)
Min Dong romanization of Zhangzhou.
Cittiglio (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Cív (Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Kiev
Claddagh (Settlement) Irish, English
The name of an ancient village in Ireland, where the tradition of the Claddagh ring developed.
Clairvaux (Settlement) French
Clare (Settlement) English
Possibly derives from Latin clarus, meaning "clear, bright", describing the clear nature of the Chilton Stream that flows through the town. The name first appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Clara.... [more]
Clarecastle (Settlement) Irish
A town in Clare, Ireland, named after Clare Castle, which stands on an island in the narrowest part of the River Fergus... [more]
Cleveland (Settlement & Other) English
This is the name of several settlements, mainly in the United States, as well as a geographical region in Yorkshire, England; in both cases, the name comes from the combination of the Middle English words cleve ("cliff") and land.... [more]
Cluny (Settlement) French
Cognac (Settlement) French
The city in Charente, France.
Coira (Settlement) Italian, Romansh
Italian and Surmiran Romansh form of Chur.
Coire (Settlement) French
French form of Chur.
Coleraine (Settlement) Northern Irish, Irish (Anglicized)
From Irish Cúil Rathain, meaning "nook of the ferns".... [more]
Colmar (Settlement) French
Alsatian City of Colmar.
Colombo (Settlement) English
Probably from the old Sinhalese word kolamba meaning "ferry" or "port". It is popularly believed to be derived from Sinhalese කොලොන් තොට (kolon tota) meaning "port on the river Kelani" or කොල අඹ (kola amba) meaning "leafy mango grove", altered with influence from the name of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus or Latin columba meaning "dove"... [more]
Colossae (Settlement) Greek
either "Establishing a Temple or Shrine" or "to Punish" or "Dyed Wool," but no direct connection to "the Colossus of Rhodes"
Columbus (Settlement) English
Named after famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. This is the name of several settlements in the United States, including the capital city of the state of Ohio.
Comerio (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Compton (Settlement) English
Concord (Settlement) English
Constanța (Settlement) Romanian
This is the name of a romanian city which is also the biggest port in Romania. It's greek name is Tomis.
Constantinopel (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Constantinople.
Constantinopla (Settlement) Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Constantinople.
Constantinopol (Settlement) Romanian
Romanian form of Constantinople.
Copenaghen (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen (Settlement) English
English form of København via Low German Kopenhagen. This is the capital of Denmark.
Corcaigh (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
Irish form of Cork.
Corint (Settlement) Catalan, Romanian
Catalan and Romanian form of Corinthus (see Corinth).
Corinth (Region & Settlement) English
From Greek Κόρινθος (Korinthos), ultimately from Doric Greek Ϙόρινθος. This is the name of a former municipality in Corinthia in south-central Greece, as well as the name of an ancient Greek city-state (polis) on the Isthmus of Corinth.
Corinthe (Settlement) French
French form of Corinthus (see Corinth).
Corinto (Settlement) Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Corinthus (see Corinth).
Cork (Settlement & Political Subdivision) Irish
A county and city in Ireland. Meaning "swamp".
Costa D'avorio (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Côte D'ivoire.
Costantinopoli (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Constantinople.
Cotabato (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Filipino, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Ilocano, Tagalog, English
From Maguindanao Kutawatu meaning "stone city", from kuta meaning "city, fort" and wato meaning "stone, rock". This is the name of both a province and a city in the southern Philippines.
Courtaney (Settlement) English
Courtenay is a city on the east coast of Vancouver Island, in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Cracovia (Settlement) Galician, Italian, Ancient Roman, Sicilian, Spanish
Galician, Italian, Latin, Sicilian and Spanish form of Krakow.
Crawfordjohn (Settlement) Scottish
A village in Southern Scotland. It's name is of Scots origin and means 'Crow's ford of John'. See Crawford.
Crowcroft (Settlement) English
Means "crows farm". From crawe "crow" and croft "enclosed field"