Settlement Submitted Place Names

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Pekyin (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Beijing.
Pelelu Tepu (Settlement & Mountain) Indigenous American
Pembroke (Settlement) English
From the Cantref of Penfro, which was one of the seven cantrefi of the former Kingdom of Dyfed in what is now Wales; which is in turn derived from pen, meaning "head" or "end", and bro, meaning "region", "country", or "land"; therefore, Penfro could be interpreted to mean either "land's end" or "headland".
Penge (Settlement) English
A suburb of London, England. Originally named Penceat, it appears to derive from Brythonic *penno, 'head, edge' and *ceid, 'forest, wood', so likely meant 'settlement on the forest's edge'.
Pêng-jiáng (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Hokkien form of Pyongyang.
Pêng-jióng (Settlement) Chinese (Hokkien)
Taiwanese Hokkien form of Pyongyang.
Penistone (Settlement) English (British)
Penistone is a market town and civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, which had a population of 22,909 at the 2011 census. ... [more]
Penrith (Settlement) English
A town in Northern England. Its name derives from the Cumbric pen, 'hill, top, summit' (Welsh pen) and rith, 'ford, crossing', (Welsh ryd).
Penshaw (Settlement) English
A village in Northern England. The first element seems to be Cumbric pen, which means 'summit, head'. The most obvious explanation for the second is Old English sceaga, meaning 'woods'... [more]
Penticton (Settlement) Salishan (Anglicized)
Town in British Columbia, Canada. From the Okanagan word snpintktn or phthauntauc, meaning "a place to stay forever".
Pequín (Settlement) Catalan, Galician, Spanish
Catalan and Galician form of Beijing as well as a Spanish variant of Pekín.
Persenon (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Ladin
Persley (Settlement) Scottish
A small hamlet in North-East Scotland, now encompassed by the city of Aberdeen. There are several explanations as to the origin of the name of this small settlement:... [more]
Perth (Settlement) Scottish
A city in central Scotland. The name is of Pictish origin and derived from *perth, meaning 'bush, copse' (Welsh perth, 'bush, hedge').
Perth (Settlement) English
Perugia (Settlement) Italian, English, Dutch, German, Spanish
From Latin Perusia, itself from Etruscan Perusna, of uncertain meaning. This is the name of the capital city of Umbria, in central Italy.
Peterborough (Settlement) English
This is the name of 2 cities, one in Cambridgeshire (UK) and Ontario (Canada), and 3 towns, one in New Hampshire (US), Victoria & South Australia (Australia).... [more]
Pet-kîn (Settlement) Chinese (Hakka)
Hakka romanization of Beijing.
Petlemm (Settlement) Estonian
Estonian form of Bethlehem.
Peunompen (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Phnom Penh.
Peuraha (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Prague.
Phanompen (Settlement) Lao, Thai
Lao and Thai form of Phnom Penh.
Phenian (Settlement) Polish (Archaic), Romanian
Romanian form of Pyongyang as well as an old Polish form (based on the Russian spelling).
Phenjan (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Pyongyang.
Phenjana (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Pyongyang.
Phenyan (Settlement) Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Pyongyang.
Philippi (Settlement) Biblical Greek
renamed after Philip II of Macedon, was originally named Crenides (Greek: Κρηνῖδες, Krenides "Fountains")
Phnompen (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Phnom Penh.
Phnom Penh (Settlement) English, French
From Khmer ភ្នំពេញ (Phnum Pin) meaning "Penh's hill", from ភ្នំ (phnum) meaning "hill, mountain" and ពេញ (pin), the name of a legendary woman who supposedly founded the city in 1372... [more]
Phnompenh (Settlement) Czech
Czech form of Phnom Penh.
Phnum Pin (Settlement) Khmer
Khmer form of Phnom Penh.
Phoenice (Settlement) Ancient Greek
Phoenice or Phoenike was an ancient Greek city in Epirus and capital of the Chaonians.45 It was also the location of the Treaty of Phoenice which ended the First Macedonian War,6 as well as one of the wealthiest cities in Epirus until the Roman conquest.... [more]
Phoenix (Settlement) English (American)
Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona state in the United States of America.
Phratabong (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Battambang.
Phuket (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Thai
Derived from Malay bukit meaning "hill". This is the name of an island province and city in southern Thailand.
Piangyang (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Pyongyang.
Pierre (Settlement) English
This is a city in South Dakota, USA. It comes from the given name Pierre.
Pikin (Settlement) Burmese
Burmese form of Beijing based on the spelling Peking.
Ping Joeng (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Pyongyang.
Pingrang (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Pyongyang.
Pionyang (Settlement) Spanish
Spanish form of Pyongyang.
Pisa (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English, Catalan, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
From Latin Pisae, itself from Etruscan, of unknown meaning. This is the name of a city and province in Tuscany, Italy, known for its Leaning Tower.
Pjongjang (Settlement) Afrikaans, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Slovene
Form of Pyongyang. In Belgium and the Netherlands, this spelling is technically considered dated but still used regularly there (especially in Belgium)... [more]
Pkhuket (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Belarusian, Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian
Belarusian, Kazakh, Russian, and Ukrainian form of Phuket.
Plainfield (Settlement) English
A city in New Jersey.
Pleasanton (Settlement) English
A city in California.
Plovdîv (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Plovdiv.
Plovdiv (Settlement) Bulgarian
From a Thracian translation of the Latin name Pulpudeva, which was possibly derived from the given name Phillip combined with Dacian dava meaning "city, town, fortress"... [more]
Płowdiw (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Plovdiv.
Plowdiw (Settlement) German, Turkmen
German and Turkmen form of Plovdiv.
Plymouth (Settlement) English
The name of a port city in the south-western English county of Devon as well as dozens of locations in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, notably the one in Massachusetts.... [more]
Pnampen (Settlement) Belarusian
Belarusian form of Phnom Penh.
Pnom Pen (Settlement) Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian, Serbian
Bulgarian, Greek, Macedonian and Serbian form of Phnom Penh.
Pnompen (Settlement) Armenian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongolian, Russian, Tajik, Ukrainian, Uzbek
Form of Phnom Penh used in various languages.
Pnompeņa (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Phnom Penh.
Pnompeni (Settlement) Georgian
Georgian form of Phnom Penh.
Pnompenis (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Phnom Penh.
Podgorica (Settlement) Montenegrin
Podgorica literally means "area below Gorica", Gorica meaning "little hill", refering to the cypress-covered hillocks that overlook the city center. This is the capital and largest city of Montenegro.
Pohang (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 浦 (포, po, "riverside") and 項 (항, hang, "item, matter"). This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Polînezya (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Polynesia.
Pompeii (Settlement) Ancient Roman
Possibly derived from the Oscan pompe "five", becoming the Latin second declension plural, pompeii. This may be because the community formerly consisted of five hamlets, or was perhaps settled by a family group (gens Pompeia).... [more]
Pondicherry (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English
Derived from Tamil புதுச்சேரி (putuccēri) meaning "new town". Pondicherry (Puducherry) is the capital city of an Indian state of the same name.
Pontefract (Settlement) English
From Latin ponte fracto, meaning 'broken bridge'.
Pontianak (Settlement) Indonesian
From the name of a female ghost in Indonesian folklore that is said to be the spirit of a woman who died pregnant. This is the name of a city in Indonesia, so named because the region was once believed to be inhabited by pontianaks.
Pooler (Settlement) English
From the surname Pooler.
Poq Jin (Settlement) Chinese (Wu)
Wu form of Beijing.
Pori (Settlement) Finnish
Derived from Swedish borg "castle, fortress".
Poris (Settlement) Tajik
Tajik form of Paris.
Portersville (Settlement) English
A city in California.
Port Eynon (Settlement) Welsh
Port Láirge (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
The Irish name for Waterford, meaning "Lárag's port".... [more]
Portland (Settlement) American
In America, it is most likely used as a place name in reference to Portland, Oregon.
Portsmouth (Settlement) English
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a port city in Hampshire County, UK.
Potenza (Settlement) Italian, English, French
From Latin Potentia, itself from the Latin adjective potens, meaning "powerful", "mighty". This is the name of the capital city of the southern Italian region of Basilicata.
Pothuhera (Settlement) Sinhalese
The name of a town in Sri Lanka.
Prága (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Prague.
Praia (Settlement) Portuguese
Means "beach" in Portuguese. This is the capital of Cabo Verde.
Prak (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Prague.
Praqa (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Prague.
Prater (Settlement) English
Taken directly from the surname Prater. This is the name of a community in Virginia.
Prato (Settlement) Italian, English, French, Esperanto, German, Spanish, Dutch
Italian for "meadow". This is the name of a city in northern Italy, which was probably chosen because the city was founded on a meadow.
Prattville (Settlement) English
Prattville is a city in Alabama.
Premeno (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Princeton (Settlement) English
Pristina (Settlement) Kosovar
City in Kosovo. Possibly from the Proto-Slavic '*pryščina', meaning "spring of water".
Providence (Settlement) English
Name chosen by Puritan minister Roger Williams, in honor of "God's merciful Providence". This is the name of several settlements in the United States, including the capital city of the state of Rhode Island.
Provo (Settlement) English (American)
Name of a city in Utah after the Provo River, which was named after the French-Canadian trapper Etienne Provost.
Pudsey (Settlement) English
This name is of Anglo - Saxian origin.... [more]
Puji (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Chinese
Chinese form of Phuket.
Pukket (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Korean
Korean form of Phuket.
Pulinkunnoo (Region, Settlement, Island, Body of Water & River) Malayalam
Birthplace of Kunchacko.
Punonpen (Settlement) Japanese
Greek form of Phnom Penh.
Punxsutawney (Settlement) Lenape
the name (for the base-city of the Groundhog Day woodchuck Punxsutawney Phil) comes from the indigenous word for "Town of the Sandflies"
Puraha (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Prague.
Purovudifu (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Plovdiv.
Putrajaya (Settlement) Malay, English
Derived from Malay putra or putera meaning "prince", ultimately from Sanskrit पुत्र (putra), combined with jaya meaning "victory", ultimately from Sanskrit जय (jaya)... [more]
Pxenyan (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Uzbek
Azerbaijani and Uzbek form of Pyongyang.
Pyeongyang (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Pyongyang.
Pyongyang (Settlement) Korean, English
From Sino-Korean 平 (pyeong) meaning "flat, level, plane" and 壤 (yang) meaning "soil, land". This is the name of the capital city of North Korea.
Pyon'yan (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Pyongyang.
Pyonyan (Settlement) Burmese, Mongolian
Burmese and Mongolian form of Pyongyang.
Qahereh (Settlement) Persian
Persian form of Cairo.
Qaire (Settlement) Crimean Tatar
Crimean Tatar form of Qahirah.
Qaqortoq (Settlement) Greenlandic
Means "white" in Greenlandic. Qaqortoq is the 4th largest town in Greenland.
Qaragʻandi (Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Karaganda.
Qaraghandy (Settlement) Kazakh
Kazakh form of Karaganda.
Qasigiannguit (Settlement) Greenlandic
Means "the place with spotted seals" in Greenlandic.
Qazan (Settlement) Bashkir, Kazakh
Bashkir and Kazakh form of Kazan.
Qazani (Settlement) Georgian
Georgian form of Kazan.
Qazon (Settlement) Tajik
Tajik form of Kazan.
Qozon (Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Kazan.
Qroznı (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Grozny.
Quddus (Settlement) Uzbek
Uzbek form of Quds, used as the Uzbek name for Jerusalem.
Qüds (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Quds, used as the Azerbaijani name for Jerusalem.
Quds-Ghala (Settlement) Chechen
From the name Quds and Chechen гӏала (ghala) meaning "town, city", used as the Chechen name for Jerusalem.
Qudus (Settlement) Crimean Tatar, Eastern African, Somali
Crimean Tatar and Somali form of Quds, referring to Jerusalem.
Quezon (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Filipino, Tagalog, English
From the surname Quezon. This is the name of both a province and city in the Philippines, which were named in honour of Manuel Quezon (1878-1844), the second president of the Philippines.
Quito (Settlement) English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish
From the Quitu tribe, whose name is derived from the combination of the Tsafiki words quitso ("center") and to ("world"). This is the name of the capital city of Ecuador.
Rabat (Settlement) English, French, Spanish
From Arabic الرباط (ar-Ribat) meaning "the ribat", referring to a type of fortification used during the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb. It is also used as a shortened form of the city's Arabic nickname, رباط الفتح (ribatu l-fath), which means "fortification of conquest, fortification of victory"... [more]
Racine (Settlement) English, French
Means "root" in French. It is the name of a large city in Wisconsin.
Rakow (Settlement) Polish
Polish Village.
Raleigh (Settlement) English
Name of the capital in North Carolina, named for Sir Walter Raleigh, sponsor of Roanoke, the "lost colony" on Roanoke Island.
Rancho Cucamonga (Settlement) English
From the name of a 19th-century land grant (rancho) given to Mexican merchant Tiburcio Tapía (1789-1845), who turned it into a winery. The name was derived from Tongva kukamonga meaning "sandy place"... [more]
Rangoon (Settlement) Danish, Dutch, Swedish, English (Archaic)
Historical English form of Yangon based on the Arakanese pronunciation of the city's name. It is also the standard Danish, Dutch and Swedish form.
Rangoun (Settlement) French
French form of Yangon.
Rangún (Settlement) Czech, Slovak, Spanish
Czech, Slovak, and Spanish form of Yangon.
Rangūnas (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Yangon.
Rbaṭ (Settlement) Kabyle
Kabyle form of Rabat.
Redmond (Settlement) English
This is the name of two cities, one in Washington and the other in Oregon.
Reedley (Settlement) English (American)
A city in Fresno County, California. Named for Thomas Law Reed, a veteran of the Union Army in the Civil War who donated most of his land to the city.
Reggio Calabria (Settlement) Italian, English, German, Dutch
From Latin Regium, itself from Ancient Greek Ῥήγιoν (Rhéghion), of uncertain meaning. This is the name of a city in southern Italy.... [more]
Reggio Emilia (Settlement) Italian, English, Dutch, German, Spanish
From Latin Regium, abbreviation of Regium Lepidi, named after Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, who oversaw the construction of the Via Aemilia. This is the name of a city in northern Italy.... [more]
Regina (Settlement) English (Canadian)
Capital of Saskatchewan, Canada. Meaning "queen", named in honour of Queen Victoria.
Reikiavik (Settlement) Greek, Spanish
Greek and Spanish form of Reykjavík.
Retford (Settlement) English
Retford, also known as East Retford, is a market town in the Bassetlaw District in Nottinghamshire, England, and one of the oldest English market towns having been granted its first charter in 1105
Revere (Settlement) English (American)
A city in Massachusetts named after American Revolutionary War patriot Paul Revere. Revere is an English word meaning "to admire".
Reykjavík (Settlement) Icelandic
Means "bay of smokes", from Old Norse reykir, plural of reykr “smoke” and vík "bay". Steam from hot springs in the region is said to have inspired Reykjavík's name.
Reynosa (Settlement) Spanish
Reynosa is a border city in the northern part of Tamaulipas, Mexico. It is also the municipal seat of Reynosa Municipality.
Rhinelander (Settlement) American
The name of a town in Oneida County, Wisconsin and the home of the Hodag, a cryptid with the head of a frog, the face of an elephant, and the body of a dinosaur. It was named after Frederic W. Rhinelander.
Rhyl (Settlement) Welsh
Seaside resort and community in the Welsh county of Denbighshire. The origin is not fully known. The name seems to be a hybrid of the English word "hill" and the Welsh definite article "y", meaning "the hill"... [more]
Riad (Settlement) Basque, Catalan, Finnish, Galician, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovene, Spanish
Form of Riyadh used in several languages.
Ribat (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Rabat, usually written with the definite article: الرباط‎ (ar-Ribat).
Richland (Settlement) English
Means "Rich's land". This is the name of a city in Washington as well as several other places in the United States.
Rīga (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Riga.
Riga (Settlement) English, Russian
From Latvian Rīga, origin disputed. It may be derived from Livonian ringa meaning "loop", referring to an ancient harbor formed by the tributary loop of the Daugava river, from Riege, the German name of the Rīdzene (a tributary of the Daugava), or from Latvian rija meaning "threshing barn"... [more]
Righa (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Riga.
Rīgõ (Settlement) Livonian
Livonian form of Riga.
Riia (Settlement) Estonian
Estonian form of Riga.
Riika (Settlement) Finnish
Finnish form of Riga.
Rijád (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Riyadh.
Rijad (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Riyadh.
Rijeka (Settlement) Croatian
Rijeka is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia... [more]
Rijsel (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Lille.
Rika (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Riga.
Riksgränsen (Settlement) Swedish
Means "the national border" in Swedish. Riksgränsen is a small village and popular ski-resort in Northern Sweden, close to the Norwegian border.
Rim (Settlement) Croatian
Croatian form of Rome.
Rimini (Settlement) Italian, English, French, German, Polish, Russian
From Latin Ariminum or Ariminium, itself from Etruscan arimna or harimne, of uncertain meaning.... [more]
Rio De Janeiro (Settlement) Brazilian, English
Means "river of January" in Portuguese. Rio de Janeiro is a major city in Brazil. The city was named after the nearby Guanabara Bay which was discovered by Europeans in January 1502.
Riseubon (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Lisbon.
Risubon (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Lisbon.
Riverside (Settlement) English
This place name meaning "by the side of the river", this the name of multiple cities in the United States.
Riverton (Settlement) English
Riverton means "river town", and several cities in the United States have this name.
Riyadh (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Arabic, English
Means "meadows, gardens", from the plural of Arabic روضة (rawdah). This is the name of the capital city of Saudi Arabia and a province of the same name. In Arabic it is properly written with the definite article: الرياض (ar-Riyadh).
Roanoke (Settlement, Island & River) Algonquian
The name Roanoke is said to have originated from rawrenock, an Algonquian word for "shell money".
Rockland (Settlement) English
Rockland meaning "rocky land" is a city in Maine and a town in Massachusetts.
Roestavi (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Rustavi.
Romi (Settlement) Georgian, Greek
Georgian and modern Greek form of Rome.
Roncesvalles (Settlement) Spanish
Town in Navarra (Spain) where in 778 Charlemagne lost a fsmous battle against Arabs
Roncisvalle (Settlement) Italian
The Italian form of Roncesvalles (Navarra, Spain) where in 778 Charlemagne lost a famous battle against Arabs.
Roscommon (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Irish
County and town in Ireland. From the Irish 'Ros Comáin', meaning "Saint Coman's wood", after Saint Coman mac Faelchon who built a monastery there in the 5th century.
Rosebery (Settlement) English
Australian locational name.
Roterntam (Settlement) Greek
Greek form of Rotterdam.
Rotorua (Settlement) English (New Zealand)
A city in the North Island of New Zealand. The city and suburbs are built on the shores of Lake Rotorua.
Rotterdam (Settlement) Dutch
Named after the dam that was built in 1260 across the Rotte river. This is the name of a city in the Netherlands.
Rovine (Settlement) History
Roxbury (Settlement) English
A name of several towns in the United States and Canada, including a neighborhood within the city of Boston, Massachusetts.
Royal Oak (Settlement) English (American)
Nicknamed The "Tree City" A city in Michigan,United States It is a suburb Of DetroitRoyal Oak is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan... [more]
Ruen (Settlement) Bulgarian
Ruhango (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Rwandan, Eastern African
Rukungiri (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Kiga
Meaning unknown.
Rwenzori (Region, Settlement & Mountain) Eastern African, Konjo
Rwenzori is the name of a popular National Park in Southwest Uganda. Its name comes from a Konjo word which means “Rainmaking Mountains”.
Rwenzururu (Region & Settlement) Konjo, Eastern African
Rwenzururu means ‘The Mountains of Rain’ in the Konjo Language of West Uganda. Rwenzori is a diminutive of it.
Ryga (Settlement) Lithuanian, Polish
Lithuanian and Polish form of Riga.
Ryha (Settlement) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Riga.
Rzym (Settlement) Polish
Polish form of Rome.
Saandam (Settlement) Frisian
Frisian form of Zaandam.
Saariselkä (Settlement) Finnish
From Northern Sami suoločielgi meaning literally "islandback". Saariselkä is a village in Northern Finland.
Saburu (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Sapporo.
Sacramento (Settlement) English
Name of a city in California, from Spanish sacramento, in honor of the Holy Sacrament.
Saeki (Settlement) Japanese
This is the name of a former town in Okayama Prefecture in western Japan and a ward of Hiroshima City, also in western Japan.... [more]
Saga (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Japanese
Means "celebrating sa rank, celebrating help" in Japanese.
Sagamihara (Settlement) Japanese
Means "Sagami meadow" in Japanese; "Sagami", perhaps referring to Sagami Bay, is of uncertain meaning. This is the name of a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
Sài Gòn (Settlement & River) Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Saigon.
Saïgon (Settlement & River) French
French form of Saigon.
Saigon (Settlement & River) English
From Vietnamese Sài Gòn of unclear origin. It may have come from Khmer ព្រៃនគរ (Prey Nokor), the Khmer Empire-era name that was used to refer to the region before it was annexed by the Vietnamese in the 17th century (the name itself comes from Khmer ព្រៃ (prey) meaning "jungle, forest, woods" and នគរ (nokor) meaning "kingdom, city")... [more]
Saint-Malo (Settlement) French
An historic French port located in the Ille-et-Vilaine department of Brittany on the English Channel coast, named after Saint Malo.
Saint Paul (Settlement) English
After St. Paul's Chapel, built for French Catholic missionary Lucien Galtier around 1841. This is the name of the capital city of the US state of Minnesota.
Saint Petersburg (Settlement) English
English translation of Russian Санкт-Петербург (Sankt-Peterburg), which is derived from the German name Sankt Petersburg meaning "Saint Peter's City", named in honour of Saint Peter the Apostle as well as Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725)... [more]
Saint-remy-en-bouzemont-saint-genest-et-isson (Settlement) French
From the union of three formerly independent communes: Saint-Remy-en-Bouzemont, Saint-Genest and Isson. This is the name of a commune in Marne Department, Grand Est; this is the longest name of any commune in France.
Saitama (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Japanese
Means "spheric peninsula" in Japanese.
Sakai (Settlement) Japanese
Of uncertain meaning. First appeared in 1045 or earlier in Fujiwara Sadoyori's poetry. This is the name of a city in Ōsaka Prefecture, Japan.
Sakrep (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Zagreb.
Salarewo (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Sarajevo.
Salekhard (Settlement) Russian
"House on a Peninsula”
Salisbury (Settlement) English
A city of North Carolina.
Salonicco (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Thessaloniki.
Salyersville (Settlement) English
A city in Kentucky.
Samarão (Settlement) Portuguese
Portuguese form of Semarang.
Samarate (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Sam Zan (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Shenzhen.
San Antonio (Settlement & River) English
Means "Saint Anthony" from Spanish san "Saint" + Antonio, a Spanish form of the given name Anthony. The river was named after San Antonio de Padua by the first governor of Spanish Texas, Domingo Terán de los Ríos in 1691... [more]
Sanbaolong (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Semarang.
Šanchajus (Settlement) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Shanghai.
Sandhurst (Settlement) English
Old English, meaning "sandy thicket of trees." A place name. In England, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (named after the village it is located) is the prestigious British Army officer training centre.
San Diego (Settlement) English
Name of a city in California, meaning "Saint Diego" from Spanish san "Saint" + the given name Diego.
Sandringham (Settlement) English
Derived from the Old English: "sand" hring "ring"/"circular" ham "homestead". "Sandy circular homestead". The name of a village in Norfolk, where Sandringham House, one of the Queen's country retreats is located.
Sandwich (Settlement) English
A city in Massachusetts.
Saneta (Settlement) Indian
Town in Punjab, India.
San Francisco (Settlement) English
Name of a city in California, from the Spanish term for St. Francis of Assisi.
Šangaj (Settlement) Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian
Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Serbian form of Shanghai.
Sanghai (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Shanghai.
Šanghaj (Settlement) Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Czech, Slovak, and Slovene form of Shanghai.
Sanghaj (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Shanghai.
Şanghay (Settlement) Kurdish, Turkish
Kurdish and Turkish form of Shanghai.
Šanhaja (Settlement) Latvian
Latvian form of Shanghai.
Şanhaý (Settlement) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Shanghai.
San Jose (Settlement) English
Name of a city in California, meaning "Saint Joseph" from Spanish san "Saint" + Jose, a Spanish form of Joseph.
Sankt-Peterburg (Settlement) Russian
Russian form of Saint Petersburg.
San Lorenzo (Settlement) Spanish
This was one of the principal sites of the Olmec peoples when they were making a life for themselves near the Gulf of Mexico.
San Pietroburgo (Settlement) Italian
Italian form of Saint Petersburg, a city in Russia.
Santatornil (Settlement) Aragonese
Santo Domingo (Settlement) Spanish (Caribbean)
This is the capital of the Dominican Republic.
Şanxay (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Shanghai.
São Paulo (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Portuguese, English, French, German, Norwegian
Portuguese form of Saint Paul. This is the name of a city and a state in Brazil.
Sapporo (Settlement) Japanese
From Ainu サッ・ポロ・ペッ (sat poro pet) meaning "dry, great river", referring to the Toyohira River. This is the name of the capital city of Hokkaido prefecture, Japan.
Saraievo (Settlement) Italian, Portuguese
Italian and Portuguese form of Sarajevo.
Sarajevo (Settlement) Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, English
From Turkish saray meaning "palace, mansion, house" and ova meaning "plain, lowland" or the Slavic suffix -evo used to indicate place names. This is the name of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sarajewo (Settlement) German, Polish
Polish form of Sarajevo as well as a German variant.
Saraybosna (Settlement) Turkish
From Turkish saray meaning "place, mansion, house" and Bosna meaning "Bosnia". This is the Turkish name for Sarajevo.
Sarayebo (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Sarajevo.
Sarayewo (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Sarajevo.
Sarnia (Settlement & Island) English (Latinized)
Latin form of Guernsey, also name of several towns throughout the world.
Saskatoon (Settlement) English (Canadian)
The name of a city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.... [more]
Sassuolo (Settlement) Italian
Of uncertain origin: possibly from the presence of petroleum in the area, at the time called olio di sasso ("rock oil"), or from Latin saxum solum ("rocky ground").... [more]
Satporo (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Sapporo.
Satun (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Thai
Derived from Malay sentul meaning "santol" (a type of tropical fruit). This is the name of a province and city in Thailand.
Sau Ji (Settlement) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Seoul.
Savannah (Settlement) English
Likely from the Savannah River, which probably derives from a variant name for the Shawnee people (natively called Ša·wano·ki, meaning "Southerners") that began to settle near the river in the 1860s... [more]
Scarborough (Settlement) English
The name of a city in England. It is mentioned in the folk song "Scarborough Fair" about a fair held in the Middle Ages. A notable version of this song is the one by Simon and Garfunkel.
Schanghai (Settlement) German
German variant of Shanghai.
Scottsdale (Settlement) English
A city in Arizona.
Scunthorpe (Settlement) English (British)
Scunthorpe is a large industrial town in the unitary authority of North Lincolnshire in Lincolnshire, England of which it is the main administrative center. Scunthorpe had an estimated total population of 82,334 in 2016... [more]
Seattle (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English
A seaport city and also the largest city of Washington in the United States.
Sebu (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Serbian, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian
Form of Cebu used in various languages.
Secacah (Settlement) Biblical
A Hebrew girl's name, originating in Israel, meaning "covering, defense"
Sedbergh (Settlement) English
A small town in rural Northern England. Its name derives from Old Norse sed, meaning 'sand' and berg, meaning 'mountain', referring to the mountainous location of Sedbergh and possibly the sandstone hills.
Sejong (Settlement) Korean
In honor of King Sejong the Great (1397–1450), creator of the Hangul alphabet. Combination of 世 (세, se, "life, age, generation") and 宗 (종, jong, "school, sect, purpose"), thus "kind river"... [more]
Seleucië (Settlement) Dutch
Dutch form of Seleucia.
Semarang (Settlement) Indonesian, Javanese
From Indonesian asam meaning "tamarind" and jarang meaning "rare, seldom", a reference to the tamarind trees in the area that rarely grew close together. This is the name of the capital city of the Indonesian province of Central Java.
Semaranh (Settlement) Belarusian, Ukrainian
Belarusian and Ukrainian form of Semarang.
Semaranq (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Semarang.
Šen-čen (Settlement) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Shenzhen.
Şençjen (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Shenzhen.
Sendai (Settlement) Japanese
Evolved from earlier 仙臺; originally 千代 ("a thousand generations"), due to the presence of a temple with a thousand Buddha statues in Aoyama.... [more]
Šendžen (Settlement) Macedonian, Serbian
Macedonian and Serbian form of Shenzhen.
Šenžen (Settlement) Croatian
Croatian form of Shenzhen.
Seoel (Settlement) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of Seoul.
Seongnam (Settlement) Korean
Combination of 城 (성, seong, "castle") and 南 (남, nam, "south"), thus "southern castle". This is the name of a city in South Korea.
Seoul (Settlement) Korean, English
Means "capital" in Korean, probably derived from Sillan 서라벌 (Seorabeol), the name of the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (which is now the present-day city of Gyeongju). This is the name of the capital city of South Korea.
Serdica (Settlement) Ancient Greek
Latin and Ancient Greek name for the Bulgarian city now known as Sofia. Named after the Celtic tribe Serdi.
Seton (Settlement) English
A Scottish place, Seaton near Longniddry, "is so named because it was held from the 12th century by a Norman family de Sey, from Say in Indre. Other places of this name, for example those in Cumbria, Devon, County Durham, Northumbria, and Yorkshire, are mostly named with Old English "sea, lake" and tun "enclosure, settlement"... [more]
Sêûl (Settlement) Kurdish
Kurdish form of Seoul.
Seulo (Settlement) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Seoul.
Sha Alam (Settlement) Tamil
Tamil form of Shah Alam.
Sha Anan (Settlement) Chinese
Chinese form of Shah Alam.
Shah Alam (Settlement) Malay, English
From the name of Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah (1898-1960), the second monarch of Malaysia and the sixth sultan of Selangor. This is the name of the capital city of the Malaysian state of Selangor.
Shandagen (Political Subdivision, Region & Settlement) Chinese
Chinese Mandarin variant of Sandakan.
Shandora (Settlement & Other) Popular Culture
Shandora is an ancient city on the Spring island of Jaya in the One Piece franchise. In the language of the Shandorians, it means “The Skull’s Right Eye”.
Shandzhan (Settlement) Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Shenzhen.
Shanghái (Settlement) Spanish
Spanish form of Shanghai.
Shanghai (Settlement) Chinese, English
From Chinese 上 (shàng) meaning "above, top, upper" and 海 (hǎi) meaning "sea, ocean"... [more]
Shanghhay (Settlement) Arabic
Arabic form of Shanghai.
Shangugu (Political Subdivision & Settlement) Rwandan
Former name of Cyangugu.
Shanhai (Settlement) Armenian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Japanese
Armenian and Bulgarian alternate transcription of Shanhay as well as the Georgian and Japanese form of Shanghai.
Shanhay (Settlement) Armenian, Bulgarian
Armenian and Bulgarian form of Shanghai.
Shanxay (Settlement) Karakalpak, Uzbek
Karakalpak and Uzbek form of Shanghai.