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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABAKAN (Settlement & River) Russian, English
Derived from the name Abakhan which is the name of a mythological Turkish khan (king). His name means "bear's blood" in the Khakas language, and was bestowed to the present-day Abakan River and the city of the same name... [more]
AE (Settlement & River) Scottish, Scots
The name of a village and a stream in Southwest Scotland. The name seems to be derived from Old Norse á, meaning 'river'.
ALEI (River) German
German transcription of the Russian Aley River.
AMPER (River) German
This is the name of a river in Southern Bavaria, located in Southern Germany.... [more]
ANCRE (River) French
This is the name of a river in Picardy, France.
ANDELLE (River) French
The name of a river in Normandy, France.
BRAINT (River) Welsh
The name of a small river on Anglesey, an island off the north-west coast of Wales. It is probably a Welsh form of BRIGANTIA.
CAM (River) English
The River Cam is the main river flowing through CAMBRIDGE in eastern England.... [more]
COQUET (River) English
A river in Northumberland, England. Its name originates from words of a local Brythonic-Celtic language, equivalent to the Welsh coched, meaning 'red, brown'.
DAUGOVA (River) Latgalian
Latgalian form of DAUGAVA.
DRAA (River) Morocco
DÜNA (River) German
German name of the river DAUGAVA.
DYFI (River) Welsh
River in north Wales.
EDEN (River) English
The name of a river in Cumbria, England. It derives from the Brythonic *ituna, 'to gush forth'.
EFRAT (River) Bulgarian, Icelandic
Bulgarian and Icelandic form of EUPHRATES.
ELWY (River) Welsh
The name of a river in Wales, possibly meaning "second river" from Welsh ail "a second, another" and the river name suffix wy.
EUFRAAT (River) Dutch, Afrikaans
Dutch and Afrikaans form of EUPHRATES.
EUFRATE (River) Italian
Italian form of EUPHRATES.
EUFRATES (River) Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese
Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese form of EUPHRATES.
EUPHRAT (River) German, Luxembourgish
German and Luxembourgish form of EUPHRATES.
EUPHRATE (River) French
French form of EUPHRATES.
EVFRAT (River) Slovene, Russian
Slovenian form of EUPHRATES and Russian variant transcription of YEVFRAT.
HULL (Settlement & River) American, English
ISCA (River) Ancient Celtic (Latinized), History
Romanized form of a Celtic river name, from Common Celtic *iska- "water" (cognate with whiskey). This is the Latin name for both the River Exe and the River Usk, after which the towns of Exeter (Isca Dumnoniorum) and Caerleon (Isca Augusta) got their Roman names.
JORDĀNA (River) Latvian
Latvian form of JORDAN (the river).
JORDANAS (River) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of JORDAN (the river).
KIELDER (River) English
A river and reservoir in Northern England. It's name could come from Celtic words cognate with Welsh clou, 'fast' and dwr 'river'.
LEITH (Settlement & River) Scottish, Medieval Scottish
The name of a river (Water of Leith) and the settlement at it's mouth, near Edinburgh, Scotland. The name is likely of Cumbric origin and is likely cognate with the Welsh word laith, meaning 'damp, moist'.
LIFFEY (River) Irish
The River Liffey runs through the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. In poetry and mythology, the river is called Abhainn An Life, which is occasionally anglicized as 'Anna Liffey'
LULE ÄLV (River) Swedish
Combination of Lule Sami lulij "the people living in the east" (referring to forest Sami people), and Swedish älv "river".
LYD (River) English
The name of a river in Devon, England, perhaps derived from a Celtic source such as Lludd, though the usual derivation is Old English hlȳde "noisy stream" - which the Saxons may have assumed was the river's name.
NENT (River) English
A river in the North Pennines. Its name is derived from Cumbric nent, meaning 'stream'. It is a tributary of the TYNE.
NIDELVA (River) Norwegian
The name of a river that runs through TRONDHEIM, and the name of a river in southern Norway. The name is a combination of the words elv "river" and nid (of unknown meaning).
NILEN (River) Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Danish, Norwegian and Swedish form of NILE.
NYL (River) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of NILE.
ORTA (River) Italian
RHEIN (River) German
German form of Rhine.
RHIN (River) French
French form of Rhine.
RIJN (River) Dutch
Dutch form of Rhine.
RIMAC (River) Spanish (Latin American)
Rimac River, Rimac derives from quechua "Rimay" which means "to speak", Rimac River is called "the speaking river", "the river that babbles/chatters/speaks a lot", in some sense "the roaring river" or "the noisy river".
ROER (River) Dutch, French, Italian, Luxembourgish
Dutch, French, Italian and Luxembourgish form of Rur.
RYN (River) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Rhine.
SAN ANTONIO (Settlement & River) English
Means "Saint Anthony" from Spanish san "Saint" + Antonio, a Spanish form of the given name ANTHONY. The river was named after San Antonio de Padua by the first governor of Spanish Texas, Domingo Terán de los Ríos in 1691... [more]
SNIR (River) Biblical Hebrew
It's a river in the Bible, near the Hermon Mount. Sometimes the Hermon itself is called "Snir".
TARRANT (River) English
River Tarrant in Dorset.
TEEMS (River) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of THAMES.
TEES (River) English
A river in Northeast England. The precise origin of name is not known for sure. But, given that it is one of Britain's major rivers, several theories have emerged:... [more]
THAMES (River) English
The name of the river in southern England on which London is situated. This is a Brythonic river-name, explained as a derivative of Common Brythonic *temēlos, 'darkness' (compare Old Welsh timuil, 'darkness').
THEEMS (River) Dutch
Dutch form of THAMES.
TISZA (River) Hungarian
Name of one of the main European rivers that starts in Ukraine and passes through Hungary.
TYNE (River) English
A river in North-East England. Its meaning is unknown, but some sources relate it to a word in a local Celtic or pre-Celtic language *tei-*, meaning 'river'. However, the evidence for the existence of such a word is insufficient.... [more]
VARA (River) Italian
VEINA (River) Livonian
Livonian name of the river DAUGAVA.
VOLGA (River) English, Russian
English and Russian name for the largest river in Europe. The Old Mari name of the river is Volgydo, which means "bright". The name volgydo is cognate to Finno-Ugric valkea meaning "white" or "bright"... [more]
WEAR (River) English
A river in North-East England. It is taken to be of Old Celtic origin and meant 'blood-colored water', referring to the reddish-brown color of the river. In modern Welsh, the name would be waed dwr, 'blood water'... [more]
YAIYQ (River) Bashkir
Bashkir form of URAL (the Ural River).
YEVFRAT (River) Russian
Russian form of EUPHRATES.
ZHAIYQ (River) Kazakh
Kazakh form of URAL (Ural River).
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