Submitted Place Names Starting with P

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Polşa (Country) Azerbaijani, Gagauz, Turkmen
Azerbaijani, Gagauz, and Turkmen form of Poland.
Polsh (Country) Mongolian
Mongolian form of Poland.
Pòlskô (Country) Kashubian
Kashubian form of Poland
Polynesia (Region) English, Finnish, Norwegian, Filipino, Tagalog
From Ancient Greek πολύς (polys) meaning "much, many" and νῆσος (nesos) meaning "island". This is the name of a subregion in Oceania.
Polynésie (Region) Czech, French
Czech and French form of Polynesia.
Polynesië (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Polynesia.
Polynesien (Region) Danish, German, Swedish
Danish, German, Swedish form of Polynesia.
Polynézia (Region) Slovak
Slovak form of Polynesia.
Polynisia (Region) Greek
Greek form of Polynesia.
Pomesanië (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Pomesania.
Pomesanien (Region) German, Swedish
German and Swedish form of Pomesania.
Pommerellen (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Pomerelia.
Pommeren (Region) Dutch
Dutch form of Pomerania.
Pompeii (Settlement) Ancient Roman
Possibly derived from the Oscan pompe "five", becoming the Latin second declension plural, pompeii. This may be because the community formerly consisted of five hamlets, or was perhaps settled by a family group (gens Pompeia).... [more]
Pondicherry (Political Subdivision & Settlement) English
Derived from Tamil புதுச்சேரி (putuccēri) meaning "new town". Pondicherry (Puducherry) is the capital city of an Indian state of the same name.
Pontefract (Settlement) English
From Latin ponte fracto, meaning 'broken bridge'.
Poq Jin (Settlement) Chinese (Wu)
Wu form of Beijing.
Pōrana (Country) Maori
Maori form of Poland.
Pori (Settlement) Finnish
Derived from Swedish borg "castle, fortress".
Pōrīnetia (Region) Tahitian
Tahitian form of Polynesia.
Poris (Settlement) Tajik
Tajik form of Paris.
Poronai (Country) Maori
Maori form of Brunei.
Portaingéil (Country) Irish
Irish form of Portugal
Port Eynon (Settlement) Welsh
Portland (Settlement) American
In America, it is most likely used as a place name in reference to Portland, Oregon.
Portogalia (Country) Greek
Greek form of Portugal.
Portogallia (Country) Aromanian
Aromanian form of Portugal
Pôrtogaly (Country) Malagasy
Malagasy form of Portugal.
Porto Rico (Political Subdivision) French, Italian, Portuguese
French, Italian and Portuguese form of Puerto Rico.
Portoryko (Political Subdivision) Polish
Polish form of Puerto Rico.
Portsmouth (Settlement) English
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a port city in Hampshire County, UK.
Portúgal (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Portugal.
Portugāle (Country) Latvian
Latvian form of Portugal.
Portúgali (Country) Icelandic
Icelandic form of Portugal
Portugali (Country) Chechen, Chuvash, Mongolian, Ossetian
Chechen, Chuvash, Mongolian, and Ossetian form of Portugal.
Portugália (Country) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Portugal.
Portugalia (Country) Albanian, Armenian, Georgian, Polish, Romanian
Albanian, Armenian, Georgian, Polish and Romanian form of Portugal.
Portugalija (Country) Lithuanian, Macedonian, Serbian
Lithuanian, Macedonian and Serbian form of Portugal.
Portugalijo (Country) Silesian
Silesian form of Portugal.
Portugalio (Country) Esperanto
Esperanto form of Portugal.
Portugaliýa (Country) Turkmen
Turkmen form of Portugal.
Portugall (Country) Maltese
Maltese form of Portugal.
Portugallu (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Portugal
Pòrtugalskô (Country) Kashubian
Kashubian form of Portugal
Portugalsko (Country) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Portugal.
Portugéh (Country) Acehnese
Acehnese form of Portugal.
Portuhaliya (Country) Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Portugal.
Portuqaliya (Country) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Portugal.
Portyngal (Country) Cornish
Cornish form of Portugal
Potenza (Settlement) Italian, English, French
From Latin Potentia, itself from the Latin adjective potens, meaning "powerful", "mighty". This is the name of the capital city of the southern Italian region of Basilicata.
Pothuhera (Settlement) Sinhalese
The name of a town in Sri Lanka.
Potukara (Country) Maori
Maori form of Portugal.
Pouerto Riko (Political Subdivision) Greek
Greek form of Puerto Rico.
Poulan (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of Poland.
Pou Tou Ngaa (Country) Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Portugal.
Prága (Settlement) Hungarian
Hungarian form of Prague.
Prak (Settlement) Thai
Thai form of Prague.
Prancis (Country) Indonesian, Javanese
Indonesian and Javanese form of France.
Prancūzija (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of France.
Pransiya (Country) Filipino, Cebuano, Pampangan, Tagalog
Cebuano, Pampangan, and Tagalog form of Francia (see France).
Praqa (Settlement) Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of Prague.
Prasino Akrotirio (Country) Greek
Greek form of Cape Verde. It is literally a direct translation of the country's name, since it consists of the Greek adjective πράσινος (prasinos) meaning "green" combined with the Greek noun ακρωτήριο (akrotirio) meaning "cape".
Prato (Settlement) Italian, English, French, Esperanto, German, Spanish, Dutch
Italian for "meadow". This is the name of a city in northern Italy, which was probably chosen because the city was founded on a meadow.
Preah Sihanouk (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Means “province of the holy Sihanouk (former king)” in Khmer.
Preah Vihear (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Means “sacred sanctuary” in Khmer.
Premeno (Settlement) Italian
Town in Italy.
Prey Veng (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Means “long forest” in Khmer.
Prince Edward Island (Political Subdivision) English (Canadian)
Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province. It was named for Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn (1767–1820), Queen Victoria's father.
Pristina (Settlement) Kosovar
City in Kosovo. Possibly from the Proto-Slavic '*pryščina', meaning "spring of water".
Pritani (Country) Brythonic
Original Brythonic form of Britain.
Providence (Settlement) English
Name chosen by Puritan minister Roger Williams, in honor of "God's merciful Providence". This is the name of several settlements in the United States, including the capital city of the state of Rhode Island.
Provo (Settlement) English (American)
Name of a city in Utah after the Provo River, which was named after the French-Canadian trapper Etienne Provost.
Provo River (River) English (American)
River in Utah, named after the French-Canadian trapper Etienne Provost. The river inspired the name of the city to which it belonged, Provo.
Pruise (Country) Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Prussia.
Pruisen (Country) Dutch
Dutch form of Prussia.
Prussia (Country) History
Became a Duchy in 1660 and a kingdom in the following century. At its greatest extent it included the northern two-thirds of Germany and western Poland. Prussia, by World War II a federal unit of Germany, was fully disbanded at the end of World War II.
Pudsey (Settlement) English
This name is of Anglo - Saxian origin.... [more]
Puerto Rico (Political Subdivision) Spanish, Afrikaans, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish
Means "rich port" in Spanish. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos... [more]
Puerto Rikas (Political Subdivision) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Puerto Rico.
Puertoriko (Political Subdivision) Latvian
Latvian form of Puerto Rico.
Puglia (Political Subdivision) Italian, Corsican, Asturian
Italian form of Apulia.
Puji (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Chinese
Chinese form of Phuket.
Pukaskwa (Other & River) Ojibwe
National park and river in Ontario, Canada. May be from the Ojibwe word 'pukasu', meaning "to cook the marrow in the bones of animals", or "eaters of fish"... [more]
Pukket (Political Subdivision, Settlement & Island) Korean
Korean form of Phuket.
Pulonia (Country) Sicilian
Sicilian form of Poland
Pulukalia (Country) Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Bulgaria.
Puncak Jaya (Mountain) Indonesian
Means "summit of victory" from Indonesian puncak meaning "top, summit, peak" and jaya meaning "victory". This is the name of a mountain located on the island of New Guinea, sometimes referred to as the Carstensz Pyramid.
Punjab (Political Subdivision & Region) English
From Punjabi پنجاب or ਪੰਜਾਬ (Panjab) from Persian پنجاب (panjab) meaning "five rivers" or "five waters", derived from پنج (panj) meaning "five" and آب (ab) meaning "water, river"... [more]
Punonpen (Settlement) Japanese
Greek form of Phnom Penh.
Punxsutawney (Settlement) Lenape
the name (for the base-city of the Groundhog Day woodchuck Punxsutawney Phil) comes from the indigenous word for "Town of the Sandflies"
Puraha (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Prague.
Purovudifu (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Plovdiv.
Pursat (Political Subdivision) Khmer
Means “drifting awakened” in Khmer.
Purukāria (Country) Maori
Maori form of Bulgaria.
Puruma (Country) Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Burma.
Pusiaujo Gvinėja (Country) Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Equatorial Guinea.
Putāna (Country) Maori
Maori form of Bhutan.
Putrajaya (Settlement) Malay, English
Derived from Malay putra or putera meaning "prince", ultimately from Sanskrit पुत्र (putra), combined with jaya meaning "victory", ultimately from Sanskrit जय (jaya)... [more]
Puyog (Other) Filipino
Pxenyan (Settlement) Azerbaijani, Uzbek
Azerbaijani and Uzbek form of Pyongyang.
Pydar (Other) Cornish
Pyeongyang (Settlement) Korean
Korean form of Pyongyang.
Pyinthit (Country) Burmese
Burmese form of France.
Pyongyang (Settlement) Korean, English
From Sino-Korean 平 (pyeong) meaning "flat, level, plane" and 壤 (yang) meaning "soil, land". This is the name of the capital city of North Korea.
Pyon'yan (Settlement) Japanese
Japanese form of Pyongyang.
Pyonyan (Settlement) Burmese, Mongolian
Burmese and Mongolian form of Pyongyang.
Pyrenæerne (Mountain) Danish
Danish form of Pyrenees.
Pyrenäen (Mountain) German, Luxembourgish
German and Luxembourgish form of Pyrenees.
Pyreneeën (Mountain) Dutch
Dutch form of Pyrenees.
Pyreneene (Mountain) Norwegian
Norwegian form of Pyrenees.
Pyrenéerna (Mountain) Swedish
Swedish form of Pyrenees.
Pyrénées (Mountain) French
French form of Pyrenees.
Pyreneet (Mountain) Finnish
Finnish form of Pyrenees.
Pyreneje (Mountain) Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of Pyrenees.
Pyrinaia (Mountain) Greek
Modern Greek form of Pyrenees.